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Koh Samui Thailand

✨ jet lag in Thailand looked a whole lot better than jet lag in Toronto ✨ #5amwakeupcalls 😴


To my travel buddy: thank you for the trip of a lifetime! 🇹🇭💙 I truly couldn’t imagine this adventure with anyone else 👭 Thank you for SO many things, but mostly for always being able to make the best of any situation, for braiding my hair whenever I asked you to (even during the bumpiest car rides🚕⛰), thank you for making me smile when I was homesick and missed your brother💕, for taking all of my Instagram pics without any complaints📸, for holding my hand during take off ✈️, and on those unforgettable ferry boat rides 🤢🛥 Your love for adventure and passion for travel is inspiring 🙏🏻✨ You are a true free spirit 🤙🏻🌸 Thank you for the daily reminder that life is too short to be spent in one place 🌎❤️ You have quickly become like a sister to me and I’m lucky to call you my second family 👩‍❤️‍👩 Cheers to you and cheers to us! 🥂 Can’t wait to see where the world takes us next 🙌🏻✈️ @sammmarie.m #travelbuddies

And at the end of the day it’s your people that matter the most 💕✨ Thankful for airplanes, road trips, adventures and sunsets - but mostly for all of the love in my life 🙏🏻💓✨ Home sweet home 💞☺️ #loveconquersall #blessed

Tubkaek Beach Krabi

Cheers to the good life 🥂✨💕

Tubkaek Beach Krabi

Fresh faced as can be ☺️🌸💕 One of my favourite things about livin’ the beach life - that natural glow 😍🙏🏻✨This is me #makeupfree 🙌🏻💙 #nofilter

Koh Phi Phi

This was SO fun!! 🐠🌊💙 What an amazing way to see these beautiful islands 🚤🌸🏖🙏🏻 So blessed to be spending our time here in this glorious weather 😍☀️ #KohPhiPhi #Thailand #lifejacketswag #snorkel 🤙🏻😎🌎

Koh Phi Phi

What an amazing day!! 🏖👙🚤🌎 Some incredible views 😎🙏🏻✨ Thailand we 💙 you! 🌸🇹🇭 #KohPhiPhi #Thailand #PreSunBurn #allsortsoftanlines

Krabi, Thailand

🙏🏻✨ It has taken me years to become comfortable with my body - I used to wish that I had a flatter stomach, a bigger butt, skinnier arms, and the list went on 🙄 I am so thankful that I’ve finally realized that yes, I am good enough, no matter what I look like 🙌🏻✨You truly have to love your whole self - not just certain parts ☝🏻❤️ Eat right and keep active because you want to treat your body with respect, not because you want to look like someone else. For years I would work out and diet to try and look like societies version of attractive, but I’ve learned that every body is different (!!) ❤️ What works for some people might not work for you. For me, it’s all about balance👙🍰 This is me - in my happy place ✨ And I’m so proud to finally be here 🙏🏻❤️🌸 #positivebodyimage #loveyourself #healthyisthenewskinny #loveanyBODY

Pai, Thailand

and I only crashed it once ☝🏻(...maybe twice🤦🏼‍♀️😂) What an amazing experience driving through the mountains 🛵⛰🌎 We ❤️ Pai!! A must see if you’re visiting Thailand 🇹🇭 Missing the views already ✨🙏🏻 #PaiThailand #safetyfirstkids #samisabetterdriver

Pai Circus School and Hostel

Heard it was snowing back home 😉☀️🌸🇹🇭 #PaiThailand #Sunnydays

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Made some new friends today 🐘❤️🇹🇭 #elephantsanctuary #Thailand

Ploen Ruedee Night Market

First night in Chiang Mai 🌸✨ Loving the vibes here 🙌🏻 and my new romper 🙊 Swipe ➡️😍🇹🇭 #ChiangMai #chiangmainightbazaar

Koh Tao Island

Last night in Koh Tao 👋🏻🌸✨On to the next! 🇹🇭🛳 #Thailand

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa, Koh Tao, Thailand

splishy-splash Koh Tao was a blast 🙊🌊🌸☀️ #bikinialldayeveryday #KohTao #Thailand

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa, Koh Tao, Thailand

Cheers 🌸🥂 appreciation post because this island is just too beautiful!! Swipe ➡️ to see all of the beauty 🌴✨💙 #KohTao #Blessed #floodthegram #Thailand

Jamahkiri Resort & Spa, Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao!! 😍 Cheers to this beautiful island 🥂🌸🙏🏻 & to this beautiful swimsuit from @smittenswim 🙌🏻💙👙An absolute perfect fit for both my body and this day! ✨ Feeling so blessed ✨ #KohTao #SmittenSwim #SoSmitten

Koh Samui


Kho Panghan

Survived my very first jungle party 🌸🌴🙉🍹This island is wack 😳 #Startingtofeelold 😂 #kohpanghan 🌎 • || Lashes by @thegirlsroom___ 🙏🏻👀💓 ||

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