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Джон Брин Уильямс — английский диджей и продюсер электронной музыки. Он широко известен из-за его экстравагантной одежды и безумной прически, а также за созданные им режущие композиции в жанре drum and bass.
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Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Pleased with these new solar sparkly lights for the 'VIP Area' I put up today :-) 🐞🐛🌱🌱🍃

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Made huge burger balls with cheese inside and wrapped in Bacon!

Pitt Cue

Had dinner at @pittcue before the gig tonight - after seeing them on @actionbronson @viceland tv show. Really enjoyed it and this lamb was the best BBQ/smoked lamb I have tried yet. Nailed the smokey flavour and bark and still super Juicy / basically like a lamb flavoured brisket! Definitely a yardstick to try to replicate this season on the #lowandslow vibe. Thanks to the chef for letting me check out the kitchen and the smokers too - was v jealous of the pellet smoker setup!

Catch me on the Viper 100 live stream direct from @djmagofficial HQ tonight! (I'm on last set of the night from 1020pm GMT)

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

And I made a nice dinner in record time. #cookingwithjohnb

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Today I built my first ever raised bed at the allotment! Using old wood I blagged from my parents house that used to be part of their guttering or some shiz. Now I'm gonna use it to grow epic chillis. #bray #allotment #maidenhead #chillis

Work - Bar/Nightclub

I'll be streaming live with the Viper Recs crew on Thursday direct from @djmagofficial HQ. If you want to be there in person check the link in the image!

Hannover Airport

Peace 🇩🇪🙏💥🥂🎧✈️🇬🇧

Braunschweig, Germany

John B #airportninja German hotel next level XP level up tip: ask for an extra pillow from the front desk. Then you have 2. Almost like a normal hotel outside of Germany lol. #pillows #djscomplaining

Braunschweig, Germany

Me sitting backstage retweeting stuff ;-)

Heathrow Terminal 5

I should look happier here - Terminal 5 is lovely and quiet right now! Off to Germany for gig in Braunschweig tonight! 🇩🇪🇩🇪😎✈️🙏🥂

Lyric brainstorming bizniz!

Work - Bar/Nightclub

Live stream next week!!!

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Vocals Day with @renelavice !!!

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

In the trenches. Underground Junglist bizniz. (Planting potatoes) :-) 🍃🍃🌶🌶👍

Lightbox London

This is he only photo I got last night. Sign of a good one! Big up.

Testing the new Apple 'clips' app - and filming my proud moment of car DIY bizniz - replaced the centre console on my E46 with an OEM cup holder one FINALLY! Been meaning to do that for years! #coffee

Bray, Windsor And Maidenhead, United Kingdom

New shirt!

Fire & Lightbox Complex, Vauxhall, London

See you on Friday London! Who's coming?

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