Дженни Льюис


Американская певица и актриса еврейского происхождения. Льюис — ведущая вокалистка группы Rilo Kiley, играющей альтернативный рок, также выпустила сольный альбом.
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Jack Herer was my babysitter #askmeanything #JLfactlet

it's been awhile ... hope to see you beauties best, Staind & Lewis

Catalina Island

happy birthday to my main ace @inwhispertown happy birthday 🍀 welcome to the club the tip of a new slice here's some good advice don't think twice about earthly mice who trip on time and get hung up and worn out 40 is a blip within a blip a consciousness upgrade a slow and steady parade of drums and flutes and lizard cowboy boots careful confident colorful & clever loving forgiving and up for whatever cool cruising crusading playing singing loving a palm tree swaying a grain of salt a droplet from the sky a basket of roses an open eye a spirit practice a precious presence a ripe banana 🍌 at 7 /11 a stone a butterfly a towering tree coke glass floating out at sea it's periwinkle pewter and powder blue it's forever it's never it's always, too soak it in clang the cup enjoy every GF sandwich while time hiccups it waggles and wiggles in its concentric way it's all of us it's everyone we are all 40 today

Fox Theater Pomona

📸 by @racheldemy postal service 4/15/13

Sam's Town Point

thank you austin & @farmwire for the warm welcome & hospitality

totally toronto 👕👖👔🦋🌎💎

Women’s March La 2018

📸 by @tennesseebunny

Los Angeles Women's March 2018

📷 by @amisioux

jam on GF toast, please ...

Louisville, Kentucky

heads gonna roll, baby back in the saddle 👗

Mint Chip

pt 2 starring @springtimecarnivore @inwhispertown it’s almost xmas!!

it’s almost xmas! pt 1 starring @springtimecarnivore & @inwhispertown 📀 by vince guaraldi

JC Penny Portrait Studio

Capitol Records

heads gonna roll, baby

Capitol Records

callaloo 📷 by @jessneuman

caption contest 📷 by @tvguidance

Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn

📷 by @chrisphelps 🌹💋

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