Джей Шон


Британский рэпер с индийскими корнями. С 2000 по 2015й выпустил три альбома Me Against Myself, My Own Way и All or Nothing. В настоящее время пишет песни под лейблом Cash Money Records для выпуска в США.
  • Все 1861
  • Фото 1688
  • Видео 173

#fbf to me and Sean Paul @duttypaul rocking the stage for #makemylovego video. Great times.

Forget average! 💪💪👊👐

F1 in Abu Dhabi. Vibes.

#fbf with Pharell in the studio in Miami

Don't beg it. It really kinda is that simple. Whether it's a business thing, a friendship or a relationship..I personally believe you should never have to beg someone to be interested. If you have faith in your dopeness, it will be when it's meant to be, with who it's meant to be with. Repost: @chakabars

This is what happened last time I went to #AbuDhabi ...over 40,000 ppl. Headed there on Friday to headline at Amber for the F1!! Powwww! #F1

😎🎤this mic has been like an extension of my arm for 15years...I love this sh*t!

What are you made of ? 🤔😜

*thirst trap alert* 🤔😎 it's November and that usually means bulking season but I'm tryna keep lean all year round. Cardio everyday as well as usual weights routine. Never know when there's a new music video around the corner..#unneccesaryshirtlessscene

I know it's not a throwback day or whatever..but never got to show u what my little princess dressed up as on Halloween. She was a cupcake. She told me last nite that she was disappointed that I didn't dress up. I told her i went as this singer called Jay Sean. She wasnt buyin it, and that next year I have to be a pretzel. 🤔😟

At least you know who u really fckin wit.👀 Repost @officialdready

**WHEN I REMEMBER THAT TRUMP IS ACTUALLY THE PRESIDENT OF USA** 😜😜 You can catch me on this week's episode of #CelebsReact on @fullscreen Had fun filming this, it's jokes! Link is in my bio! @TheFineBros

Sick Lyric video for my song with @Hardwell #ThinkingAboutYou !!! Powww! Full video on my Facebook.com/jaysean

Today's a big day for America...and to be honest the rest of the world. What happens today in the US elections will affect us all. So I'm asking all my USA Fans to please make sure u vote. It WILL count, don't leave it to someone else to do..its Your future, play a part in it.

David Blaine who? 🤗😜 levitation mode maaate! From tonight's show in UK 😎

#BeyondTheBox @fivefour u know what I'm talking about 😜

Ready for tonight's show in Peterborough Arena, UK. 🤗😎

People are always gonna talk. I try not to take part in gossip. Its an ugly trait to me. I like to mind my own and get on with my own. People may pretend to like you, then talk shit behind your back. Or try to belittle you. These are not your people. They will not lift you up. They will wait to see you fall. The people who are changing the world, who are successful and smart are probably not wasting their time picking holes in other people's lives..they are spending all their time trying to improve their own and making something of themselves. Keep it 💯👌 Repost: @williamlifestyl

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