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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Throwback to the day I married my Prince (well my King 😋). Loving every second of this coverage....🙌🏽 #harryandmeghan I am sooooooo excited to see the dress,it’s silly!!! 🤪 Come on Meghan!!!! Whoop whoop!!!

White Rabbit

#followthewhiterabbit @whiterabbitgtibiza

So young....I’m 17 in these pics. I wish I could tell myself a few things - ooof!! Don’t know how I got from there to here but I’m very grateful 🙏🏼 Now back to this mornings task,shrinking crisp packets....busy rock n roll life in Ibiza!!

The Beach Star Ibiza

Crazy time of year for everyone with businesses in Ibiza...Nearly time to open the doors for another fantastic season. Can’t wait to show you some of the new exciting changes @thebeachstaribiza And our fav part of the year coming up ....cocktail tasting!! Tough job!!! 🤪 Bring it on Mikey!!!!

This is my best friend of over 20yrs Davinia (yes the original fit one from Hollyoaks). She’s annoyingly beautiful,a “flaw” I forgive her because she’s piss your pants funny. This is her yesterday running & completing the London marathon in a kick ass 4h 26mins!! We’ve been through so much together...good & bad. Like lots of us,she’s made many mistakes growing up,but is now a great Mum to her 4 boys. Yes I’m proud of her for that but the thing I’m most proud about,is her sobriety. Watching your best friend struggle with the same horrendous addiction you saw your mother fight her whole life is heartbreaking....but Dee (Davinia) has beaten the odds & proved everyone wrong....she has been sober for an incredible 9 years now. And not once has she fell off that wobbly wagon. With the help of AA & knowing that it’s a life long commitment never to be taken for granted,she’s kept strong. Her problems were all stemmed from deep depression so that’s why she ran the London Marathon for Mind Charity. So if you know anyone that has struggled with addiction or depression,please go to Dee’s page & sponsor her 🙏🏼. And I love the fact that she’s running past a bottle of beer....She’s beat alcohol 🤣🙌🏽 Link above in my bio👆🏽 Thank you x

Happy 40th birthday to our boy Craigella @cjharris13 You’re more than my best friend,you’re family,my blood who’s not blood. We met in a lovely establishment called The Mutz Nutz 20 years ago,where you rescued me from some crank & we’ve been inseparable ever since.Our fav pastime is sitting on the sofa,usually FaceTime (silly different countries) with wine,talk nonsense & cackle like the pair of witches we are,much to the annoyance of Vin....who undoubtedly always go to bed & leaves us to it. You’ve achieved so much in your 40 years on this planet,it actually makes my head spin....I’m so proud of you. You’ve changed so many peoples lives,including mine & for that,I’m forever grateful. Vin,the kids & I all I love you Aunty Craig x

Happy Easter from Ibiza. Egg hunt done....quite a few MIA. Not sure if they’ve been shnaffled or the Mum bunny just can’t remember where she hid them after a couple of Rosès 🤔 But happy bunny’s regardless 🐰🙏🏼🙌🏽🖤 Hope everyone has a wonderful day x

Blake being Blake.

Happy birthday to the best person I know...mi marido. Our 3 little creatures are so lucky to have you. You are my strength. You’ve got me through the worst times and you are always the creator of my best times. I know my mum sent you to me & I thank her for that everyday....my angel sent by angels. I love you more than you could ever imagine. Yours always, Fea xxxxxxx

I struggle on Mother’s Day,as I get serious Mum Envy....I miss mine everyday.So I’m thinking of her and her love even more than usual today. But thank you to these gorgeous creatures for making me a Mama & a better person. So here’s to all the incredible,supportive, hardworking mums whose love is unconditional...those with us & those that are angels. And a special shoutout to all those super women who love hard,just like a mum. Blood is not always thicker than water 🙏🏼

Such a lucky girl!! Yes,I know I’m now 40 but I’m still a girl🙈- can’t bring myself to say woman in that context.It sounds like I’m talking about an elderly person 👵🏼🤣& all the “men” I know are still lads,except my husband-he’s a full on man 😛. Read about our gorgeous holiday & me being a 40 year old girl in my latest blog....link in bio x

The Verandah Resort and Spa

Oh my word. Just landed in London...we are in weather shock! Can’t believe this photo was taken 24hrs ago. #takeusback #whatadifferenceadaymakes

The Verandah Resort and Spa

We’ve had the best time ever staying @verandahresort Antigua,celebrating my 40th! Thank you @eliteisland - you made an old gal very happy! Read all about our trip on my blog tomorrow (going to write it on the plane when the kids are hopefully asleep 🙏🏼). Now to London to the snow,then back to Ibiza before heading off again for more birthday celebrations this weekend with my besties🤪#frostys40 #excusethedroopers #breastfedtwins 🤣

“Young” Last day in my 30’s & seriously loving life.......I’ve got wrinkles,lumps,bumps & cellulite that I’d rather not have...but me & mine are healthy. So I couldn’t ask for more 🙏🏼

Happy Holiday wiggle. Holiday hair,don’t care. Loving this @inthestyle playsuit. #birthdaycountdown #naughty40 Thank you @fr15by & @thejamiecorbett for the goodies.Much appreciated lovely boys 💋x

Rainbow bikinis besties 🌈

Valentine’s Day in the sun was divine. And my style advisers aka the girls,insisted I wore a red dress to dinner..Best Valentine’s Day ever x #holiday #familytime Check out my latest moan,errr I mean blog. Link above 👆🏽 (jennyfrostofficial.com )

Ibiza, Spain

Sunday morning bed heads... ❗️Check out my new Blog❗️👆🏽Link above❗️ Basically it’s just me rambling on about general nonsense ...but it’ll stop you listening to the craziness in your own head for 5 mins 🤪Anyhoo...have a butchers.It’ll be updated weekly & I’ll be talking kids,travel,health,beauty,lots about Ibiza & general bollocks,not actual bollocks 🤔,well maybe further down the road we’ll cover bollocks 🤣. Peace,love & disco balls (not bollocks)✌🏽 Check it out,thanks guys x

On a mission.

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