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Not mad at this smokey eye at all.

As a Survivor fan it was so hard to contain my inner fangirl today because we had @johnmcochran on our podcast! He was completely wonderful and every bit as smart, witty, and hysterical in person as you could ever hope. Such a pleasure, thank you so much for your time and for talking life and Survivor with us.

I made this outfit for my an cermet in my last video. I think he likes being a wizard. I'm proud of him. His outside now matches his inside.

Here's a pretty picture of Cermet because Cermet.

*cries in fruit🍌* I had the absolute honor and pleasure of meeting @freeleethebananagirl and @durianrider today and having them on our podcast. Freelee has been making vegan videos for years, she really got through to me about a year ago and I have been vegan ever since. She's been so important to my growth as a person and it was so special for me to meet her. You guys were so cool and wonderful, thank you for carbing me the fuck up but really I could never possibly thank you enough for changing my life. *cries in more fruit 🍌*

Donuts that @juliensolomita and I can actually eat together because every single one of them is vegan AND gluten free. Absolute magic sorcery from @donutfriend in Eagle Rock

Thanks @grizzleemartin for this awesome picture from Playlist, we are gonna miss you until next time.


Happy birthday to my significant otter @juliensolomita I love you so much 💗


A picture of be being a shitbag in Joshua Tree. 📷: @juliensolomita

This was my dress when I was a baby. My mom kept it for 30 years. I did this with it.

Best little friends.

Just a regular day with @rsvpark and @juliensolomita

@juliensolomita posted this this morning. Ow. My heart. Kermit is such my sweet little guy.

Thank you so much @kaitmariehair for this awesome silver purple opaly awesomeness and thanks @pravana for your really nice note and products to keep my hair happy 😭 and for making these beautiful colors exist. Also thanks Kermit for hangin out the whole time and actually being a good boy for once. I was honestly shocked.

Goodnight 🌙

And a late but big thank you to @gracehelbig for her new book, I'll take all the help I can get girl thank you. You are wonderful, thank you for your kind words, and congratulations on being a best seller 🔑🙏🏼🐩💗

In my natural habitat.

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