Дженни Льюис


Американская певица и актриса еврейского происхождения. Льюис — ведущая вокалистка группы Rilo Kiley, играющей альтернативный рок, также выпустила сольный альбом.
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mort garson remix 💽 @chancetherapper @francisandthelights

Dead dreams

oh boy! phil & bob & jim & jenny 🌹💀🌹

Eaux Claires

baby whisperer 📸 by @joshuamellin

📸 by @holdtime @eauxclaireswi

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

📹 by @therealchitshow 📀 on the level by @macdemarco ( i'm obsessed with this song) 🐾 by @francisandthelights @eauxclaireswi yesterday was magical singing and listening to @john_prine songs come find me at 330 today out in the woods 👻⛺️❤️ #eauxclaires #bonprine

The Informalist

look ma! i'm a cocktail 🍹 i 💛 @eauxclaireswi

hi @eauxclaireswi we ready @meganelizabethmccormick 📷 by @kyle_lehman_

Buskirk-Chumley Theater

📷 by @hazelbaked brothers and sisters 🌵👯

Giant Light & Power

party clown goes shopping 💡🌈💡 🌈 ooh!

half t shirt game on fleek 🌞

@bonnaroo w/ elvis costello circa 09 carpetbaggers! go see @springtimecarnivore today y'all !

just another day at the office 📷 by @rubatophoto

Bloomington, Illinois

dearest bloomingtons, thank you for all the laughs, licks, light & love ❤️ best, JL ps. to that girl in the front row, i'm so sorry i kicked a silver balloon right onto your face 😬 @springtimecarnivore @thecactusblossoms @thewatsontwins 🎥 by the lovely @springtimecarnivore

Nelsonville Music Festival

📷 by @willruoco

tonight ! bloomington @castletheatre with @thecactusblossoms & @springtimecarnivore

Nelsonville Music Festival

📷 by @getzingal

Buskirk-Chumley Theater

LOVES WAY @billykirkinc wallets at the merch table tonight & tomorrow buy all 20 and you'll find my phone number ... 8675309

📷 by @brandtdettling @nelsonvillefest

📷 by @smackoh @nelsonvillefest ❤️u OHIO!

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