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Idyllwild, California

Shoot your shot...

Idyllwild, California

I find it so comforting when I can completely and effortlessly be myself around someone and they enjoy every bit of my weirdness & humor. People who make you feel better about yourself are so important.

Idyllwild, California

Swinging into the weekend like...

Ginnie Springs

‪Leave your comfort zone and kiss the old you goodbye‬.

Take more pictures. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Love harder. Love deeper. Life is too short.

Finished #2 in the “Parshley Cropped” 😂 series. Do you like it? Zoom in on the seams and swipe to see the other angels. I always impress myself with what I can accomplish with my own hands and mind.🤷🏼‍♂️💅🏻

‪Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.‬

W Hollywood

Day 2 of #wakeupcallfest at @whollywoodhotel, with @whotels and @spg, and I have the whole Wet Deck to myself. Who wants to come sit next to me?

W Hollywood

Feeling like a million bucks after that #wakeUpCallFest workout at @whollywoodhotel this morning. Shout out to @whotels and @spg for putting this together. Time to clean up and go back for some kickass music. #detoxretoxrepeat

Dear person reading this, you deserve a life full of happiness and positivity. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself! . . . #hiking #radicalhumans #hummingbirdtrail #graffiti #sunski #view #tattoo

Authenticity is so beautiful. Please be genuine. The real you is enough.

‪do something brave‬ ‪like cross a desert‬ ‪or climb a mountain‬ ‪or tell the truth‬

Whatever I go through, I get through. So even when I’m not good...I’m good.

This is what a detox looks like when you’re at a @whotels FUEL Weekend. #detoxretoxrepeat

‪How many beautiful answers have you lost due to the fear of asking questions?‬ I’m gonna try and answer every question that you all leave in the comments. #ask

‪Take mental breaks as often as possible. Instead of reacting to every thought, try letting it go. Your reaction is what keeps negative thoughts alive. Think positive. Make peace with it and release it. Be conscious and active in your mental space so you don’t get overwhelmed.‬

When you’re focused on anything other than what you’re doing, you are distracted.

Waiting on my Uber...

A true artist will use any means necessary to create. I made this crop top from scratch. I’m no seamstress (got my first sewing machine like 2 months ago) but I believe I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. And because of that, I have a dope new top! . . . #cutandsew #fashion #style #croptop #artist #create #art

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