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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Omgg!!! Trying to get to Leeds airport.2 closed motorways....and a ticket for a flight tomorrow 🙈 I'm a disaster 😂 Bought another ticket....now on the plane. Get me home quick....I need to be back on a beach with my bubs,with flowers in my hair and Rosè in my hand. #comedymorning #whatadiv

Home after a great day with lovely friends. Kids in bed in time for us to watch the sunset from bed. #deadhappy #mimarido #fea


Me & my boy. #grubbyface #crazylove #cas

Ibiza, Spain

Happy Sunday beautiful people or as I like to call it - The kids are back at school tomorrowday!!!!!! 🙏🏼 Obsessed with these beach bags,made right here in Ibiza by a fellow mama boss lady @hijamiaibiza 💪🏽💪🏽 My summer essential 😍 (Please ignore my bedhead - it's Sunday morning & I'm going for breakfast 😜) Have a great day x

Saturday Squid Squad.💜


I seriously think my kids have had a secret bet who can say "Mama" the most times today.....with extra points for the whingiest voice. If so,the 3 of them are neck & neck (& neck) - School holidays are a killer 🤦🏼‍♀️ I've just realised I look like this emoji but she's got better hair #helpmeeeeee

Bedhead Egg hunt 🐰

Ibiza, Spain

Somedays I could eat these creatures 💜✌🏽

Tanit Beach Ibiza

When you're at a Melon Bomb day rave and your mate breaks your glasses on your face @fayreynolds1 👊🏽

Restaurante The Curry Club

Lovely day yesterday celebrating our @cjharris13 birthday. Lunch @mintloungeibiza & then an amazing Indian Street Food dinner @thecurryclubibiza (new menu,check it out!)...perfect. Today we're getting our Melon Bomb on 💃🏼🕺🏽x


He's had a long day at work,I've had a loooooong day in Kids-ville. Time to call in the reinforcements aka the babysitter & disappear on the bike for a cuddle,wine & pizza - neither of us have even got changed....Just legged it! 💜 #lovemyman #pairofscruffs

Dear Broken Toe, You've been ouchi for over two weeks now. I've not been to the gym - so Bikini mission has been halted & replaced by Operation Wine & cheese sandwich,which although very tasty,isn't really helping in the love handle,tum department. Also,I'm so very over wearing my trainers....Please oh please,when can I squeeze my Sherman Klump toe back into something more chic than my Gazelles? 🤔 Yours sincerely, Me x


GOOD MORNING! Bouncing into Monday like....... #positivemonday #keepsmiling

So now I can add Ziggy to the list of creatures I have to bath 😐

Not even midday yet & I've been "rainbow crowned" All hail Queen Need A Drink!

Hostal Talamanca, Ibiza

My little hippies & their bestie at their first Flower Power party for Serena & Sofia's birthday. Such a beautiful day 🌸


Summer dresses are on! It's getting closer....bring on the sun☀️


If we ever decide to become a family of pirates or International Art thieves,which is always a possibility 🤔Ziggy's our lookout. #catsofinstagram #rescuecatsrock #lookout #catburglar #alwaysuptosomething #possiblythenaughtiestcatever

Had a lovely day celebrating my beautiful Husbands birthday.Here he is with his amazing Papa who taught him how to be the best Papi 💜 (And I've had a killer hangover from a very messy 20 girl strong 6hr dinner @can_terra_ibiza & then cocktails @montesolibiza) Now in bed with tea & choci....Hurry up @vjspiteri 💜 Hope you all had a tremendous Mothers Day.. & not just for the Mums,to all you unsung mum-esque superheroes out there too 🙌🏽

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