Джои Кинг


Американская актриса, известная по главной роли в фильме «Рамона и Бизус», в котором она сыграла вместе с Селеной Гомес.
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Lol I make myself cringe. Please enjoy me dancing around in amazing clothes for an amazing magazine while being a total goof @lofficielparis

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL THE FURRY FRIENDS AT THE @humanesociety IN SAVANNAH, GA!! What a great day donating and playing AND ADOPTING!! Love all the babies 🎄🎅🐈🐶

@lofficielparis you made this girl so incredibly happy. Thank you for having me on your cover and thank you for having bagels on set when we shot they were delicious

Jews for the next 5 days in the front! Gentiles waiting for Christmas in the back 😂

Instead of writing a caption about matching. Swipe for the stressful conversation between me, Lauren and Cameron trying to think of one.

#Tbt. To wearing a very spacious one bedroom dress. For inquiries about rent on this space call @zacposen 😉

Savannah, Georgia

A best friend is the type of person who would give you the shirt off their back but then you realize that the shirt is actually yours cuz they stole it from your closet... @ariana_guido

Look at how incredible this dessert board is. Like WHAT? This doesn’t even look real!! Thank you @celebratewithsarah for making our thanksgiving so beautiful and yummy 😋

On steroids to kick this cough. So if you see me lookin jacked don’t be alarmed 😎😷 #morty #HappySICKgiving.

gracias por ponerme en tu portada @seventeenmx 💖

I’m SOOOOO EXCITED to reveal that I’m on the cover of @seventeenmx December issue hitting newsstands TOMORROW!!! (Who’s that girl with all that hair 😂)😆 💗💗 #JoeyKingx17

Voldemort had a glo up guys. Thank u for having me @hulu 😋💗

I love dis song, I love dis album, I love dis video and I love you Sabrina. Sue me video is out now and it was so much fun to be part of

Sue Me video out tomorrow. Thx for including me Daddy Sab

This is a picture of my late grandfather Joseph Farrar in his time of service. Happy Veterans Day to those who have served, we appreciate you and respect you beyond belief. And I would also like to say, to our firefighters in LA working tirelessly to stop this horrendous fire. Thank you❤️

Voting tastes as good as it feels 😉 #IVoted #didyou

Savannah, Georgia

I’m smiling on the outside but Kelly beat me in monopoly so I’m plotting her demise on the inside 😄🔪

I painted one of my fav movies on a pumpkin and it didn’t turn out like shit!! #UP ❤️🧡💚💙💜

In “The land of the free” bullets rang loud in a place of peaceful worship in Pittsburgh. 11 people paid with their lives just for being Jewish. We make up less than 1% of the worlds population, instead of hating and hurting, may we please protect and respect Jewish lives. It breaks my heart, No one deserves to be despised for being themselves and absolutely no one deserves to be killed for it. Spread love, to those of different religious beliefs, different race, different sexual orientation, different political views, etc. Intolerance is Intolerable. Practice love.

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