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Recap. #2018 was awesome, rough, terrible, rough, great, and is closing out pretty well. It was a wild ride of a year and all of you jumping in after May 11th was really something amazing. You have no clue. Coming into a whole new year of blessings and trials, my prayer is that I can trust in the Lord and stand firm in faith. Y’all are gonna have a front row seat to another awesome year, Lord willing. Or not. We’ll see. That’s what having faith is all about. Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” #👋🏼2018

When you can’t remember if you wrapped that one present🤔🤭💩#procrastinatinationatitsfinest Who else out there procrastinates wrapping their Christmas presents? #everyone #merrychristmas #courtneychristmas

Ladies and gents!!! As you know, holidays are just around the corner and @danielwellington is perfect for everyone on your list! Seriously, these watches are incredible!!! Right now you can get a 10% off on their exclusive holiday giftsets, AND don't forget to use my code JOEL to get an ADDITIONAL 15% off! Happy shopping #ad #DWforeveryone #danielwellington

Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area

Snowboarding is one of my favorite things to do. I’m always trying to get better at it, and I think I am. And of course there’s the traditional shirtless last run of the day. Wasn’t that bad really, except for @joshcourtny. He fell and slid 10 feet on the snow half naked 😬😂😂 #snowboarding #familyday #stayingwarm

Would you look at this jerk photobombing me? I mean cmon. Where’s his holiday spirit?☃️⛄️❄️ #snowman #sleddingparty #friendshipgoals #wubbalubbadubdub 📸@emileyisgrose

Simply honored to be invited to @gq’s Men of the Year celebration. I was surrounded by people who make me want to work hard and be a better actor. #hilights standing next to @michaelbjordan, brushing shoulders with @jonahhill, and MEETING @johnmayer!!! Literally my mind was a blank and I was trippin out. #whatanight #gqmenoftheyear

Moscow, Idaho

You probably don’t care...BUT IF YOU DID, they are whom I am thankful for #family #mydadcheckedmygrammar #hanggingparticiple

I want to share the highlights of my Thanksgiving Day with you. These angels. @oliver @ransom @cheyla #nephew #neice #thecooluncle #uncling #notmykids

Miami, Florida

What a weekend!!! I got to attend my first convention and meet so many fans! Met @officialdannytrejo!! AND STOOD ON THE @MIAMIHEAT COURT!!! But the best part was meeting some amazing people making life long friends. And none of this would be a possible without our army protecting and fighting for this great nation. So thank you to all of you. Serving, retired, and fallen. #veteransday #all5branches

#wiigolf anyone??? @rydellynch @kendallvertes @amiahkmiller @carsonrowland @taylorgray3 @adrian_samper @carolinagonzlz @pgroverman #thisisfriendship

If you see this look on my face, I’m not bored. I’m probably thinking about something from years ago when a puppy was being cute or something like that #restingboredface 😐 What’s your resting face?

What a night!!! #halloween What are y’all dressing up as???

Listen up y’all! Vaping might seem like the “cool” thing to do but I bet you’re not aware how BAD IT IS FOR YOU! @dosomething is teamed with @cvsinaction and they are on an incredible campaign right now to inform you on what you’re putting in your lungs. If you do some research and actually give it some thought, I think you’ll reconsider #escapethevape #letsdothis

Oddly enough, I was the one doing ok in the mazes and Logan was 💩ing himself 😂😂😂 but seriously this was an absolutely incredible time and I got to meet some cool fans. You gotta go!!!! #myfavoriteswere #thepurge #blumhouse

Surfer's Point & Ventura Pier

Waves weren’t awesome but the company was 📸- @rusty_rhymes

When the photographer says “Ok, now look straight at the sun.” #jk @itsjetography didn’t say that that’s just kinda how this felt 😫😎😑🌞

📷- @itsjetography What’s goin on? Throw something in the comments and I’ll be responding all day.

You guys! I’m so excited to tell you about this! 😆 I’m gonna be attending the Gamer Comic Expo @gamercomicexpo in Miami on November 9-12!!! The reason I’m so stoked about this is because I get to meet you!!! All of you incredible people who support me and are on this crazy ride with me. In my bio is a link. Use that link to go check out the site and get tickets to come see me and take pictures and autographs and all that fun stuff!!! COME SEE ME!!!!

#mood because I haven’t surfed in waaaaay too long. Gotta get back out there 🌊🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♂️ have any of you tried surfing? Photographer- @mitchellmccormack

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