Джеймс Вон


Английский футболист, нападающий клуба «Хаддерсфилд Таун».
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Magic Mike Las Vegas

Pretty sure these two are the definition of what being in love looks like ❤🙌🏽@channingtatum and @jennaldewan are damn adorable together on the red carpet for @magicmikelive. Catch the full interview and a preview of the show (yes it's 🔥) on @celebritypagetv on @reelzchannel! #magicmike @magicmikelive #channingtatum #jennadewantatum @hardrockhotellv

Drag Brunch at Señor Frog's - Las Vegas

‪THANK YOU @cocomontresediva for these amazingly thoughtful birthday cupcakes from @showboybakeshop featuring some of my thirstiest IG posts. I LOVE them ❤️ (Yes I'm still celebrating)

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

This should be fun...

Seven Magic Mountains

Quick stop to appreciate some art on our drive in to Vegas to celebrate this one's birthday. One of my truest friends. My roll dog @misteranderson. Happy Birthday Auntie KiKi! Love u!

Shout out yo group chat for helping you make those life decisions! 🙌🏽 @karamobrown @misteranderson @jjosephthomas @thetalkcbs #groupchat

CBS Studio Center

Reading through this topic real quick before hitting @TheTalkCBS right now. We are LIVE. Turn us on!

CBS Studio Center

I'm back LIVE on @thetalkcbs tomorrow y'all! And yes I'm gonna ask to sit in the chair @Oprah sat in 🙌🏽 Y'all set your DVRs and tune in live to @CBS! And catch me hosting @celebritypagetv every weeknight for your latest entertainment news.


Well, I've drawn that out about as long as I possibly could. As of yesterday I'm now officially done celebrating my birthday. Thanks everybody for making me feel special. Back to work... Catch me on @reelzchannel tonight at 10!

Pump Restaurant

Feeling all kinds of LOVED for my birthday ❤

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

When it's your birthday so all your friends want to take a picture with you but you just want to keep eating fish tacos. Huge thank you to @moonpalaceresort for making my birthday week AMAZING! Photo: @ogomeze11even

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

Not ready to leave #ThePalaceLife yet...

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

One more day of BDAY fun In Cancun before taking the celebrations to Vegas. The Grand @moonpalaceresort has been AMAZING. #ThePalaceLife is lit 🔥 #allinclusiveresort #allinclusive #GrandMoonPalace


Birthday turn up continues in Mexico con mis amores ❤🙌🏽

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

When you both trying to cover up your stomachs cause you ate too much at the buffet... Cause it was soooooo good. #ThePalaceLife

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

Dear @KaramoBrown, Next time at least TRY to get the ball 🤔 #volleyball #actionshot #thepalacelife

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

Next stop for my BDay Week... The NEW Adult Pool at Grand Moon Palace. This place is amazing! Literally just grand opened. First people here. Wooop! @moonpalaceresort 🙌🏽💦 #ThePalaceLife

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

We back at it! Birthday week continues in Cancun with the morning crew at @moonpalaceresorts #thepalacelife

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

Birthday turn up night # 1 con mis amores ❤ I am a very lucky man At @palaceresorts 🌴 #ThePalaceLife Photo: @ogomeze11even

Grand Moon Palace Resort Cancun

Stepping out for Birthday Dinner #1 in Cancun at HABIBI at @grandmoonpalace tonight. So happy to have friends from so many different parts of my life all under one roof with me ❤ Love these ladies. #ThePalaceLife Photo: @ogomeze11even

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