Джара Мариано


Американская подиумная модель и актриса.
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Venice Beach

All the colors of nature as one make up this special planet in this special galaxy in this vast mysterious universe. Humans in all their colors and conditions included. Treat each other and your surroundings as an extension of yourself, because that's what it is, what we are, one! Happy #mlk Jr. Day happy Monday happy 2018 happy to be alive and happy :) 💖+💡✨

California secrets🐿

Signing out of day dreaming into night dreaming now. Just want to say that I believe in each of you and respect your own individual story. Be brave, be kind 💖+💡✨

Mar Vista, Los Angeles

Sans #bombcyclone 🐚🐳 #mood #tbt #siswim #stvincentandthegrenadines



The Culver Hotel

Wrapping up the year on a high note beside the super bunny moon!

Peace out 2017 it's been interesting, hope you all have an awesome New Years, positive loving vibes for 2018 and beyond...hau'oli makahiki hou!! 💗🐰 #hearthair #creature #animalears #kawaii

Cheers last Friyay of 2017! Does this pic give you the happies or is it just me?🙃

Baked by not me🍄Happy Holidays everyone!!🎉🎄🕎🎁🍾


Flora and my little fauna 🌷🐕🌱

The Viper Room

All 30 fingers survived @theviperroom 🖕🏽👍🏾🤘🏻👈🏼


Tree hugging with these little elves ✨❤️🎄🎅🏾🎁💚✨ #happyholidays @verlainela @vicenakina @realarlenissosa @katty.hg

Social media proof sometimes I comb my mane🐎

Petit Ermitage

🖖🏾👽merry merry

If all your prayers were answered, would it change the world or just yours💡

Missing my NY babes and the crazy city of the best food, late nights to mornings, too much drinking and laughing, and where nothing surprises you since we just about seen and done it all. NY you're badass just like these ladies and I promise a return visit when your temperatures cycle back around🌡😜❤️🗽🌃

Goodnight moon🥀🌕🖤

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of "A reason for being/living". Everyone has an Ikigai, to find it requires a journey of self discovery, but the search is worth it. Your Ikigai is the meaning to your life, and is also known as "Raison D'être".✨✨✨Happy #alohafriday #firstfriday 💖✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿💖

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