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Above the Clouds

I've been chosen this year to help Santa find the naughty kids..so this is me looking down watching all u little sluts and savages.. 🎅🏿#youknowwhoyouare #imbasicllyGod

Venice Beach, California

Clark Kunt. Favorite hair by my favorite girl @color_by_danielle 🙏🏽 ✂️ by @jeremiahworld 🙌🏾

I'm so #thankful for my life and everyone in it.. I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day🦃 please text WATER to 82623 if u can💋 #Happythanksgiving


On the verge ...

The Floor

All day Sunday 🔯⛪️

Keep me posted 🌚@joshuamshelton


Grateful to be a part of this epic cast/movie ... wrap party tequila was fuego👌🏽 #allstarweekendthemovie 🙌🏾 @iamjamiefoxx CONGRATS #successssss

Best view comes after the hardest climb🚪📶💹

Que pasa el slutellos 💋

#TBT #thirstythursday 💧


Just 2 baby angels w same hair and spectacular eyebrows livin the dream👼🏽😏👼🏽 #saynoto 🍔🐂🌞 @coraskinner

Vote For Jesus 2020

Ohh look at me I just voted🇺🇸

Blue Point Uluwatu

Land dolphin for rent 📟💰🌊🐬


Happy birthday gorgeous baby!!! 💋 love u @farrahbritt

Permanent memories💉✍🏾️ 😹🗼

Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA

I'll be washing glitter out of my crevices for weeks✨

Bel Air, Los Angeles



Sunset Blvd

Let your weirdo flag fly🏴

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