Джена Мэлоун


Американская актриса.
  • Все 2028
  • Фото 1981
  • Видео 47

When my arms were the size of my head or rather what a whole stunt/ film crew does when they stand behind you and believe in your inner strength. Or really I’m never gonna stop standing up for myself no matter what. And I’ll never stop believing I’m stronger than I look. In other words, don’t fuck with me. Self portrait taken with photo booth on a laptop while shooting and vigorously training / living / breathing the film #suckerpunch . Thank you @cruelfilms for seeing something in me I didn’t know was there ( and now will never shut off )

where i knew i could lean back into you , without looking being carried by a deeper pulse than just flame Photo collab with @mblash

I am fragile , breakable , fallible , momentarily incomplete and eternally whole. Photo by my beautiful boundary teacher and bestie @mblash

One part remedy. One part memory.

It’s no small miracle. The simple act of being seen and understood. This human expression of love may well be my favorite gift to receive. In awe of how powerful we can be together while living in such a separate society. I love you so much.

Amen on film.

Kind hearted tenderlings and other magical moments spent beside the ones you love. #strawberryfestivalforever

I love you here , there and yesterday// You are not afraid to wear your underwear to the beach Or stand tall and silent Or laugh at anything that comes your way Your hands are always tending and mending And when they reach for me I too benefit From their healing Your eyes are not just windows To your soul But a vessel whole and complete You don’t take up any of my room And yet You always make room For me. ————

Looking back thru all my behind the scenes photos from film sets. This taken on location at Shiprock , NM. On a strange and wild film called “ Bottom of the World”. Shall I make a small book of my girl gaze behind the cinematic lens?

I don’t want a summer bod , the abbreviation sticks to the roof of my tongue and chokes out my own good taste. I want a mountain body. I want hair that brushes itself by the wind. I want legs full of landmarks . I want a belly full of food. I want my skin like a small farm that chops and drops and trusts the dirt and the chaos and leaves the beauty to the birds. I want soft moss growing where it can , when it can. I don’t want to be bare , with no hair that holds water in the hot parts of the day. I want rocks that crumble around me and edges that require discipline out of me. I have no need for managed perfection. i look towards heaven growing in my back yard and I lay down in my mud and accept each grass laceration on my skin. I don’t want a summer body. I want four seasons of flesh as I grow stronger and freer within.

You are dirt. You are the flower of the season and the thorn of the past. You are flesh and blood and bone. You are human and you act inhumane. Today is dying and tomorrow will always remain.

We 📸 by @domwolczko

Enjoying my huckleberry Finn (( oh the glorious time spent within)) and out of count with paces of culture

When the heat melts the line between physical pain and physical beauty. My dear metaphysical partner in crime @jennyparking , I love you!!

Mamas new ride. Our dump truck , Dottie,named after Gina Davis’s character in a league of their own.

Stay weird and keep pushing into your holy places of fear. This is me collaborating on a performance art piece with @lolarosethompson Terrified and alive and creating is my favorite triangle of time. photo by a dear friend I havnt seen in a long time @fstop_fitzgerald

Traveling poets or rather don’t forget to squeeze the one you love and drop to your knees in admiration to the divine. Or really just take the picture that helps you remember what is good and golden in the world. This shiny one taken by @shelbyduncan

Bearing witness to the magic of the cosmos everyday . The untethered light where we all began. Our children are our natural given teachers. We are their natural born protectors. We must do all we can to allow them to be all they can. #familiesbelongtogether

Get down on the floor, not just to clean , but to celebrate the precarious victory of being alive. Mama rituals. End of the night. Old school fleetwood. YES

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