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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Can Hog Ibiza

Today we went to a lovely Hedgehog Sanctuary called Can Hog here in Ibiza. The gorgeous Adila & her family are doing such an amazing job there.My pack & I are all in love with a cheeky chap called Afredo & have joined Team Hog to help in any way we can. First job...building a safe hedgehog enclosure in our garden,so we can Foster some when we're needed. Keep them safe,feed them up & release back to the wild. Will be hard to resist cuddles.We know we can't,they're not pets but they are ridiculously cute 🙌🏽 Check their Facebook page - Can Hog Ibiza 🦔💜

Lots of you lovely people asking (on my instagram story) where Blakes outfit is from....Its from @shopmatalan but unfortunately I bought it last year.Its so cute,love it #nothelping 🖤 BUT don't forget to go & get your fabulous Xmas Pjs from there to help @alderhey Children's Hospital 🙌🏽🎄 #getspotted

Lovely afternoon celebrating the girls beautiful friend Aura's birthday 💜 - Back home now full of love & sweets from the piñata 🙃

London, United Kingdom

Amazing weekend celebrating Dee & Snelli's 40th's. Love my best friends so much. Laughter is hands down the best therapy 🙌🏽

Ibiza, Spain

Time to party Halloween style. Have a fab weekend all you gorgeous ghouls 👻

I believe this smile is called the “Please stop taking our photo Mum” smile. 😐

On our way to celebrate our lovely friend Noa’s birthday...Alice in Wonderland theme 💜

❗️FYI This hair chalk is a nightmare to get off....the girls baths are stained & the girls themselves look like Avatars 😐💙👎🏽#wasfunbutpass


Weekend hair 🌈 #hairchalk

Santa Eulalia Del Río, Islas Baleares, Spain

Superhero Friday! #ibizakids #sebsbirthday

This gorgeous,kind, gentle,funny creature turns 10 today & we couldn’t be more proud.Happy birthday baby boy. #caspar #ibizakids

The Playboy Mansion

A real old school gentleman. RIP to one of the best "No F***s Given" originals 🙏🏼 Sleep tight Hef x

Finally got around to unpacking my clothes from the move...This is my current situation,if you swap the pooch for me & the sheep for clothes. Hellllllllllllllp!!!!! I can't believe I've rotated the same clothes since May that I packed in a couple of bags to last just 2 weeks....then life happened 😐. Although shows you we really can live with much less 🤔 #clearoutoclock

Bilbao, Spain

We had a night away from the kids.We ate & drank far too much,it was perfect...just what we needed. I love my man so much,I thank my angels everyday that we found eachother 🙏🏼 Back home now & feeling very grateful x


Watching the fireworks at the end of a rather spectacular birthday pool party....such lucky creatures we have. Thank you @emmaholyoake1 & Mark for being such fabulous hosts 💋

I'm not one for telling all and sundry my innermost thoughts about my private life,posting cryptic bollocks on Social Media. But I've had possibly the worst 10 days of my life,although I was exactly where I was meant to be....right next to my Dad. My Dad & I had a turbulent,far from perfect relationship.We saw eye to eye on very little....2 people so similar in strength,independence & stubbornness but so very different in the way we thought & the way we lived our lives. We even fell out for 9 months because of it,although thankfully we reconnected a few months ago.But whatever his faults,my faults,our faults.....we loved eachother,we told each other all the time & we were together at the end. So RIP you crazy old git,I love you. Give mum the biggest hug from me 💔. And seriously Fuck You Cancer - enough already. The reason why I'm choosing to open up about something so personal now is purely to say..... Life is short,it's not a rehearsal - IF (because it's not always possible) there are bridges that are able to be built....Go to B&Q,get supply's and build that fucker,meet in the middle and have a drink. Cheers Dad 🍷#togetheragain #mumanddad 💔


Lovely day catching up with my best friend for over 20yrs....admittedly we can't really remember the first 10 or so but we've been through so much together & come through smiling & stronger 👊🏽. #love #friendsforlife #family #dee #thethem


Caspar can't help but wind his sisters up.I've just told him,one more time & he'll not see his friend Gray today.....so he's done this to himself. They're getting on much better 🤔#siblings


Building their empire 👊🏽#blakeandnico

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