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This time next week I'll finally be home snuggling my kitty😻 #bullet #sunday 😛 www.skinbyjw.com #blackwaterthemovie

Mobile, Alabama

He burned me on my ring finger .....🚬

Love and kindness trumps all ... don't be a dick today😚

Mobile, Alabama

I brush my teef in the shower💧🚿

JW Cosmetics

This is the only day shit like this is acceptable so when you're done w your chores go to the link in my bio and buy some serum so your face is silky smooth and perfect and u get all the kisses 💁🏽💜☂️ #skinbyjw.com #jwcosmetics #💋💋 designed for #menANDwomen 🌹

Alchemy Tavern


It was an honor and a pleasure to have been able to work with you Mr. #Richardhatch #restinpeace 🙏🏽 #Bladeofhonor #scifi


Mobile, Alabama

📸 @mattpetran 💋

Greater London

Passive aggressive.

Mobile, Alabama

Day 6 #blackwater da movie

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park

Head butting bitches for breakfast 👊🏽 #Blackwater 🎬🎥


Jazz Waltz

Mobile, Alabama

Good morning from my crazy hair Day1 of shooting #blackwaterthemovie very excited 👊🏽#cantsleep

Cuckoo Club

Being friends for 10 yrs I'm still not confident I can even mention anything about what happened last night 😭 love u @poppyarcher

Look who stopped by to dirty my shower👁👁 my girlfriend @austinarmacost aka Diana #cbb

Last night was fun glad they let me get out of my hell clothes for a proper adios ✌🏾#cbb

🍷 SkinbyJW.com 🍷

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