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Американская актриса, комедиантка, сценарист и певица.
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Today is @bookcourtbk last day. This bookstore was home to Marcel the Shell, and a beautiful safe space for me to choose little presents for my heart and brain. Thank you to BookCourt and its staff for providing me so many years of happiness.

#Repost @audreygelman ・・・ 🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️

Me and my @gabeliedman backstage being loves

My platonic life partner @gabeliedman telling the crowd about EVERYTHING

#Repost @hillaryrobbie ・・・ #bigterrific with two sold out shows at #brichouse Brooklyn. Thanks #NYCF and the bell house for producing! #pennjillette

FYI the last "joke" is an instruction.

Just getting ready normally @maxsilvestri @gabeliedman

#Repost @maxsilvestri ・・・ We are a magic act now. Sorry if you bought tickets for tonight expecting comedy! #pennjillette

Thank you @festivalsupreme and my dear @jackblack for having me. What a lovely crowd and evening!

My dad @ronslate & I co-wrote this book about living in our house. We wrote it, unpaid, for fun, out of love. You can order a free copy starting 11/1 & all we ask is: make a donation of any amount to anything/anyone. All proceeds go to the charity of your choice. Go to www.concordfreepress.com for details.

#Repost @leahbeckmann: me and @gabeliedman @maxsilvestri being very ready for our show tonight @largolosangeles

#Repost @dzompare. The best thing to do to prepare for standup is to dance perfectly. ・・・ Ding dongs @maxsilvestri & @jennyslate dancing so hard to the angel voice of @gabeliedman.

#Repost @maxsilvestri ・・・ LA folks: still a few tickets to see @gabeliedman, @jennyslate and me this Monday 10/24 at @largolosangeles. Here's a pic of us from 5 years ago taken by a bartender in Portland way too confident he got it on the first try. Tix at largo-la.com

HI NEW YORK! Big Terrific is coming baaaaaack!!!!!! Two Shows. We still love you. We miss you. Come see us. BRIC House Ballroom on Saturday, November 5 - http://ticketf.ly/2dkXvna

"I'm gonna love you like I've never been hurt before. I'm gonna love you like I'm indestructible." Maybe listen to this and think of all of the people and concepts (or even our country), all of the things at which you could direct this very chill and living statement and then do it. It feels good. I just tested it for you. I just did it and it feels good. Happy Friday. ❤️✔️

I just bought this for myself. Thank you @femininitees for making this t-shirt! Thank you to every single person who took a long look at what's going on and said that party affiliation doesn't have to mean that you chose between decency and degradation. As Michelle Obama said this morning "This is NOT normal." I believe that humans are good. I believe that we should go out and vote as a joyous expression of our power to promote our human kindness. Also, this shirt rules. Im gonna keep it forever as a gentle reminder of how far things went.

Yeah I DID actually get this message in '97 but I guess it's cool to see it on an iPhone now and bc of all of the velvet chokers& witch-related children's books I've recently purchased on etsy. I get it. I do get it.

My friend brought this cookbook to a nice "hang around and cook while some other people watch football" evening, and we made the patatas bravas and I am now obsessed w them and cannot wait for my own copy of this cookbook to arrive. Thank you, @turshen, for this lovely lovely book!

I got this vest in 4th grade. This shirt was my mom's even before I was born. Perfect cross country road trip outfit? Yes of course it is.

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