Дженни МакКарти


Американская актриса, фотомодель и автор нескольких книг. Свою карьеру начала в 1993 году как фотомодель журнала Playboy, а продолжила как телеведущая и актриса.
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When you ask your BFF to sneak a pic of your hubby getting pumped in the gym but she forgets to crop herself out! Thanks for the pic of my hubby @donniewahlberg @lisser2 (AND YOU)! 😝😅😊😂💯❤️

Have a wonderful holiday!! ❤️

We followed your requests and created blueberry Blondies. Time to choose the next flavor! Please go to Blondies cocktails.com to let my team know what you think our next flavor should be. 🍸❤️💃

😂 lumpy is such a good sport.

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Chicago, Illinois

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Dear @spaceykacey, Can you tell my hubby @donniewahlberg ❤️’d your show? Amazing concert. Amazing memories. Thank you to my hubby and Kacey for a night I’ll never forget. ❤️

So proud of my hubby! ❤️

I worked with some amazing kids today. A whole lotta talent in this bunch. @brooklynnmackinzie @carsonewhite Rohan and Sam. Thanks for making me laugh all day.

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Most people wave goodbye. My husband dances goodbye. #happyfeet 🕺🏻❤️

I love how #Chicago celebrates #stpattysday weekend. ☘️❤️

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#internationalwomensday ... Should be everyday.


Trying to figure out the leotard and tights thing. I don’t hate it just wondered how it’s become a real thing for performers? Glad I don’t perform cuz I’d be in some sweat pants. #camelNo-more

Right now, @nkotb debuts their new song #BoysInTheBand and the most amazing music video. Check @donniewahlberg twitter for link!

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