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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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I struggle on Mother’s Day,as I get serious Mum Envy....I miss mine everyday.So I’m thinking of her and her love even more than usual today. But thank you to these gorgeous creatures for making me a Mama & a better person. So here’s to all the incredible,supportive, hardworking mums whose love is unconditional...those with us & those that are angels. And a special shoutout to all those super women who love hard,just like a mum. Blood is not always thicker than water 🙏🏼

Such a lucky girl!! Yes,I know I’m now 40 but I’m still a girl🙈- can’t bring myself to say woman in that context.It sounds like I’m talking about an elderly person 👵🏼🤣& all the “men” I know are still lads,except my husband-he’s a full on man 😛. Read about our gorgeous holiday & me being a 40 year old girl in my latest blog....link in bio x

The Verandah Resort and Spa

Wishing I was back in @verandahresort ....Check out my latest blog where I talk about my big birthday trip. Cocktails,stingrays & tears! ❤️

The Verandah Resort and Spa

Oh my word. Just landed in London...we are in weather shock! Can’t believe this photo was taken 24hrs ago. #takeusback #whatadifferenceadaymakes

The Verandah Resort and Spa

We’ve had the best time ever staying @verandahresort Antigua,celebrating my 40th! Thank you @eliteisland - you made an old gal very happy! Read all about our trip on my blog tomorrow (going to write it on the plane when the kids are hopefully asleep 🙏🏼). Now to London to the snow,then back to Ibiza before heading off again for more birthday celebrations this weekend with my besties🤪#frostys40 #excusethedroopers #breastfedtwins 🤣

“Young” Last day in my 30’s & seriously loving life.......I’ve got wrinkles,lumps,bumps & cellulite that I’d rather not have...but me & mine are healthy. So I couldn’t ask for more 🙏🏼

Happy Holiday wiggle. Holiday hair,don’t care. Loving this @inthestyle playsuit. #birthdaycountdown #naughty40 Thank you @fr15by & @thejamiecorbett for the goodies.Much appreciated lovely boys 💋x

Rainbow bikinis besties 🌈

Valentine’s Day in the sun was divine. And my style advisers aka the girls,insisted I wore a red dress to dinner..Best Valentine’s Day ever x #holiday #familytime Check out my latest moan,errr I mean blog. Link above 👆🏽 (jennyfrostofficial.com )

Ibiza, Spain

Sunday morning bed heads... ❗️Check out my new Blog❗️👆🏽Link above❗️ Basically it’s just me rambling on about general nonsense ...but it’ll stop you listening to the craziness in your own head for 5 mins 🤪Anyhoo...have a butchers.It’ll be updated weekly & I’ll be talking kids,travel,health,beauty,lots about Ibiza & general bollocks,not actual bollocks 🤔,well maybe further down the road we’ll cover bollocks 🤣. Peace,love & disco balls (not bollocks)✌🏽 Check it out,thanks guys x

On a mission.

This perfectly sums up my afternoon/evening. #whyiotta


You know you’re winning at life when you’re driving your lovely new car with an identical ickle car inside it for your daughters birthday 😂 #theyseemerollin #boooom #ignorethegymkit #notbeennearagym #didmeanto #gotsidetrackedbuyingstuff 😐 #sorrynotsorry

Sunday’s rock!

These two are just too cheeky!! And get that hand off your hip Little Miss Blake 😐🤣 #crazylove #twinsofinstagram #twinstagram #nonidenticaltwins #girlswithcurls


When the big boys are playing with a bow & arrow (& keep missing) & you have to step up & show them how it’s done!!! Boom!! Gotcha @antoniojosevico 💪🏽💪🏽 #girlsruleboysdrool #whorunstheworld ? #girls


Blake & Nico 🖤#nonidenticaltwins #twinsisters #besties #girlswithcurls #twinstagram


Happy Christmas Eve all. Bath done,New pj's on,the big guys snacks sorted & very excited little people. Peace,love,happiness & health to each and every one of you 🙏🏼💋🖤

Santa Agnès de Corona

Christmas Eve in Ibiza. Big family lunch with lots of wine & then to the park. Now heading home for tomorrow's prep.x

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