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Британская актриса, певица, телеведущая и модель. Известна как участница группы «Precious» и вокалистка «Atomic Kitten» с 2001 по 2008 год. Также является ведущей программы «Snog Marry Avoid?».
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Cala Vadella

Girls v boys on the beach with the our girl @_sassyhobbs_ 🙌🏽

Cala Vadella

My little beach bums.

My forever.

Blakey rocking one of her new purchases from @rockprincessibiza yesterday. The girls have definitely inherited my shopping gene....which makes me very happy,Papi not so much 🤔. It's a happy home today as we got our beautiful boy home yesterday 💙 #wholeagain (sorry couldn't resist) 😂


Went to see a clairvoyant last night & today have been feeling a little fragile.Thinking about my mum a lot.Had to have a little word with myself in the car outside the supermarket. Went into the wine section to buy a bottle (or 2 😜) of Whispering Angel & right there next to it was a new one I'd never seen before "Rita Habla" (Rita Speaks) - I know she's always here watching over us,I see the signs she sends & today she knew how best to talk to her daughter,through the medium of wine 😂🙌🏽. Miss you every single day Mum 💔#bigR #rita #ritahabla

Pikes Ibiza

Date night.💜#happy

Waiting for the weekend like...... #Blake #ibizakids

Good morning to you too Ziggy. #peskycat #mumsofa

Ocean Beach Ibiza

With my best mate from school @kristie3011 @0ceanbeachibiza - #oldskool #literally

My girls & their curls.💜💜 I've not touched it,its just dried naturally after the pool..so beautiful😍. (Meanwhile Mum looks like she needs to help Marty save the Clock Tower 😐) #greatscott

Here's the girls and I moments before the smallest wave in the world splashed us & Tito @jeffbrazier came to the rescue 😂 We've a lovely few days with him & beautiful @bobbybrazier 💜. Being around Jeff makes me think a little differently,almost like he gives me a reset 🤔.We all need a friend like that.🙌🏽 Miss you guys already x

London Stansted Airport

My least fav day of the summer 🙁. Just left this beautiful blue haired creature in London for some Dad time. Miss him already. #farewellmysummerlove


So we're finally in our new home...Day no.2 🙌🏽 No kitchen & still like a building site but we wanted to move in as a family before Cas went to his Dads tomorrow. Unpacking stuff & feeling happy. Thank you to @antoniojosevico & @eugexo for bringing this @pureevilgallery print all the way from New York for me (as they wouldn't ship outside the U.S.😐) #pureevil #delusionalrhino #iamaunicorn (it's not an official @pureevilgallery print as it's not available yet but when it is,I'll get one....as I love it 🙌🏽 & all your other work Mr Evil x)

Platja Port d’es Torrent

Out for dinner with my 3 little hammock dwellers 💜

Loving my new hair cut....thank you @fayebrownehair 💜 (and I wish I had that filter in everyday life....I could totes cope with the ears and nose )

My favourite cake,made by my favourite girls,with A LOT of help from one of my favorites 💜🙌🏽

Blakes found the way to Caspars den in the new house....although there was a rather large clue 😜 Can't wait to move in....not long now 🙏🏼#CASPAR #newhome

Good Morning and happy Monday, I know I posted this yesterday but I cropped off their cute feet - so had to post again #annoyingmum 💜 I hope you all have a great,positive Monday....our last week of school before Summer holidays aka last Monday of pack lunches for two months 🙌🏽#hatedoingpacklunches #theydontlikesandwiches 🤦🏼‍♀️

Es Vedra

Such a beautiful boy,inside & out. #gentlesoul #esvedra #happy

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