Дженни Фрост


Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Well hello Guilford....Ibiza girls on tour. #theremaybetroubleahead 💃🏽

Nico + a top hat + a big bowl of tomato soup = The Artful Dodger 💜

Today has finished just in the nick of time....was dangerously close to running into a wall as fast as humanly possible. Not sure I could of heard the word "Muuuuuum" one more time 👊🏼 #oneofthosedays 2 in bed,1 to go. Then it's time to binge on some Elementary 📺 Kids 1 - Mum 0

New jacket = massive teddy bear Mum type situation.The kids keep cuddling me and saying how comfy I am.Might wear it forever,loving the extra cuddles 🐻 #alwayscold

Weekend vibes. #bro #ziggy #bestfriends

Kids starting to decorate the Christmas tree. Cat destroying the Christmas tree. Me,drinking wine,waiting for the aforementioned creatures to be in bed so I can re-do the Christmas tree. Although with Ziggy I reckon I'm fighting a losing battle.....naughty kitten + Christmas tree = Chrimbo carnage! But whatever....too blessed to be stressed #love 💜🎄💜

Crouching Tiger,Hidden Twins.

Today is a bonus Sunday...as yesterday was the most Sunday-Ish lovely Saturday #happy #mypack Hope you're having a lovely weekend full of love 💜

The lightening bolt moment your husband realises he doesn't stand a chance with his girls.......but tries to style it out. ⚡️

This little monkey face is helping my Mondaynessness. #nico

Don't forget to #getyourstripes from @shopmatalan to support the incredible @alderhey #alderheychildrenscharity 🎄

Standard Saturday night at Casa Juan Frost ....Man carries woman through Love Tunnel #ibiza #winteribiza #camilla #lickylady #ralph

Don't worry Cas,schools out and the weekends here. #hardweek #rockstarkid 🤘🏽

So nice to be home to the place that gives good rainbow 🌈 Thinking of putting my tree up this weekend....being back in the uk has made me very excited for Xmas (and bah humbug to anyone who says it's too early). Also thinking very much about my friends in the USA....Scary times if Trump gets in 😐 #ibiza #rainbow #home #usa

Well @georgeatasda you've made two little girls very happy (although they don't know it yet) - Elephant & Polar Bear Tree decorations 🙌🏽 Now to find Pikachu ones 🤔 #randomtree If anyone wants me,I'll generally be doing a nationwide Asda tour buying more. 🎅🏽 👈🏽Whys the Santa emoji so miserable??

Albert's Worsley

Love this lot more than life......miss them so much when I'm back in Ibiza.We've been best friends since day dot and no one can make me laugh like them. (Wish you were here though @misscassielomas & Nobby) 💜 #nearlyweed #thatshowigetem

Lunch for one aka power shopping refuel....because daft @drchrisferguson cancelled - shocked we are not @cjharris13 Although as a mum of 3,a silent lunch is a thing of beauty 🙏🏼

Coffee & rainbows....it's going to be a good day 🌈 #manchester

Day 2 of Christmas shopping in Manchester....Waking up a little bleary eyed @shelleyann74 Krispy Kremes for breakfast is the way forward. Then meeting the boys for lunch and the girls for dinner.....Whattup Friday!?! Let's do this!!!!

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