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Toronto, Ontario

OK ok I just can't get enough 🙉such a fun night celebrating 🥂💓the most beautiful ladies inside & out!! ✨🌸 #blondes

prettiest lil' birthday gal 🙊💖🥂🎂🍭

Fort York Blvd

cheers betches 🥂💖✨🍭 @andiehawkins @faloneva #24

Fort York Blvd

Happy Birthday to my partner in all things blonde 💕👯🥂🎂 #24

Liberty Village

#TGIF cheers to the best of friends 🍾🥂✨💞

sunglasses inside 🙋🏼💓

Liberty Village

🥂 New post is up on my blog 🙃📝link in bio if you wish to have a read! 💓✨ PS use my code "JESSICATYLER" to get 💰 off your #dwclassicpetite watch 👌🏻 #ad

💥 This shirt is so important! 🙌🏻I've always loved my legs, but hated other parts of my body. I used to compare myself to all of the other beautiful women on Instagram and wonder why I didn't look just like them. I used to workout strictly to perfect my appearance, or be so hard on myself if I ate a slice of pizza 🙄But thinking that way does no good 👊🏻 If you live a healthy life, and you feel good - that's what matters 💪🏻Go for a run, have a beer, take a day off, or workout every day! Just keep it healthy, for your body & mind 💫💓🙏Everyone is different, and none of us are going to look the same, so I've taught myself to love the rest of my body the way I love my legs - because no one else is me 🤗🙋🏼Just because you don't have a six pack, it does not mean that you are not in shape - every body is different!! Be the best you can be for yourself, and the rest will fall into place ✌🏻#healthyisthenewskinny #motivationmonday 💪🏻💓 #natural

Happy Father's Day ❤️

💖 stay golden 🌞✨💋use my discount code "XOJESS" to get $$ off a pair of your own sunnies 👀🤗 #marsquest #sunshine

A late #tbt in lieu of the @samhuntmusic concert last night 😍🎤 Forever charmed by this hottie and his voice - so good!! 💓 Take us back to this moment pls 🙏😅We ❤️ Sam!! #15ina30tour #mancrusheveryday 🔥

Whitevale Golf Club

just another day at the office 🤷🏼‍♀️🙉⛳️ @gwagolf #bringbackthegame #isurvived #lol

💓my fav accessory thanks to #DanielWellington 🙏⏱ Use my code "JESSICATYLER" to get 15% off your own #DWClassicPetite 💥🤗 #ad

Pickering Playing Fields

what a fun weekend spent in the sun with some of the best people 😅💓☀️🏐🍻

my forever and always @c.konnaris 💖✨🔥

summer is here!! ☀️💖✨ #loveanyBODY #healthyisthenewskinny

South Beach Maimi

✨Happy Birthday to our girl @kaitiechurch 💖🥂🎂 love ya to the beach and back 😉☀️ #24 #nationalbestfriendday #TBT

babe lookin' like a magazine while I'm just over here like 🌮🙋🏼🍴thanks for playing along & wearing matching sunglasses with me 🍍🍍🤗💓 #mancrusheveryday

Toronto, Ontario

💓 reunited & it feels so good!! 🤗💞👭🥂 #twinning #blondelife

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