Джерри Феррара


Американский актер. В сериале «Красавцы» сыграл веселого толстяка по кличке «Черепаха».
  • Все 1852
  • Фото 1640
  • Видео 212

ATTENTION #powertv fans. I will be doing a Q&A about the show tomorrow on twitter. 7pm ET/ 4 pm PT. Use the hashtag #askpower and let's get it going!

13 years ago today Entourage premiered... July 18th 2004

Huge episode of @power_starz tonight... #freeghost #freejamesstpatrick

Bora Bora it's been real... I will be coming back again. If you ever get the opportunity to go here... DO IT! Photo cred by: my wife @breanneracano

This pic was taken after a very long but amazing day. Proud to be a part of this show @power_starz . I was re-inspired by this guy right here @omarihardwickofficial . And trusted by the boss of all bosses @courtneyakemp with a big time task. This is a pic I will not soon forget.

STILL OUT OF OFFICE: #freeghost👻 #freejamesstpatrick

SEE!!! Just cause I'm away doesn't mean he isn't working. #freeghost👻 #freejamesstpatrick @power_starz

Gotta give a major shoutout and thank you to @travelkara8 for planning the greatest Honeymoon ever. You are amazing at what you do!

GOOD MORNING. STILL OUT OF OFFICE: #freeghost👻 #freejamesstpatrick

Who says I suck at taking photos?!?!

Don't call. Don't write. Don't ask me anything. Thanks. And oh yeah #freeghost👻

#tbt #WinnieCooper

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Lord of The Ring!!!

1 generation of Ferrara showing the younger generation the wiffle ball curve. #sitdown

It's Sunday for that means it's @power_starz day. Watch NOW on the @STARZ app Or on @starz tonight.

The life of the party right here are these two. I have 100 photos with @mrkevinconnolly doing this.

If I had a major decision to make, these are the two guys I would ask for advice and I would follow it exactly. Whether it life or business. Couldn't imagine having a weekend like this without them right there. #bosses

What a day. What a night. So many unbelievable feelings. Somehow someway I was able to marry my dream girl. @breanneracano let's get this life started. Thank you to all our family and friends for being there. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a memory we will not ever forget.

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