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Scar camouflage with advanced medical grade pigments have just arrived! Blend more colors to better suit your color! Semi permanent, blends scars, imperfections, blemishes and uneven skin tones! Pigments infused by needling with a hydrating scar repair gels that help break down scar tissue! For a complimentary consultation call 310-273-5995. #micropigmentation scarcamouflage #medicaltattoo #scars #innovativetechnology

Thank you for keeping me on point! Cutting edge medicine at its finest! https://www.genemedics.com Md@genemedics.com #health #antiaging #fit #feelamazing

Spontaneous adventure with @brittgastineau and @lisagastineau last night... piercings tonight?! Lol

Life’s lessons in a quote! 🤷‍♀️

Ugh hate when I can’t sleep! Gym time I guess! #5amworkout

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#Repost @__actorterryflowers (@get_repost) ・・・ Thank you ! B Fragranced for the partnership such an honor to be representing the New Men's Cologne #ESSENCEOFME (link in my BIO) 📸: Roxie B Music credit (EVRYWHR)

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This hurts my heart and makes me happy at the same time😩 #poorcows

#Repost @biomedspa (@get_repost) ・・・ Medical needling, scar camouflaging with micro pigmentation! This technique helps shrink scar tissue while layering pigment to hide unwanted scars. This process is repeated several times blending multiple skin tones while more aggressively needling directly into the scar to help shrink the scar tissue. A shader is then used to blend out pigment. This is the patients first treatment and will be red (2-3 days) then will settle and begin healing/ shrinking over the next 3 weeks as new tissue and collagen start to form smoothing the old scar. The patient will need 2 more treatments so stay tuned for the final results... #micro #pigmentation #scar #biomedspa #spa #beverlyhills @jessicacanseco

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#Repost @darlinarlyn (@get_repost) ・・・ #poppy #girlsnightout💃 #losangeles ##birthdaygirl🎂 @mink177 @jessicacanseco

Amazing how the right people fall into your path... nothing is by chance it all happens for a reason❤️

Micropigmentation of lips restoration of color and border. Before, immediately after and 3 weeks later...the brightness from the translucent pigments appear slightly brighter for a few days but fade into a soft beautiful natural look! Lasts 1-2years. Req’s multiple treatments to layer and perfect color. #jessicacanseco #micropigmentation #biomedspa #garthfishermd #medical #lippigment #liprestoration

Restoring her brows to a more natural youthful state with my micropigmentation 3D technique. Perfection! Please email at Cansecobeverlyhills@gmail.com for more information. THIS IS NOT AND CANNOT BE DONE WITH MICROBLADING! Beware!

Feeling this vibe! #lovinglife

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Restoring her pigment to its original state using micropigmentation. (Lips always appear darker at first it is not the color it appears after) As we age we start to lose pigment in the lips and vermillion ridge. Filler cannot correct a pigment issue but doing filler and a pigment combo is a great way to make lips look more natural and luscious #micropigmentation #lips #lippigment #semipermanent #biomedspa #jessicacanseco

Making brows more beautiful one stroke at a time! Before pic, after round one and after round two. One more visit to perfect and or add dimension using highlights or lowlights will be the final touch! Never do your eyebrows In one visit if it looks natural requires 3 visits bottom line! Stay tuned.for round 3! f#micropigmentation brows#natural #biomedspa #garthfishermd #jessicacanseco #medical #nomicroblading!!

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