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Британская певица.
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My dear Poland. Surprise! I’m coming back to see you, for Krakow Live Festival on August 18. xx

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal. That was the most beautiful setting for a reunion. Thank you so much for coming. I really loved it. Obrigada! ( 📷 @paustorch )

At last! @fabianapalladino has a new song out and it’s so brilliant you are bound to fall in love. ‘Shimmer’ is out now, listen up! X

Helsinki Airport

Band loved Pori Jazz so much they all got the tshirt. thanks for a beautiful evening in Pori. Still reeling we missed Alanis x

Helsinki Airport

Gracias Benicassim. That was so fun. Always wanted to go x next stop Pori Jazz Festival x

Alan Carr. We knew we were in for a treat but could this be our funniest guest yet?! From the moment he walked in discussing his farm animals’ sexual exploits, to his eventual Come Dine with Me scoring of 1/10 for us- my GOD we laughed. And drank. This was such a pleasure to listen back to and I hope you enjoy it too! Listen via link in bio. @tablemannerspodcast @chattyman

First ever live podcast. Phew! We think it went ok. Apologies to anyone who got hit with a flying cherry tomato by the incomparable Adam Buxton. And thank you Adam Buxton for being such a good sport. X

Latitude Music Festival

I LOVED yesterday so much @latitudefest thank you to everyone that came to watch us on the main stage. Such a special one for me. See you today at the Speakeasy Tent for @tablemannerspodcast first live podcast with Adam Buxton x

Cruilla Barcelona, thank you so much! Tech difficulties, an impromptu acoustic bit and maybe the only time I will ever play ‘Midnight’ actually at midnight! It was fun. Ta X (📷 gustik albo )

Thank you Trump for showing the world that pussies grab back @wep_uk #thankstrump (with all of you in spirit marching and protesting today against this misogynistic fool ✊🏻)

What do you do when you have the god that is Ottolenghi round for @tablemannerspodcast? Well, you make him bring dessert and ask him enough questions until he eventually cooks the main too! I can also confirm that friendships can be made through persistence or even stalking. We speak about his children, his husband and their surrogacy process and (finally!) simplifying his dishes. L’chaim! LISTEN NOW via link in bio. #tablemannerspodcast #ottolenghi

Glasgow Airport

Thanks @trnsmtfest for having us. X

Trencin, Slovakia

Pohada Festival! First time in Slovakia and it was amazing. You were so loud! Thank you for staying with us in the pouring rain. Loved it x

Latitude Music Festival

Come and picnic with us in the Speakeasy tent at @latitudefest ! We’re doing our first ever live podcast with Adam Buxton and we don’t know if we’re more nervous about that or transporting various cakes and quiches from London. 1.20pm Sunday 15th July - see you there! @tablemannerspodcast @adamrealbuxton #tablemannerspodcast

Amsterdamse Bostheater

Dreamy gig in the Amsterdam woods. Thank you, so beautiful. (Doing my best Peter Crouch impression here...IT’S COMING HOME!) x

Hotel Regina Paris

Met some absolutely brilliant women this weekend, topped off with the inspiring Mrs Prada. Thanks again @miumiu - we all had such fun together x

Paris, France

About last night. Thank you @miumiu for another unforgettable trip to Paris #miumiuclub #miumiucroisiere

Hotel Regina Paris

As ever, the best fun @miumiu 💫 congratulations on a fabulous collection and a beautiful show #miumiuclub #reginahotel #croisière

Paris, France

The only way to get to the @miumiu show in time #croisiere

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