Дженни Слейт


Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
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Come see @maxsilvestri @gabeliedman @boburnham and me TMRW at LARGO! Still a few tix, my loves! Xoxo

im often like UH HUH bc it's useless to debate people who don't even know what they don't even know, but it's fair to say that this is mostly how I perceive those individuals and the energy level of their ignorance HAPPY SATURDAY

What (@rebeccadinerstein)

Obviously not shy at a dumpling feast

Found some tittaaaays in Brighton beach. Photo @mdotclark

Dear @zacharyquinto IM SO INTO U SO SO INTO U THO. Thank u to @tribeca for premiering AARDVARK ❤ Thank u @ilariaurbinati for sssstyle, @kirinstagram for makeup @rheannewhite for hair ✌️

Got my @creaturesofcomfort outfit on and my @rebeccadinerstein by my side for this night in NYC ❤️❤️❤🐭❤

It's just like: get here. Pants off. Pop that bottle. Both get on your phones to do forgotten emails. @rebeccadinerstein

Gonna make sure @loulielang gets into Scandinavian music even though every time I play it she asks if it's my actual vagina writing and singing a song. AND YES IT IS.

"why did you say those words to me if you could not follow through? go wash your mouth out." DAMN DAMMIT I AM INTO THIS WOMAN'S SWIFT KICKS. Yes mother yes.

Hey @creaturesofcomfort I feel like an absolute bloom in your wonderful dress. 🌷🌱🌷

Don't fuckin stress yourself about it but my coffee table is doing PRETTY WELL BRO

#Repost @kevinnealon! Thank you for a wonderful show! ❤ ・・・ Thanks to @largolosangeles and my friends @zachgalifianakis @jennyslate @danacarvey @aliwong @kirkfox (on stage) So fun!

Huh. Ok. So, just, let's not talk or...are you mad at me? Do u want to talk or should I just...Im not sure,like, what this IS, I guess?

Apparently I have been edging towards this creature identity since before I could write my mouse name

Very chill hangs w some of the loves of my little life @gillianrobespierre @gabeliedman

Got my @mchairybarrel back. Stealing him from his hot husband for just a night.

#Repost @loulielang who caught me in this @madewell ensemble & @shopbando purse while I fuckin KILLED IT at party city earlier today. .. @jennyslate is the beating heart of Party City

I swear to fucking god that we did try for a moment today to just get out there, but this guy's attitude brought us BOTH back to bed

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