Дженнифер Грей


Американская актриса. Известна в основном благодаря роли Бэби в мелодраме 1987 года «Грязные танцы».
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no filter. just as is...the sky and ocean just being themselves

PROTECT KIDS NOT GUNS join us next saturday in DC to support the courageous youth organizing @marchforourlives for gun control + demand that congress act NOW! thank you @amplifierart for sharing this collaboration: @micahbazant + @fwdtogether who commissioned this artwork in solidarity with @marchforourlives. download free posters in bio link @amplifierart. message from the artist #micahbazant: “I made these bc I wanted to honor the powerful youth organizing that is now getting attention + help shift the story being told about gun control to center Black leadership. . . Black communities have led the fight against gun violence for years and generations, but never received the kind of support or coin that was immediately given to Parkland students. Black youth are killed by guns 10 times more often than white youth, but not seen as innocent victims the way the Parkland students have been. It’s not the Parkland students' fault, it’s because of white supremacy. It’s been beautiful to see some of the Florida youth recognizing their privilege, and to see Black students organizing walkouts. Guns and white supremacy are deep in the roots of the history of America, ever since poor whites were granted the right to own guns, and enslaved Africans were not. I wanted to honor Black youth who have been fighting gun violence, not just from school shootings, but from the police & white supremacists. If we give guns to teachers, Black students are going to be hurt and criminalized the most. As a white artist, it’s my responsibility to speak out against racism and try to work in solidarity with racial justice organizations and the Black liberation movement. . . “ #guncontrol #neveragain #marchforourlives #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough #amplifierart #artivism

“let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” #maryoliver 📸:@riekatagiri my epic shepherd #letsdanceinourunderwear #beignitedorbegone #takeyourpleasureseriously #startyourdaywithadanceparty #oohlala

@clarkgregg and the fab family of @agentsofshield #SHIELD100 tonight 9/8c #100thepisode

happy birthday (belated) to my beautiful and talented mother Jo Wilder!! here as Polly Peachum from Threepenny Opera #TheTheaterDeLys #threepennyopera #OG #musicaltheaterlife

the rain is challenging for many in los angeles...💦🦋💦

@galenhooks you are evvverything i love about dance & what you inspire in each of us, a hell bent desire to feel more joy, in spite of our fear! thank you @motancharoen for introducing us & @fireandcreme who always knows #whatsgood! thank you @britneyhall 🔥for demonstrating #danceislife #dancejones #youregoisnotyouramigo #move #mojo #krush #morejoy #sweatybetty #danceiscommunity #findyourdancetribe

weekend to do list: go see the mighty and spectacular @blackpanther and watch @chrisrock’s #tamborine on #netflix #itllcurewhatailsya #truth #depth #humanity #beauty #talent #wakeup #keepf*cking

❤️my 🦋 from CG @roseark

my valentine ❤️@clarkgregg #17years #stilltheone

happy valentine’s day to everyone everywhere.❤️#loveisallaroundus

😜who am i?? winking? something in my eye? having a stroke? @blackpanther premiere with dashing husband @clarkgregg 💄by sweet pal @jennakristina

we’re so seriously stoked to see @blackpanther @marvel @clarkgregg 💄by @jennakristina #goodvibranium @chadwickboseman @michaelbjordan #marvelsuperherodatenight

wow... #babyforever

Make a donation from your smartphone to WMLA: Step 1 Send a new text message to 41444 Step 2 Text WMLA Step 3 Click the link in the reply message to make a donation #wmla2018 @womensmarch

On Sunday morning (known as Bloody Sunday) March 7, 1965, despite a ban on protest marches by Governor George Wallace, about 600 black protestors gathered outside Brown Chapel to march from Selma to the state capital in Montgomery. Leading the march were the SCLC's Hosea Williams and SNCC's John Lewis. At the Edmund Pettus Bridge, six blocks from Brown Chapel, mounted troopers confronted the marchers and ordered them to disperse. The marchers stood their ground and the troopers advanced, billy clubs raised. Lewis fell, his skull fractured. Others fell, screaming, as white onlookers cheered. Then Sheriff Jim Clark's deputized posse charged the marchers, firing tear gas and swinging bullwhips and rubber tubing wrapped in barbed wire. #forwardever #backwardnever @barackobama #netflix #mynextguestneedsnointroduction #davidletterman

“What is your life’s blueprint? Number one in your life’s blueprint, should be a deep belief in your own dignity, your worth and your own somebodiness. Don’t allow anybody to make you feel that you’re nobody. Always feel that you count. Always feel that you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance.” #DrKing #MLK #believeinyoursomebodiness #dignity #respect #nevergiveup #itmfa #wehaveadream

celebrating our beloved @blairkohan’s birthday with this guy!!! @clarkgregg #bk50 #bestbdaybash #iamblairsbestfriend #armyofbesties

Somewhere over the double 🌈🌈

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