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Американский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям Ричи Велча в ситкоме «Класс» и Митчела Притчетта в «Американской семейке».
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Actual photo of me watching my order of waffles go to the wrong table.

Happy birthday to the guy on the left! The great @starringrico!

Witnessing a friend fulfill a dream is a gift in and of itself. Tonight @shobean played the @apollotheater. History has been made. Destiny has been achieved. So proud to know this powerhouse talent.

S10 Training

Thank you @stephencheuk / @s10training for keeping us in shape this summer in NYC! Till next time!

Carousel on Broadway

Here are just two of the brilliant cast members of @carouselbway. Couldn’t have loved them more! @lindsaymendez #jessiemueller

Delacorte Theater

Went to see “Twelfth Night” at Shakespeare in the Park & left with a little merch. New Delacorte Theater T-shirt pictured in front of my Sam Waterston “Hamlet” poster that already hangs in my kitchen.

Radio City Music Hall

Sent the kids off to Radio City Music Hall to see @britneyspears!

Modern Family season 10 starts Wednesday September 26! Who’s excited?! 🤗

Best. Vacay. Ever. 😍 #casachipichipi🐚🦀

Thank you @joemanganiello & @sofiavergara for bringing us to your beautiful #casachipichipi🐚🦀. You made our anniversary so special. Love you both! 😘😘😘

My hand is on my hip in the middle of the ocean. #casachipichipi🐚🦀

If it’s good enough for @joemanganiello it’s good enough for @justinmikita. #casachipichipi🐚🦀

If it’s good enough for @sofiavergara it’s good enough for me! Thank you for letting me & @justinmikita celebrate our anniversary at #casachipichipi🐚🦀

Happy Wedding Anniversary @justinmikita. I wanted to share with you all a piece of our ceremony from 5 years ago. One of my heroes, Tony Kushner officiated our wedding. Trying to pick just a moment of his brilliant writing is nearly impossible...but here it goes: “Love is immediate, but also aspirational, content and complete in itself, and also ambitious. And love, like belief in God, is the location of a deep, unresolvable unknowing. There’s a part of your love that exists only when you’re with one another, and nothing as limited as language can capture that. You’ll spend your lives seeking for love’s entirety, and finding it in glorious fits and starts. Love is constant, but also elusive, given to hiding as much as to proclaiming; love likes to be looked for, love loves to be sought. Which is why a marriage is such hard work, so much hiding and seeking; which is why marriage is such good food for souls, so nourishing and rewarding. As I know you both already know, value and meaning and nobility are derived from work, as long as the work is done for the sake of life, for people; marriage is work, and marriage is a struggle, but life is a struggle, and struggle generates life, as long as it’s undertaken in the name of love.” -Tony Kushner July 20, 2013

😍 Five years tomorrow. Love this guy. #casachipichipi🐚🦀

One of the greats. RIP Gary Beach.

Miami Beach, Florida

A sensible vacation romper.

Boys in the Band at the Booth Theater

Loved this play. Loved these humans. How wonderful to see these beautiful, brilliant & OUT gay actors tackling this iconic play. Just wonderful. @boysbandbway

Playwrights Horizons

Rumpet. Bunce. Kevinteen. Peace out “Log Cabin”.

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