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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Puerto de ibiza

Cas had a birthday party so we had a girls day in Ibiza Town ....love shopping with my babies. #girltime

I’ve had the most amazing time in Dubai with these incredible chicas...some of whom I didn’t know until the most stylish hen ever @meganecole_ brought us together....I’m so glad she did!! Roll on the wedding!!!! (In other news,I appear to have left my personality in a beach club somewhere,if you spot it @lbspez - could you please bring it to the wedding? 🥴) #brokenbuthappy #mltobe

My Rockstars.

Plaza De La Reina, Valencia

Valencia. Loving our family time x


Off out for birthday sushi.... 41 today & feeling all sorts of grateful for my beautiful family,my kickass friends & my (don’t know how the hell I got here) life in general 🙏🏼 #happy #thankyouangels #stillmissmymumsinginginthemorning (oh & also very grateful for my stone walls 🤪)

Weekends are for messy bed heads & BBQ’s #calçots #loveweekends


Little surprise for the girls & their friend. Had to shift a sofa to make space - found a lost earring. Happy kids,happy mama x #sleepover

Been to the Dr’s tonight to have a smear test. Life is important,the people we love are important & we are important....Don’t skip your appointment 🙏🏼 It could save your life. When you live abroad & don’t have a GP - it’s very easy to forget,Thank you @loosewomen for the reminder 🙏🏼 #faceyoursmear xxxx

Not even funny.....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

It’s been a wonderful weekend of kids party’s.Although none as good as the after party.....aka Sunday Sofa Session. #chocolate #movie #love #vengapapi


In bed already & no alarm set for tomorrow (except cute bed invader type ones - which are my fav mornings) 🙏🏼 Friday Love,Weekend Love ❤️


GOOD MORNING!!!! Today is “International Focus On The Bits You Like Day!” So I’m celebrating........ The fact that I love hard. That I really do care about people & things that are worth caring about. That I’m dead funny (To my best mates). That I’m dead fit (To my husband). That I made 3 kick ass little humans who will move mountains with their kindness & spirit. That I have the coolest dog & cat comedy duo ever. The fact I have brain to mouth filter issues or rather lack of filter issues. That I’m getting better everyday at NOT people pleasing. That I don’t give a monkeys how rough I look on the school run...am & pm. And that hands down,I make the best roast potatoes in Ibiza .....BOOM! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Ok,so it’s not actually “International Focus On The Bits You Like Day” but let’s pretend it is.... Have a think about what you love about yourself. Have a great day beautiful people 🙏🏼

This gorgeous creature of ours has been technology free for nearly 2 weeks now & what a difference! No tv (in his room),no iPad,no phone (which he doesn’t need anyway - an unapproved gift 😡) & no Switch. We took it all off him,as we were sick of it controlling his moods & changing his attitude.Fortnite is the devil! Since being tech free,he has been present,chatty (about things other than Fortnite or YouTubers) helpful,reading more,practicing his guitar loads,playing with his sisters & generally being the adorable little human we know he is. We obviously had restrictions in place (1hr on school nights) but still,it’s always in their little minds & it’s so negative. We will,unfortunately have to give him it back at some point but right now,I’m just loving having my boy back.🙌🏽 Technology is a wonderful thing and also a scary thing but Vin & I refuse to raise a tech zombie. 👊🏽x #lessscreentimemorescrabble Is anyone else feeling this way? 🤷🏼‍♀️

CBbC Cala Bassa

Lovely chilled day with my sister @_claire_edmondson yesterday.She was in Ibiza for a speedy 24hrs....So it was a windy walk on the beach,followed by a big Sunday lunch - how Sunday’s should be 🙏🏼


The Supers! 🦸🏽‍♂️🦸🏼‍♀️ Winging it at this parenting malarkey but so far totally winning 🙌🏽 Our girls are 6 today & we couldn’t be more proud of them. So happy,kind & gentle....they’re heaven sent......Thank you angels 🙏🏼 #currentlydrowninginlols #superheroparty

These 2 beauties turn 6 tomorrow! We’ve celebrated with their friends today..... 25 mini superhero’s running wild around the forest.It was a perfect day 🙏🏼 Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow (the celebrating,not the 25 kids in a forest 🤪🤣) x

Throwback to the aftermath of my first day out after having our girls. @misscassielomas @sophiegorman1 @cjharris13 & @nicolaferg76 had flown to ibiza to take me out. We went to @obeachibiza #sceneofthecrime - and I ended up breaking my foot 🤦🏼‍♀️.But I pretended I didn’t & kept partying from a day bed....drinking shots to numb the pain (until @duanelineker called Vin to come get me & take me to the hospital,as it was clearly broken 🤦🏼‍♀️) Once the weekend was over,I had no family or friends to help me. Vin as always,was amazing but he was working everyday,so I was looking after a 5yr old & 8 month old twins whilst unable to walk without crutches.Let’s just say I had buns of steel...our house was higgledy piggledy with loads of steps. I walked around the house on my bum cheeks,for 6 weeks carrying a baby on each side 🍑I actually don’t really remember much of the above,as I was struggling with PND....& it’s all a blurrr,although I didn’t realise it at the time. I wish I could talk to myself then 🙁Waffle over but I was just going through old pics & this popped up. I guess the point is....If you have a friend who’s had a baby recently,check on her,really check....people struggling with depression are good at saying they’re fine & smiling for the camera but you just never know what’s going on behind their eyes & sometimes they don’t even know themselves 😕 x #reachout 🙏🏼 #pnd

Worsley Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Had the most amazing night with my best friends to celebrate our girl @misscassielomas 40th 🙌🏽. A huge thank you to @stonehousesalonspa for making me a red head for the night - loved it! And a big thank you to @danielle_j_mua @dolly_bird_studio who Ziggy’d me up in the speed of light...very talented lady 🙏🏼.Great catching up with all the old faces & my Lomas/Webb family from my very misspent youth in Manchester. Love,love,loved it! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 #ziggy #bowie


Casual Saturday. #nannas40

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