Дженни Слейт


Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
  • Все 1818
  • Фото 1598
  • Видео 220

“You are the moon that shines through the night.”

“Hi im @maxsilvestri and I wrote this perfect ep of @bigmouthnetflix with @joewengert! Can i shake your hand right next to Jenny’s face?“ Yes bro yes!🎈💯🆒👍☀️🎈

Hey Universe: thank you for providing me with this true friend but maybe also throw me a bone re: his health once in a while. (Wordplay intended)

Many thanks @mistergarf this is my life now alone in the dark learning about local fog NO MOTHER THANK YOU THOUGH TRULY MOTHER THANK

My friend old friend Dave @slantshack makes very good jerky and i will eat it all and you should too

“Believes me, Jerry.” No i do, hon. ❤️🙏❤️


I was watering the plants and i did spray reggie lightly with the hose and now i feel like he’s angry but also he wagged his tail after the spray so maybe he’s just milking it for attention

#Repost @angelatrimbur, who is a woman i admire! She needs our help and our hearts. The Link to her go-fund-me is in her bio, read her words below, also in general watch videos of her dancing on her insta page. I’m with you, Angela ❤️ ・・・FROM ANGELA’S PAGE: “Somehow sharing this GoFundMe page my friends started feels more vulnerable than sharing my cancer diagnosis, but honestly anything will help me get through this in the best way and i am so grateful for all the support i’ve received so far. This news has been an overwhelming dark shock to the system, but all this genuine love I’ve gotten has been a shock that combats the scary one. 🦋 link in bio”

Just a neutral normal woman writing a book for people on earth, no worries don’t worry never worry its a book for sure not just fragments of a lost mind

Good morning there are colors all around and animals too ❤️

Hello humans! Call your senator and join the fight to protect our reproductive rights and our freedom to chose we what we want to do with our bodies. I don’t care how many girl’s sports teams this man coaches, I don’t care if his mom is a judge. That has nothing to do with anything. I believe: If you love women, you will do the basic thing of trusting them to chose what they want for their bodies. You will not legislate to control them and limit their options for reproductive justice. If you love women you will treat them like human beings. That’s that. This guy is not the one.

I’m a pig for these poodles @mallorymwedding @mistergarf @janeclevy

Happy 13th birthday to my companion and guide, Reggie: You have two teeth and a wonderful vibe.

In honor of our reunion and evening ahead @mistergarf @janeclevy @mallorymwedding 🙏🆒🙏

So elderly it’s actually a miracle

Example of sisterhood on planet earth

Hello of course yes please thank you since my childhood thank you 🙏

Would never leave my hometown without a trip to the dairy freeze of course

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