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Американская актриса, известная по главной роли в фильме «Рамона и Бизус», в котором она сыграла вместе с Селеной Гомес.
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Ariana just asked a waiter "does the shredded pork omelette actually have pork in it?" And this is how we feel about it

What an incredible time tonight for Christmas at Hogwarts at Harry Potter World!!! Thank you @unistudios for having us!!! @jaredeng @jacobelordi

Throwback to when this flu season didn't suck the life outta me. But all good ya lady's got matzo ball soup so things are on the rise. How's everyone's day

I love when my dogs do my laundry for me

Hey mom remember that time this lizard fell from the sky almost landing on your head to tell us we could save 15% or more on car insurance? @masterkingmom

Spot the difference 🎃 @jacobelordi

Hope everyone's Halloween was spooky and fun. Here's Sally and Jack with their 3rd wheel 😂 @ariana_guido @jacobelordi

We can live like jack and Sally if we want

@horrornights The first picture is how I walked through every maze, the second picture was me telling jacob a guy with a hammer was coming😖Thank you for having us #UniversalHhn it was insane!!!!!

Hot meme @jacobelordi

@hunterkingactress Happy birthday to my partner in crime, my blanket fort buddy, my Polly pocket playmate, my outfit consultant, my best friend, my sister. You mean the world to me and having you as a sister is legit the coolest thing ever. Let's have the best day ever!!!!

Thanks for doing my hair mom. You a real one

Atlanta, Georgia

Whoopie cushion innovation on set with @embryomystic 😂😂 #Summer03movie

Atlanta, Georgia

WE ESCAPED!!!!! We did it!!! These peeps make me smile. Has anyone ever done an escape room??

Look how nervous I am 😂After acting for 14 years I tried my hand at something new for a scene. Camera operating is S'difficult! Thank you @benhardwicke! and @andreasavage for letting me film your gorgeous face. This was a blast ❤️🎬

I got to do a thing today #Summer03movie

Happy LIFEiversary to my big sister @kelliisking . 1 year ago today she survived the impossible, of being hit and run over by an 18 wheeled semi truck. 1 year later she's alive and well. It's been a tough year for her, but I'm so proud of everything she's accomplished physically and mentally. You're a beast dude. I love you

Had such a MARVELous day yesterday visiting my friend @marvelprops!! I got to hold THE Captain America shield. 😆 make sure you follow @marvelprops

Joey king and boyfriend jacob elordi caught with Bricks and Starburst for limbs while out to lunch. The daring couple made onlookers envious with their bold outing.

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