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Американская актриса, известная по главной роли в фильме «Рамона и Бизус», в котором она сыграла вместе с Селеной Гомес.
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I took this on 35mm. We took an adventure and got fresh strawberries at the beach. A day to remember💋💕 @jacobelordi

Look out for this one...it's special. Filming in Atlanta now 😆☀️💋

Livin up to my last name and shit #king. And btw if you haven't seen Smartass, now you're just hurting my feelings. Link in bio. 💋 @smartassthemovie

Mugshots=modeling duh. Smartass available now! I'm so proud of this movie it's incredibly fun! Link in bio 🤘😜

The beauty in the middle left for college. And the gals on either side of her are very sad :(

TODAYS THE DAY!!! Get YOUR ass on iTunes and view MY Smartass tellin it like it is and gettin in whole lotta trouble ;) #Smartass out now! Link in bio

Atlanta, Georgia

Irmas leftovers. Praying for everyone affected throughout the country #Atlanta

Get you a man that makes you scrapbooks. @jacobelordi ❣️

When you wanna show off that new adidas fit.

Meet Freddie. Foul mouthed, misbehaved, hella brave...but most of all. A Smartass. Smartass available for pre order now! Link in bio 😏

My wild, trippy, hilarious, fu*%ked up movie, (in the best way possible) Smartass, is available for preorder on iTunes now!! 1 week away! Link in @smartassthemovie bio

In times of desperate need and even in quiet moments for our world, I believe it is important to give back in any way you can. My heart goes out to Texas so today I decided to give blood to the @americanredcross to help save at least 3 lives. If you are well and able to give blood then you should too, and make a donation to one or several of the many GoFundMe pages that speak to you. LINK IN BIO to one that greatly stands out to me ❤️

Tomorrow night at 8pm is the night. I'm reading with this incredible line up of people for @wordtheatre at the #FordAmphitheater! Link in bio!

Never knew this but a Yellow Flesh Watermelon IS A THING!! It tastes like honey! I'm so excited! Have you ever had one?


Adopted a new best friend yesterday. #ClearTheShelters please #AdoptDontShop!! Thousands of animals across America are kept in shelters looking for a loving home. So happy I found this love bug 🐶❣️

Breakfast...The most important meal of the day. #GottaGetToTheseGarageSales

My dog is so cute like don't even touch me. 11 years old and thriving. #AngelisHotterThanAnyoneIKnow #ExceptMaybeJacob #ButLikeJacobIsAHuman

I died and went to flamingo floatie heaven. Thank you @jaredeng and @bigmouthinc for the pinkest and prettiest party ever. I have been celebrating my birthday for 2 weeks straight now 😂

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