Джей Шон


Британский рэпер с индийскими корнями. С 2000 по 2015й выпустил три альбома Me Against Myself, My Own Way и All or Nothing. В настоящее время пишет песни под лейблом Cash Money Records для выпуска в США.
  • Все 1972
  • Фото 1782
  • Видео 190

📸: @mikewoodss

#tbt me and @nickiminaj somewhere stuntin 😆😎

📸: @mikewoodss

I eats my spinach ⚓️😜 📸: @mikewoodss

This how we walk in LA. Pensively. 😆 📸: @mikewoodss

Missing my little buddy a lot today on Father's Day. Being away from her because of work and the amount I travel is the hardest thing in the world. Doin what I do for a living is fun and cool but it doesn't beat being a dad to Ayva. There is nothing more precious in this world to me than my little girl. I remember seeing a funny meme that said "remember when you used to think you were cool af, and now you're a dad and when your daughter tells you to dress up as a monkey..you're a monkey. " 😂 nothing is more relatable and true. I would literally do anything to make Ayva laugh or put a smile on her face. Being a dad is the biggest joy in the world. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. 😊

Posted up like... 📸: @mikewoodss

LA vibes 📸: @mikewoodss

Me and my everything ❤️

Cannes, French Riviera, France

Stuntin in Cannes. Had an amazing show @bootsybellows @viproomofficial . Such a beautiful place and so many vibes goin on during the film festival. 🙌🏽 Another dream gig done. 🙏🏽

Bangalore, India

Have we met? 🤔 about to go kill this show in Bangalore, India 🙌🏽

Stuntin on Doha.

Are we addicted to social media? Addicted to our phones? Too concerned with how many likes and how many followers we have? Always reading through our comments to see what people think of us? Is this something we should be concerned about or is this our new norm? Check out my new music video for "Do you love me" to see my take on it...link in bio. 😝

#flashbackfriday To when I did my thing and lit up DUBAI a few weeks ago. 🔥🔥🔥 #whitedubai headed back to that part of the world again next week in DOHA after doing VEGAS tmro 🙌🏽😝#internationalmurkage

Just another picture where I'm looking off into the distance at nothing in particular..... OR... * insert irrelevant philosophical quote about life here *

Look deeper to find the clue #DoYouLoveMe vid out real soon 😜

Here in London about to murk the show for @amirkingkhan and @theshilpashetty charity event 😎

A montage of the madness that was today in Holland...40,000 ppl🔥 Big up @radio538 #538koningsdag #DoYouLoveMe 🔥🔥🔥

Doin my thing #DoYouLoveMe

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