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Winter is almost here which means cozy weather, gingerbread lattes, layering, and most importantly, new makeup! Sharing my fresh take on fall/winter beauty with @dgbeauty and @saks, today on the blog! (Link in bio) #DGBeauty #FallInBloom #DolceGabbana #sponsored

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Water break 💦 In the homestretch and feelin it! #9months

On a Saturday 🍸 Mocktails for me and the prettiest bar situation @intercontinentaldtla! Loving the marble and rose gold for new home inspo ✔️

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

MOM #36weeks G and I had a perfect little staycation, some much needed R&R and good food!! More from our mini babymoon on the blog (link in bio)! Now heading back home to finish off the nursery! Btw I got an identical mini version of this coat for my daughter 🙈 Can’t wait to be twinning with bbgirl lol!!

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Waiting on the weekend like 👀🕖🙄 @intercontinentaldtla #SantiagoBabymoon

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Slipped away for a last minute Babymoon in the city at the beautiful new @InterContinental hotel downtown! Since I’m only a few weeks away from delivery, G and I didn’t want to go too far, but thought it would be fun for us to enjoy a little alone time before babygirl arrives! More from our staycation today on the blog (link in bio)! #InterContinentalLife #ad

A quick escape ☁️☁️☁️ Any idea where @g_santiago and I are having a mini-staycation?!

Besitos and goodnight 💕😘 @lorealmakeup #LorealLeaguePartner

If she has his eyes, I’m dead 😍

I know I’m flooding you with baby shower pics but can’t get over all the cute details! My girls handmade these pretty petal and fruit ice cubes for the MOM-osa bar 🙈💕Full recap of this weekend’s baby shower, today on the blog! (Direct link in bio☝🏼) #MalayOnTheWay #BabySantiago #babyshower

DREAM TEAM 🙌🏽💕 Love and so grateful to these girls, my team, who not only help me create on a daily basis, but went above and beyond planning this baby shower! Thank you thank you @katkouture, @kay_trixie, @yourfanqurl, and especially @julia_schneider for putting so much heart into this beautiful day for our girl! @g_santiago and I are so grateful to you!!! Xoxoxo

Every detail 💕🙈 More photos on the blog tomorrow! #BabySantiago #MalayOnTheWay #35weeks

Celebrated our babygirl yesterday at the most beautiful baby shower I could’ve dreamed of! Honestly feeling overwhelmed between the love for this baby, the love that I’m feeling from our sweet family and friends, and the thought of having her in our arms in a matter of weeks! Pregnancy was not something I ever thought I’d enjoy but it has truly been the most special time of life yet! Thank you to everyone who made yesterday so perfect! We can’t wait for you to meet our little girl! 💕 #BabySantiago #BabyShower #MalayOnTheWay

Today was pure love 💕 I have loved this babygirl since the day I found out about her existence and to share that with so many of the women in my life who I love and admire meant so much! Thank you to everyone that made today’s babyshower beyond perfect! Baby Santiago loves all her aunties! #MalayOnTheWay #35weeks #BabySantiago More in Stories and pics coming soon! Xoxo

Home stretch! At 35 weeks babygirl is starting to feel very heavy on my hips and pelvis.. she’s about 6lbs now, around 18in long, and I take comfort in the fact that if she was born today, she’d still be developed and healthy. Finishing up the nursery, and finalizing my birth plan and hospital bag! Would love to hear from my mamas if you’ve got any final stretch pregnancy advice! Wearing a gold embroidered suit from my love @mishavaidya ✨ #35weeks

Mixed ✨ My ethnicities are something I realized I never really talk much about... growing up a mixed kid was always kind of hard because I was never sure where I fit in, but also really cool because it allows me to be able to relate and identify with so many different kinds of people. My mom is Filipina, born in the Philippines, who came here on a ship to the US when she was only 3 years old. Her parents, my grandparents, were separated by war for 11yrs because my grandpa came first to this country in order to set up a better life and future for his family.. I can not imagine the kind of love, strength, and faith it must’ve taken to endure being apart from each other that long.. My dad’s family came to this country from Eastern Europe to avoid persecution during the war (they were Jewish) and also endured long periods of separation from one another when my grandpa served in the military as a fighter pilot during WWII... So many different histories from all over the world have gone into making up this tiny human inside of me, who will be even more mixed than I am (her daddy is Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban!) and I want her to know and be proud of all of the people that have worked so hard, just to get to this country to make her life possible!

Found out we were having a baby at Revolve Festival, and 8months later on the Revolve Awards redcarpet about to pop! 👶🏻🖤 A few more weeks to go... thank you @Revolve for being our extended family every step of the way! We love you guys! #momanddad #35weeks

Fall Favorites! So many new beauty posts and tutorials on the blog and my YouTube channel! Trying to decide what to shoot today.. what kind of look would you like to see next: My favorite red lip or a glossy metallic lid? Lmk in the comments below! 👇🏼

Kicking off the week in real pants! 🤣😂🤣 At 34 weeks preggo I usually want to spend my days in sweats and sneakers, but at least once a week I still force myself to get it together, fix my hair, and put a little makeup on so that I still feel like me! Life is about to change and going to be all about my babygirl, something I couldn’t be more excited about, but I think it’s also really important for parents (mom AND dad) not to lose themselves in the process! Easier said than done I know, but going to try my best 🙆🏻🤷🏻‍♀️ #bumpin #BabySantiago #34weeks

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