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Американская актриса, известная по главной роли в фильме «Рамона и Бизус», в котором она сыграла вместе с Селеной Гомес.
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Picking a photo for your siblings birthday post is always such an exciting but stressful task. You have to make sure it’s just perfect, and represents them in a way you think the world should see them...I think it’s safe to say...I fucking crushed it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER Being your sister is easily one of the best parts about this life. The world is so lucky to have you and so am I. @hunterking 🦄💕😻🤪


My name for the next 4 months, is Gypsy Rose Blanchard. This story is very disturbing and I am honored to be able to portray it. What a wild ride this will be on “The Act” @hulu Link in my bio for the exclusive interview I gave with @allure talking about the decision to shave my head for a 3rd time for a project I’m so ready to take on.

SWIPE to see the list of cities & theaters that @summer03movie is playing in as of today!!!! Woohooooo 😎🤪

To my sweet Dallas. I’m so sorry that you got sick. Im so sorry that even after fighting your sickness for 6 brave months that you couldn’t stay with us any longer. You were the sweetest most amazing girl in the world and you taught our whole family what true joy and happiness is. The world is unfair and it took you too soon. My heart is breaking to know I can’t give you a snuggle one more time. You were so loved and you made everyone around you feel so loved. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being the best daughter to @hunterking. Thank you for choosing our family. I know I’ll see you again one day, but for now, rest up my Angel

*goes to CVS for candy. Buys a box of blue hair dye. Makes @kelliisking dye my hair...tells @neekotto he can cut my bangs 🤷‍♀️

Summer ‘03 premiere shizzz. If you’re in NY and LA go see our movie September 28th. And EVERYONE ELSE, I’ll have a complete list of cities that @summer03movie is coming to real soon. What a rad night. WHO’S GONNA GO SEE OUR MOVIE?! ☀️

Mood cuz the premiere for @summer03movie is tonight

Two Arizona iced teas please

Eeeek I feel so lucky to be featured as a cover girl for @pulsespikes alongside some really cool ladies @lanacondor & @mylifeaseva. Thank you Pulse for making me feel confident and free in these unretouched images.

Little jew in a Catholic Church dressed in a little black dress disrespecting every catholic code....this is @summer03movie Coming to select theaters September 28th

Dream dress, dream designer, dream friend. Thank you so much Zac for inviting me to share this special experience with you. This dress is everything

Underneath the purple rain ☔️ @zacposen

We’ve arrived @zacposen #emmys2018

ANYONE ELSE OBSESSED WITH @queereye and @tanfrance AS MUSH AS ME OR?!!!?? meeting @tanfrance @bobbyberk & @antoni will easily be one of my fav moments this year! 😭😭😭 missing @jvn @karamobrown of course!! #CANYOUBELIEVE

In case u thought we were rated anything but R. 10 days til @summer03movie

Thank you so much @tiff_net for having our movie #TheLie!!! This is a one of those life moments for me. I’ve been a huge admirer of this festival for a long time, and getting to go for a film I love so much was just f%*!king awesome. *update. This movie is CRAZY so buckle up

My cover shoot for @euphoriazine available for pre order at the link in their bio 💋

In ice cream we trust @summer03movie

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