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Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
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I am so excited for @thisisloom and I strongly and joyfully encourage you to check it out, no matter where you live. There can be a better system for women and their partners as they go on a journey through the reproductive cycle. There are options for experiences and feelings and thoughts that have been hidden from us. We can have it all, specifically, for ourselves. We are allowed to learn and ask questions and we are powerful. This is a place to go for that power and freedom. I'm thankful it exists! Check it out, humans! ・・・ 👈👈👈 So you want to know what LOOM is all about? #LOOMiscoming

Opened my fridge to this and it straight up scared me bc it's just so wrong. Like, this is Marc's Coke Zero from two days ago I guess? Feels off. Cmon guys.

this is the only fucking thing I care about in what I do and it flows into everything. Thank you @rebeccadinerstein for giving me this beautiful copy of Virginia Woolf's ESSAYS ON THE SELF. Thank you @nottinghilleditions

Happy Father's Day my father, who stopped to inspect this mobile and is in general a wonderful father and person @ronslate 🌿

This is a very nervous airport selfie but I did it to honor my whole @rachelcomey outfit. Then I drank a large beer to honor my chill personality. Bye!

#Sisters are the best. #LandlineMovie @landlinemovie

@landlinemovie is coming this summer! Full trailer link in bio. I love this movie and I love you.

I know an angel @leahbeckmann ❤

#Repost @maxsilvestri STRAIGHT UP NO WORDS ・・・ Well here it is. The best photo ever taken of @joemande and @jennyslate. #gooftroop

Last night was @mistergarf's bday aka the very best night of many nights and here is a cool selfie she took while @janeclevy & I apparently plot a crime? So solemn. So chillllll. ❤🌷❤

Starting off my day in this very very very pretty shirt by the women of @dayspacenight. This is not an ad or anything. It's a personal pleasure of mine to show the beauty that these women are creating in a not so bloomy world. They are making some useful blooms for us. ❤

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a person who is more powerful, beautiful, and naturally mysterious than a volcano that is straight up poppin it's lid! I love and and thank the universe for you, @mistergarf ❤🌷❤🕊💥😎😎😎😎😎

Yes yes @dzompare and @gabeliedman are indeed doing it for life for love for life 🌷❤🌷

Not positive but i think @gabeliedman and @dzompare are getting married ❤

IM SO EXCITED!!! My "Obvious Child" director and writers and I have a new movie!!! The official poster for #LandlineMovie is here! Make sure to like this and stay tuned for the trailer coming soon. In select theaters July 21, everywhere August 4.

I believe that everyone should read Rebecca Solnit.

I picked this lavender, forget-me-not, and yarrow in my aunt's garden and I pressed it into a book I bought earlier today and that is a beautiful thing to go. Goodnight!

When will someone relentlessly hug me like this man hugs this mini horse

My nana reaaaalllly got a kick out of this gift bag

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