Дженни Слейт


Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
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Sometimes it is hard to accept love when it is offered but you just gotta tell yourself that you deserve the treat. You are a good girl and you deserve the treat.

I got my BA from Columbia University but yes I guess some other stuff happened there but it's not relevant to what is up right now.

NBD just a picture I found of my teen bedroom. Cooool desk attitude, Jen! Also: DiCaprio 🙏

There is nothing I can do but admit that I got a belly button ring in Y2K to try to hide the fact that I had never had sex and that I regret it and I'm sorry and I've tried to grow and change.

Hey it's just me at the emergency vet bc my ancient dog got stung by a sleepy bee. Cool sitch! Let's dig deeper into this experience!

This is the face of on of my dearest confidants and my roommate and my heart

Hi @aceandjig I love your soft fabrics and especially your scarves so please never stop making them

Fun candid of me and @rebeccadinerstein

Boo boos ❤️ (also shoutout to @aceandjig for this very perfectly soft scarf that I love to put on my little dome)

Really it's just exactly right. @janeclevy @mistergarf

What is it why is it so wild @janeclevy

Have u ever been in the bathroom of the seafood shanty w @janeclevy JUST WONDERING ☄️💥🍒☄️

Many beers and we found @mistergarf a perfect vest obviously @janeclevy 🙏

We are listening to @miniaturetigers and we are 💕🐳🍒✨@janeclevy @mistergarf

Dorks are gods. @mistergarf @janeclevy

The carpet at The Charlotte Inn in Edgartown is my very fav. Also, the food and the whole place is true true excellent beauty.

#Repost @mistergarf, who caught me buying a v important book ・・・ island honkers

Hey Toronto I am coming to you!!! Two shows and also a q&a just for you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️#jfl42

Me and @mistergarf so scared of how much we love @janeclevy

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