John B


Джон Брин Уильямс — английский диджей и продюсер электронной музыки. Он широко известен из-за его экстравагантной одежды и безумной прически, а также за созданные им режущие композиции в жанре drum and bass.
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Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Having so much fun can you tell?


N Y C 🇺🇸 F B F 🇺🇸 C B G B 🇺🇸

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Also made a couple of mini air b&bs air 🐝 & 🐝 lol. (Look up ‘solitary bees’ - cool little dudes that pollinate like crazy & need more homes!)

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Today marks the grand opening of my new hotel! “John B’s hotel for bees 🐝 (and other creatures)” made out of wood from the old shed on our allotment. Rent free affordable housing for key worker (bees). #nonMusicrelatedpost

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Think I’ve just about nailed this ‘unplugged’ mix of the new single! All the acoustic guitar parts recorded in Russia by Tiarum & beamed to my studio through the wonders of the internet. Vocals by Bjorn from Xenturion Prime in Norway, synthesizers & d&b nerd production by me, in Bray Village lol

#cookingwithjohnb made a salad with Japanese sesame dressing. Magda had chili and is now eating ice cream lol

Also bumped into the Royal couple in Windsor this morning...

Went to BBQ heaven today

LAZERZ. . . 📷 By Alek Skorpiozi . . . Photo taken at Mass Transit Retro - check the link in my instagram Bio to download the set via . . .#dnb

Just uploaded a new Live set on my podcast! (Link in Bio). We recorded my full set a couple of weeks ago at Mass Transit RETRO in Fairfax VA, when I was on tour in the US. Was a lot of fun playing a 'retro' set with loads of electrostep-era 80s influenced DNB, combined with a few classics & more up to date stuff. You can grab the whole set at or on my soundcloud, mixcloud, and if you subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes. Anyway - LINK IN BIO yo! Please give it a share on facebook and twitter if you can!


This is what I look like when splatted with UV paint.


Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul. . . Or stick one on your shed.


First BBQ of the year 😎🌭🍗

Dalida b2b Mikli ftw

A very special new R.E.T.R.O DJ Set recording from me coming this week... 🤖🤖🤖. . . . #dnb #johnbpodcast #masstransit #electrostep

John B 🎹 Milwaukee, WI, 🇺🇸 April 2018. . . 📷 By WOOK

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