Джаред Лето


Американский актёр и рок-певец, фронтмен альтернативной группы 30 Seconds to Mars. Является режиссёром многих музыкальных клипов под псевдонимом Bartholomew Cubbins.
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Rankin @dazed 🖤

Remember this? It's from our video for #ThisIsWar - a song that went number one on alt rock radio even though I delivered the video almost a year late. #longstory #bartholomewcubbins 😳😂🤓



City of angels

All the possibilities

#Venezuela 🌅❤️🌺

🕺🏻 @30secondstomars #unreleasedsong #TheRiverbed

Here's to tomorrow #earthday


You remember what this is from?

💚 📸 @thejoker_clan ?

🕺🏻 Snapchat

Recording songs for the new album in the desert. It's been four years since we released music. Can't wait to share it with you very #soon! #MarsIsComing 🌅🌻🕺🏻😀

With the one and only @shannonleto 💐🌻🌏🌾🍁🍂

In the desert writing new songs. Thinking about the past and dreaming about tomorrow... #MarsIsComing


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