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Beachwood Cafe

✨Giving my habits an upgrade✨

Griffith Observatory

Outdoorsy nature’ing ting🌱

Praying is when u talk to God ..Meditating is when u listen.. 🌚🌛


Closing the gates to temptation ... #throwbck🍒

Public Toliets

Speak love to me.

Golden Door

This week has been one of the most amazing experiences ever!! @thegoldendoor is magical 🙏🏽 🌟

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!🌟(apple juice)

Beachwood Canyon


U know me... ? Captured.. captivated xx #levels TY TD xx @mrdeniro @levelstothegame ✨

Finding light in the darkness...

#RIB ..... rest in balls ❤️💛💚💙💜

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Happy Sunday💫

Monte Amiata, Toscana, Italy

Couldn't have asked for a better cast, crew, or location🙏🏽🙌🏾 #magical!!! #houseredmovie 🥀🍷

🎲 middle name Irma 🎲

Venice Beach

I can't wait to tickle your baby @heidipratt u and @spencerpratt are going to be the best mommyndaddy ever your baby shower was beautiful enjoy ur cyrstals😂 #babyspidiloveu @shop_marj

Sunset Tower Hotel

Ma'am please don't sit on the cars Me: this is my car Man: no it's not ma'am... I know who's car this is Me: oh you right gotta go 💨 Thanks byeeeeee


A wig... & other tings 📷by the lovely @camraface

Joshua Tree, California

Fucking the world make the universe be my baby... 🌘 #happyeclipse✨

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