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Американский писатель, автор книг для подростков, наиболее известными романами которого стали «Виноваты звёзды», «В поисках Аляски» и "Бумажные города". Видеоблогер и создатель образовательных онлайн видео.
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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

May in Indianapolis, aka heaven. At the @indianapolismotorspeedway (You can see @12willpower qualifying in the foreground!)

Photo credit: @teamwaters

All hail West Texas.

"A light exists in Spring / Not present on the year / At any other period." -Emily Dickinson

Finished my first half marathon in 2:07.* Huge thanks to Chris, Kevin, and Anne, who ran with me--and my trainer @sobefit (pictured). And thanks to everyone on the course for THE THUMBS UPS!! Awesome experience at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. * just slightly slower than the pros finish a full marathon.

Out on the town with the love of my life.

Poor kid can't sip a bubbly water without the paparazzi showing up.

I'm on a boat. #vidconeu

Signing posters for the VidCon Europe DFTBA booth in Amsterdam's RAI centre. Tickets are available at the door and you can find more details at vidconeurope.com. #vidconeu

#nerdcon was 48 hours with 3,500 of my favorite people. Thank you. DFTBA.

Signing posters. Available at the DFTBA booth at NerdCon Nerdfighteria!

we're live! projectforawesome.com/live and projectforawesome.com/donate

Pizza John voted; have you? Look up your polling place here: g.co/kgs/Xy8nsU (link also in bio) and VOTE! Or text PLAN to 47246.

Signing posters for the DFTBA booth at NerdCon: Stories. Tickets still available at the door at the Minneapolis Convention Center! nerdconstories.com for more info.

All dressed up for Miss Peregrine. #staypeculiar

See you in a couple weeks, Internet.

My brother photographed in his natural state. #vidcon2016

#vidcon2016 almost over, and @rosiannahalserojas and I are very happy in the @Instagram lounge. Very grateful for her friendship and support.

My brother Hank, #vidcon2016 founder, crash course ceo, and punk rock legend.

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