Джессика Строуп


Американская актриса, обладательница премии «Молодой Голливуд». В 17-летнем возрасте дебютировала в детском сериале «Нетакая» на канале Nickelodeon.
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Marrakech I ❤️ you.

The stars aligned and I got to see my girl @tracieval at Heathrow airport!!!! What are the odds!? 😆❤️✨


Look at her go. I think she dreams she’s fast.

We did it y’all. @clemsonfb #nationalchampions

Napa Valley


Good Dirt LA

Coming soon to an Etsy store near you @brittanysnow @gooddirtla

Chateau Marmont

George Washington was very angry at the state of things... until the music came on. #shouldershake #tinafrombobsburgers

Wishing you a year as bright as @marilynmanson’s face in this photo. Happy birthday @shenaegrimesbeech.

I mildly like them. (Repost via @jjtheunicorn!) #professionalwishmaker

It’s my birthday!!! 👋🏻 Here’s me just a couple years ago. Haven’t changed a bit huh? So grateful for this life. For my friends, my family, my team, my health and of course, for little Willow... Sending love to everyone out there. 💖

Little throw back to 2006 when @tracieval and I were shooting #thehillshaveeyes2. I knew we’d be friends forever from the moment we met over #vodkaschweppescitron. Happy birthday (yesterday)!!! I love you!!!

Hey @benazelart, don’t forget about me when you get all famous.😜🤩🔵✔️ #crushingit #proud

So proud to join @lizsczudlo and @leukemialymphomasociety last night to raise money/awareness in the fight to end cancer. F U cancer. We’re coming for you.

Joy Meachum. Season 2. Tomorrow. @marvelironfist @netflix (hair/makeup cred go to my babes @kaeladobson and @aliciazavarella 💋)

Y’all ready to see my hero @jhenwick kick some serious ass tomorrow?? That’s right Marvel’s Iron Fist is baaaaack!!! Get pumped. @marvelironfist @netflix #thebetterjess #colleenwing #iamalsointhis #ithink (this is supposed to be a gif but it’s not working 🤷🏻‍♀️ I gifup)

Los Feliz, Los Angeles

me and ma frans 💞🌄

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