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Words of wisdom for managing life's challenges in this weeks podcast 😉 link is in my bio!

I still haven't accomplished that 5th stage... Sigh

As promised, your weekly challenge move: Single Arm Drive and Press. Start with no weight till you've mastered the movement. The key to this is to tuck your tail bone, squeeze your glutes, keep your core tight and drive into the ball with your lats. Send me a video once you've nailed it!

Feeling grateful today. Remembering those who gave all to keep us safe. #respect #gratitude

Have you heard about FitFusion? it’s the hottest platform out there to STREAM, WATCH and PLAY top workouts when you want them whenever you want! To spice things up, @FITFUSIONTV and DietBet are challenging YOU to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks using all the FITFUSION trainers! So let’s smash this bet! 💥👊 Huge Perk: by joining the challenge you get 50% OFF FITFUSION for 2 months, so sign up now!→ http://bit.ly/FITFUSIONJillianMichaels #FITFUSIONDIETBET

😳 Oh well.

Couldn't say it better myself. Happy Saturday!

I'm so there. Sleep tight squad 💤💤💤 😘

So true. So so true.

Or is it...? Little dog begs to differ. (No, I'm not high. This is what I do when I can't sleep. Make random pics with my dog in them) What are you currently up to? Exercising I'm sure.

#rednoseday I've never looked better. Post your red nose pics to support! Give, laugh, help kids 😁

Seriously? No shame this little dog.

Happy #NationalWineDay everyone. Everything in moderation 😘

I read this and was like HELL YES. As though It's even possible. What's wrong with me? @luckyjackicedcoffee

Sigh. But in happy news... My new podcast is up. Link in bio 😁

Let me help you SMASH the FITFUSION DIETBET Challenge! Get up and get it done! What is FITFUSION: It is an on-demand internet streaming platform offering workouts from the world’s top trainers. What Challenge? Lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks using FITFUSION There's Perks! Bet $30 on yourself and split the final jackpot with other participants + get 50% OFF FITFUSION for the first 2 months! Link in bio. #MotivationMonday #FITFUSIONDIETBET

This one is for athletes that want a challenge. Here's your weekly dose of trouble as promised 😉 behold the bear gauntlet

This is why I always advise against "cheat days" 😂 80/20 rule people. That's where is at.

Malibu, California

Most trainers on insta post pics of their ass and then try to sell you an e book. Not I. I'd like to know if you can guess how I got road rash all over my left ass cheek? Anyone?

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