Джей Шон


Британский рэпер с индийскими корнями. С 2000 по 2015й выпустил три альбома Me Against Myself, My Own Way и All or Nothing. В настоящее время пишет песни под лейблом Cash Money Records для выпуска в США.
  • Все 1908
  • Фото 1727
  • Видео 181

Came home to this beautiful moment at 630am after a 16 hour flight from INDIA...which was an EPIC trip ...but home sweet home. 👌🏽🙏🏽


Caught up with my brothers OG crew day one shizzznit... in Mumbai . @musicbyrr @therealjuggyd

Happy "Balantines Day with a VUH" from our little nutter 😂😂😂😂😝😝

Truss. Grind humbly for the greater cause and one day the results will speak for themselves...and then...they gon see. 🤗 Big up @itsnaroop for this one

#tbt to when I performed on the @theellenshow and we did a little freestyle jokes backstage with my boy @mc_zani and @biksofficial 😂

Have faith!

At Sundance Festival in Park City ..about to tear up tonight's performance at "Downstairs" #skamartist #sundance

Try to fill this man's shoes. Well this picture says it all. I tend not to air my political views on this page. I will just simply say how much I appreciate the manner in which he handled his position at the TOP with such class, dignity, humility and respect. And had fun and jokes with us at the same time..but not at the expense of others. These are qualities to admire, to learn from and never to be forgotten. Try to beat that.

Start. We can all be better. Repost @chakabars

Here is a picture of me smiling and not knowin what to do with my hands from the other day in NYC.

#fbf to when I sang in SPANISH! The remix of "Mars" feat by bro @jbalvin and ofcourse #Rickross #jbalvin #spanish chhuuuune


Major #tbt to the video shoot day of "Down". Haaa! A skinny clean shaven yute! Check the line in the head tho 🤔😜

Happy new year from Boca Raton, Florida. Fortunate to have brought the year in by performing to so many wonderful people. Photo credit: @tharanatalie

Let's start this year with positive vibes peeps! 👐 your life becomes what your perspective and outlook on it is. If u expect everything to be shit..it probably will be..even the good moments will be overlooked. I'm looking to make some great improvements this year but more than anything..to enjoy all the small moments that can often be overlooked. Life is beautiful. It's just what u choose to focus on that can take the beauty away. shout out @itsnaroop for this quote. Oh and Albert Einstein 😂

Had to leave u with this one for a good laugh to end the year. She cracks me up..making fun of her daddy already 😂😂😂 #shegotjokes

So these are my #2016bestnine ...seems to be a recurring theme here....Next year I'm only taking pics of me in a suit holding Ayva everywhere I go 🤔🤔😂 Happy new year my people. Make it count..make it special..finish this year on a positive note!


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