Джилл Вагнер


Американская модель, актриса, соведущая телевезионных шоу.
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Hey Dad, which one is the ASS ?😂😂😂 @davidwagner #thewhitebuffalostrikesagain #babyminidonkey

Went to buy a tree yesterday and came back with this guy ! #straypup #ogly #lookingforowner


#happyfathersday to the 'ol white buffalo! You have taught me how to dance In the rain. I love you and I'll see you soon!!


To all you #wipeout fans out there .... you got your wish, and I got mine .... The hulk said I could be #shehulk so .... it's settled . #battleofthenetworkstars @abcnetwork #marvelcomics #thehulk #rhondarowseyismycoach!!! @wipeout

Spokane, Washington

Sometimes my wardrobe isn't the most flattering on set but at least I can eat as many donuts as I want . #handcraftedamerica #season3wrap @insp_tv @susiefilms #billthecameraguy #spokanewashington

WE WON!!! Thank you so much to my friends who voted for our incredible love story ! 😘

Lake Coeur d'Alene

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I love my job!!! @handcraftedtv Has changed my life for the better ! I am so proud to be working for @insp_tv and @susiefilms ! Thank you for letting me explore this beautiful country and learn from some of the best artisans in the world! As we wrap up season 3 this week I am reminded how lucky I am and how much talent our country has to offer . Thanks to the best crew a girl could ask for ! You guys work so hard to create such an inspiring show . I love you ! And lastly , A HUGE thank you to the people who watch and love the show ! We do this for you ! Keep watching and we will keep finding the best artisans in the USA!! 😘 #season3wrap #handcraftedamerica

What have I gotten myself into now ? @abcnetwork

Only 2 more days to vote ! Please vote again if you can !!! Link in bio http://woobox.com/vuqfwf/gallery/8JIwRTSk0IY photo by @brendanmeadows

Had fun with these two tonight !! #wod #wod17live @jlo @nbc

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@prideofgypsies I found my Halloween costume 😂😂😂😂😂 hope you are killin it !! ❤️ #aquaman

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I found some "Gold" while in LA 😘 @goldmac77 #lovethisgal #friends #nightout🍸

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Please Vote for our LOVE STORY!! I was on one of my many flights for @handcraftedtv and I decided to enter a contest and just found out we made it as one of the 50 finalists!! Please vote for our story ( link in my bio) every day for the next week 🤞http://woobox.com/vuqfwf/gallery/8JIwRTSk0IY

One of my favorite @handcraftedtv shoots !!! #alaska #austin @insp_tv

From the farm to Philly ..... @handcraftedtv @insp_tv

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