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Американский актер, сценарист. Снимался в фильмах "Форс-мажор", "Меняющие реальность", "Самый лучший".
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Please read the moving, beautiful caption. #Repost @akocastuera with @repostapp ・・・ This 100+ year old basket was carried by my great-grandparents from Okinawa to California, and many years later, to a prison camp in Arkansas. Written on the inside is their name, ID number, and the internment camp they were forced to live in: C.Dakuzaku 1127 A 22079 Jerome Arkansas Seeing my family's life reduced to a few characters in this humble container hurts me deeply. I'm sharing it with you today to mark the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, signed by our country's then president Franklin D Roosevelt. This foul piece of racist policy tore asunder the lives of 110,000 Japanese Americans, including my California-native grandmother. This experience is a wound that has been passed down to me very quietly. It's lived under my skin as part of the past, but now is boiling up in reaction to the bigoted policy of today's administration (Muslim ban, hell no) and the hateful and ignorant rhetoric of white supremacists who want a monopoly on telling the story of America in their warped and fearful language. Here I am today, a fourth generation Okinawan American and daughter of a Mexican immigrant with treasure in my hands. This basket is literally and metaphorically as much a part of the present as it is the past. It makes my heart heavy, sometimes sends me into a clamoring rage, but it's a gift to have this touchstone, and I'm sharing it with you because we have a hard road ahead and our wounds are best carried together. I'm learning that strength and sanity are not independent achievements, but invisible systems that we maintain together. #eo9066 #eo9066neveragain NO MUSLIM BAN. NO WALL. NO SILENCE!

Dear Joel, this is how you love.

This is not The Man in the High Castle. This is today. New York City. As my friend says, it is "meta." But it is also disturbing.

Thank you to @mlcrabb for dolling up the Chief Inspector! 👏🏽🕵 #HighCastle #chiefinspectorkido

Joe Blake mocking the Kempeitai in NYC. Why would he do such a disrespectful thing? "That is very... troubling." 🕵 @lukekleintank #ManCastleMondays

The Garden

@TheLumineers @TheGarden uplifted and inspired a packed house. Thank you for an amazing show!

The Lumineers 'Cleopatra World Tour Continues' 2017

Photo: @HaroldJulian. Styling: @jennieredd.

Photo by the brilliant @haroldjulian. Styled by the amazing @jennieredd.

Cleaning out an old drawer and came across this. The beads inside are fading, but not the memory! #HemlockGrove

New York, New York


Behind the scenes with @rupert_evans. #HighCastle #HighCastleSeasonTwo #ManCastleMondays

A key to the alternate city of San Francisco for @jonathankyall. Give it up, friends! #HighCastle #ChillBros @fredriksewell

Perspective. #HighCastle #HighCastleSeasonTwo #ManCastleMondays

Between takes. #HighCastle Season 2 Finale.

After @jonathankyall mentioned that Kido and Smith were "chill bros" on Twitter, I joked about the two of us having matching jerseys. Little did I know that Jonathan is also an artist...

Nobu Fifty Seven

A little New York soosh with the Trade Minister. Thank you for an excellent experience @nobunewyork!

Love seat.

So excited and grateful for Season 3 of #HighCastle! Thank you, friends, for all your kind words. It even brought a smile to Kido-emoticon's face!

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