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Британский рэпер с индийскими корнями. С 2000 по 2015й выпустил три альбома Me Against Myself, My Own Way и All or Nothing. В настоящее время пишет песни под лейблом Cash Money Records для выпуска в США.
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Here in Korea headed out for the night aka couldn't think of a caption.

Seoul, South Korea

Squad! Out here in Korea on a song writing trip! @kevwhite7 @mikewoodss @bazzi

I thought this shot would look good since there was some nice decor in the background. Instead, its just a pic of me sitting in a chair. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Happy new year guys!!! About to hit the stage here in South Africa ...midnight is in 12mins here. Love and peace to all of you. ❤️❤️🙏🏽

We all feel It. We are living in a time where every couple of months we see posts saying "pray for....." I feel helpless sometimes and all I want to do is shield my daughter from the madness. But we can’t just hide and protect our own. We share this world together, and somehow religion, race, economic and political positioning has divided us. It effects us all. I want to support her, myself and others, even if it’s just by song, as that is what I have to give, because an Emergency is not the end. We just need to heed the alarm. Full song link in bio

After I sang her this one we sat down and watched "kuch kuch hota hai". Gotta show her those classics first. Now she wants to watch it everyday 😂❤️

Dec 31st. New song. 🙌🏽 As I try to do at the end of every year, I am dropping a new song for my fans to thankyou for the year of love and support you continue to show me. Watch this space. ❤️🙏🏽feat love and vocals from the incredibly talented artists and my dear friends @melaniefiona @kianalede @shaylenofficial @rnpmusic

A little throwback for Christmas. "The Christmas song" acoustic Live. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas ! ❤️🎅🏽❄️☃️

Part 3. Happy holidays everyone. Peace, love and happiness to all of you wonderful people 🙏🏽❤️

Pt 2 of Silent Night Live acoustic. ☃️🎅🏽❄️🙌🏽

Silent Night acoustic LIVE. Part1. Merry Christmas! Enjoy! ☃️❄️🎅🏽

New song dropping at the end of 2017. So here's me, patiently waiting ....😉 📸: @edward_aninaru

Part 2 ❤️

So some of you know my baby just turned 4, so ofcourse i went back and looked at the thousands of videos of Ayva since the day she was born. Even though I'm fairly private about my personal life, I thought I would share some moments that never fail to make me smile and laugh. Most of you have gotten to know her crazy little personality already - she's literally been like this from day 1 lol. Anyway this is part 1 😆

This pic is from around this time, 9 years ago. In this pic, me and my bro @jaredcotter are writing "Down". I can't tell you how special this moment is to me. I had just been signed to Cash Money and me, Jared, @jeremyskaller (who is sitting on that couch to the right😆), @rwlarow and @jperk219 were all in Miami, writing and recording and just having mad fun. There was no pressure, there was no "sound" or direction we were chasing. We were just a crew of best mates having fun, laughing and enjoying making music. And from that, came this moment. The writing of a song that went on to become the biggest song in America a few months later. And then took on the world too. There is no "formula" to that. It was just a magical moment in time that changed all our lives. And it's right here captured in this picture. Props to @jperk219 for taking this pic! Epic times!

This is when I start taking Uber's and just leave this parked in the garage for 4 months. But before that- photoshoot. Standard flex!

Thankyou so much for your ongoing love and appreciation for my music!🙏🏽❤️ I am so grateful to all my fans around the world, I have been able to perform in every continent on the planet, in hundreds of cities and countries and I wouldn't be here after 15 years, writing new songs and doing what I love if it wasn't for you all. Now, there are even more incredible artists than ever before, especially on @spotify and to be one of your favourites is something I am eternally grateful for. Lots of love always 🙏🏽❤️

This moment says it all😬😝 my little baby's face when she saw she got her first real bike for her 4th birthday! (Ofcourse it's pink and has princesses all over it and tassels....) she brings me so much joy it's unreal. ❤️❤️ happy birthday to my baby.

😩😩😩😩😩😩 the holiday season got me like.... tryin hard to not let this whole month be a write off to avoid the "new year, new me" excuse! 😂😂 Tag a friend that can relate with your pain, and then make a promise to each other to change that 😜

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