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‪Take me back to the days when I had no worries.‬

Anything that costs you your inner peace is too expensive.

Thankful for all the birthday wishes and really grateful to be alive. I'll never take my life for granted and I'll always do what I can to live life to the fullest.

consistency is what matters, not the pace.

Would you trust me to save you?

We have been together for TEN years!!! Daaaaamn Bouska. Happy anniversary @adambouska. 😘❤️

9 years ago today, this photo sparked a movement. To this day the #NOH8 images remain a universal symbol for equality and acceptance around the world. Happy #NOH8Day. #NOH8🌈

Inner peace is the new success.

First you want to look good, then you realize it's deeper than that. #fitness #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #healthy

lately, i've been craving more, more adventures, more experiences, more memories.

Me on Instagram vs me in real life

Yes, I'm thinking about you right now.

I'm the ride or die type. If I find someone or something that I like, I'll stick with it forever. I've been getting my hair cut by Leah (@herekittysoftpaws) for over 8 years now and I won't let anyone else touch it. Do me a solid and follow her and if you ever need a dope cut, hit her uppppp!

take me to your favorite places and let's talk

Hoodie weather, wya?!? 😫😓

I wish you could hear the way I think about you..

We seem to chase things that can't be captured. The light, the wind...human hearts.

Are you a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff? #HarryPotter

I'm trying to make memories, can't waste any time.

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