Джон Грин


Американский писатель, автор книг для подростков, наиболее известными романами которого стали «Виноваты звёзды», «В поисках Аляски» и "Бумажные города". Видеоблогер и создатель образовательных онлайн видео.
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#nerdcon was 48 hours with 3,500 of my favorite people. Thank you. DFTBA.

Signing posters. Available at the DFTBA booth at NerdCon Nerdfighteria!

we're live! projectforawesome.com/live and projectforawesome.com/donate

Pizza John voted; have you? Look up your polling place here: g.co/kgs/Xy8nsU (link also in bio) and VOTE! Or text PLAN to 47246.

Signing posters for the DFTBA booth at NerdCon: Stories. Tickets still available at the door at the Minneapolis Convention Center! nerdconstories.com for more info.

All dressed up for Miss Peregrine. #staypeculiar

See you in a couple weeks, Internet.

My brother photographed in his natural state. #vidcon2016

#vidcon2016 almost over, and @rosiannahalserojas and I are very happy in the @Instagram lounge. Very grateful for her friendship and support.

My brother Hank, #vidcon2016 founder, crash course ceo, and punk rock legend.

#vidcon2016 at the Instagram lounge with Sarah.

Signing posters at the DFTBA Records booth on the first morning of #vidcon2016.

Putting up the I in @instagram at the massive #vidcon2016 expo hall. This is amazing.

#vidcon is here!

Project Recatalog the Home Library has begun.

With @afc_wimbledon captain @barryfuller1984 celebrating Wimbledon's playoff win at Wembley. What a beautiful day.

Unbelievable day with Wimbledon legends old and new. AFC Wimbledon are going to League One!

Our Indy 500 bike ride begins. Today is like Christmas for my friends and me.

Sarah and I fancied up for the pre-Indy 500 Snake Pit Ball. (featuring styling from @iamdavidmoran)

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