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Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
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Still there for you to enjoy! Go have a laugh and a little heartache too. 🌷#Repost @landlinemovie ・・・ @jennyslate is our Lucille Ball? Sold. #LandlineMovie, now playing nationwide. Get ur tix: link in bio.

Fuck yeah, kiddos. This is my alma mater at its best. I'm with you. (Repost @veryemilyrobinson) ・・・ we are all responsible #columbia2021standswithuva

This is candy in Norway I am also candy in Norway 🇳🇴

Hey @realdonaldtrump? Listen to this man& CALL THEM NAZIS bc they are. CALL THEM WHITE SUPREMACISTS bc they are. Maybe take a look at why an emboldened portion of your base are NAZIS AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS. And you know, just to cover your bases, call yourself the very worst president we have ever had, and "frankly" a terrible terrible human being.

GUESS WHAT, BABIES?!!! Get your tix before they evaporate!!!

FYI this is my most prized possession and I've had it since I can remember being alive and it's also my favorite album and my favorite hairstyle has always been "braid side pony" bc of this. I ❤️your voice Crystal Gayle wherever you are. You made me excited to be a woman with supple body and rich emotions 🍒🌶☄️🌻

Just in case you wanted to see a human taking 20 mins of a busy afternoon to be actually specifically alive and in love with life

Thank u @ofakind for this #pebyofakind hat & for @gabeliedman @dzompare for being friends w me even tho I ordered a cosmo (it wasn't even pink!) & spent all of dinner eavesdropping on a little boy who I then relentlessly bitched about bc I thought he was "bad & spoiled" and actually said "if THAT were MY kid..."

HEY CANADIAN FRIENDS! We're coming to you THIS WEEKEND! @landlinemovie is yours to see! Xoxo

Oh honk! I'm on @jimmykimmellive tonight talkin about @landlinemovie, now out in CANADA TOOOOOO! Thank u @ilariaurbinati for this sick suit! @kirinstagram for makeup @laini_reeves for hair🌶🌶🌶🌶

There is endless value in making nice little spaces just for yourself. Goodnight!

#Repost @landlinemovie Oh @elleusa, you're making us blush! @jennyslate and Jay Duplass star in #LandlineMovie, now playing in select theaters. Ticketing link in bio.

Hey hey @landlinemovie is in ALL CITIES below and I love it and I think it will make you and your friends very happy! ・・・ Don’t hit the snooze button! #LandlineMovie opens nationwide TODAY! Get your tix, link in bio.

Thank you #hollywoodforeignpress for having me at this lovely night! Over 2.1 million dollars in arts grants were given out to such an wonderful group of people who will make art and make our world more beautiful. Thanks @ilariaurbinati for dressing me like a lady and @kirinstagram for my lil face makeup @laini_reeves these locks! 🌈

COMIN TO U BOO BOOS #Repost @laemmletheatres ・・・ LANDLINE star @jennyslate will appear in person for a Q&A following the 7:20 pm screening on Saturday, August 5th at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica! Get tickets here: http://bit.ly/2waIjmR (🔗 in bio) . LANDLINE also stars Abby Quinn, Edie Falco, Jay Duplass, and John Turturro.

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Thank u @marieclairemag. I loved every minute and every dress! And breakfast too! #Repost @marieclairemag ・・・ Jenny Slate (@jennyslate) is trying not to overshare. Back in the spotlight with new indie film @landlinemovie, the self-proclaimed "chatterbox" finds herself mid-evolution: How does she stay real in the public eye without getting herself into trouble? Click the link in our bio for her interview with @whatisnojan. Photographed by @katiemccurdy_ at @thestandard Styling by @haleygirl1 Hair by @nikkiprovidence Makeup by @kirinstagram

Proof that this is real that I am watching CNN w friends theme song over the coverage GUYS CMON THO WHAT IS UP W LIFE THO

Go see! In more theaters NOW! #Repost @landlinemovie ・・・ @time, you're a "pure pleasure" as well. ;-D #LandlineMovie, now playing in select theaters. Get tix! Link in bio.

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