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Американская фотомодель и фитнес-инструктор.
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American Copper Buildings

Happy Saturday fam! I get a lot of questions asking what I do when I feel unmotivated to get my 🍑 to the gym: 1️⃣ Grab a friend! Working out with a friend helps motivate you and holds you accountable for your workouts! 2️⃣ Plan your workout ahead of time. Whether that's following a workout program, like my fitplan programs, or saving videos with moves you like on Instagram. That way, once you get to the gym, you don’t have to think about what moves and exercises you have to do - you just get right down to it! 3️⃣ Think of what or who inspires you. When you have a goal or a visual in mind, this will help you say to yourself “let’s get it!” 4️⃣ Just move! Whether that’s going on a walk or doing 8-minute abs, just get your heart rate up! 5️⃣ Think big picture! Don’t just think of working out to “get it done.” Think about all the long-term benefits of getting fit! 6️⃣LADIES - join my private Facebook group with the most amazing and motivating girls from all around the world! DM me so I can send you the link :)

🚨👙HUGE WORLDWIDE BIKINI GIVEAWAY👙🚨 Summer is right around the corner and we’re bringing in the sunshine vibes with a #JENSELTERGIVEAWAY! 🎁RULES TO ENTER: ☀️Subscribe early to my YouTube channel (LINK IN BIO) which is launching SO soon ☀️Tag 3 friends in the comments below ☀️Turn my post notifications on so you never miss one of my giveaways 😉Now lets get you and your BFF some suits. Good luck babes 💃🏻 Announcing winners 4/26

Today is going to be a good day babes ❤️ I am so happy to be back in NYC. Focusing on a few projects that I can’t wait to share with you. If you have any NY travel plans this summer, let me know! Would LOVE to meet up :)

American Copper Buildings

BOSU BALL CIRCUIT!! STEP INTO MY OFFICE and come train with me! I have over 5 programs on the @fitplan_app 💪Check the link in my bio and message me after you download 😊


✔️ off my bucket list. Tag someone you want to be here with!

Winter is here. Who’s watching tonight?!? #GameOfThrones 🐉

Post Lech Arlberg

Feeling nothing but JOMO 😁.. #nochella day 2. Hbu?


Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak 💫

Reflecting on how many times I fell on my butt today 🙈 Who wants to teach me how to snowboard?!

Austria, WHAT’S UP?!? 🐰

I reached my next destination! Can anyone guess where I am? 👀

Cologne, Germany

Exploring different parts of the world really opens your eyes to so much beauty. I encourage you all to look around and find goodness within those you are surrounded by. We are all so unique and different, and that is such a beautiful thing. Let’s embrace our differences and learn more about each other. That is something that makes our social media community so special. We are together on one platform, yet from different parts of the world. There is so much to learn if you are open minded to the cultures and people around you!


A little recap of day 1!! Whenever I do these kinds of appearances, I am always so overwhelmed by your love and support. You guys motivate me EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s crazy to think that this incredible community grew from just a few thousand to millions! You guys are my biggest inspiration. So, it’s obvious to say: I can’t wait to do it again next year 🤗 Thank you @zoeleggings for having me!!

Cologne, Germany

Happy Friday loves!  I’m so excited to be attending FIBO today!! One of the best parts about my job is getting to meet you guys from all around the world!

I’ve been a next level “homebody” with my new @lazzoni set up, but now it’s time to head to Germany! ✈️ Can’t wait to meet you babes there! 🇩🇪

Baby girl but a whole lotta woman 🤣

Working sunrise to sunset, but never forgetting to take a step back to see what I’ve accomplished :)

American Copper Buildings

One of the best things about social media is being able to connect with new people from all around the world. Loved training with this beauty @vanessamdee 💜 Tag a friend you met through social media 💪

For all the people who told you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong. For those who doubt your process, prove them wrong. Stay true to yourself and stay strong. Make them wonder how you did it and handled it all. Success is the greatest revenge.

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