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Easy like Sunday morning

New York Pole Dancing

Happy #internationalwomensday !! Found this fun clip from a couple years back. Me and my girlfriends staying warm in the middle of NY winter with our first pole dance class. Just us women being sexy for ourselves in our own little worlds, and having some laughs while taking in a good workout. I stand strong with my fellow females around the globe, and thank you for sharing your stories, strengths, weaknesses, and individuality 💖+💡✨

Los Angeles, California

Forever Summer with my little ray of light on guard

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Halfway to my goal of a proper mountain top splits via Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport. My fellow 80s kids get it, you others really should familiarize with this cinematic wonder☝🏽🥋👊🏽

Crasian not to be confused with Craisan🙄 #mondaymorning


:) smile (:

🏮😉Oh hey there, Happy Lunar New Year of the dawgy dawg🎉🐕#kungheifatchoi #ilovemychihuahua

Grand Hyatt Seoul

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day of celebrating LOVE in whatever form it means to you!💕✨Here's a little #tbt to @esquire.korea 💋🇰🇷

I call this one I haven't posted a selfie for a shocking 25 days so here's one from this morning and no I don't have head lice I'm just being a poser for you🙄🤳

Runyon Canyon Park

Advising my NYC dog that in order for us to fit in to our new territory we must try to look cute and walk up ("hike") a mountain on Sundays #LAlife #aintnomountainhighenough

Heyyy happy #alohafriday enjoy the fuzzy weekend and #pyeongchang2018 launch! Even if you're not an avid sports fan or follower (me), I find it's always inspiring, especially in these polarizing times, to see the world unite for some healthy competition. I'm aware there are always certain 'politics' involved in any organization. But I choose to see the games as a positive metaphorical practice to how the earth should be operating daily. The better opponent under the same set of standards who rises above the rest is the worthiest in the moment for that season, until the next games, and everyone shares glory in their time. Cheating and violence is prohibited, whereas mutual respect, support and honor are heightened. Btw I did not plan on writing this much for a caption, but I guess this baby animal is giving so much love vibes I couldn't resist a free flow. Might as well reflect further to say how I'd love to venture back to S. Korea some time, as half my ancestry is Korean. I used to work there a lot and found it fascinating how connected I felt to the land and culture even though I am from Hawaii and also grew up in SoCal. Some things are just in the DNA there's no denying it. #saranghaeyo my fellow Koreans! Good luck to this years olympians! 💖+💡✨

A little Monday intention from me to you. Hope you're recovering from weekend indulgence, and enjoy a fantastic week ahead! Love + light always 🌿Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself🌿 #mondaymotivation #anotherrumiquote #happyamethyst #thathippieshit #lovelovelove #peacepeacepeace

Venice Beach L.A.

Punxsutawney Phil, Slayer concurs from the west coast- 6 more weeks of winter🙄

Lake Mission Viejo

Blue in Green💚💦 #basic #poser #sundayfunday #peddleboat #lakelife #californiawinter #howmanymorehashtagscaniuse #onemore #lastone #okdonenow #justkidding #ithinkishouldwriteeverythinglikethisfromnowon #whoisstillevenreadingthis #youarerad #myhandsarenumbwritingthislayingonmyback #andihavetopee #sobye

Organized chaos #blessthismess ☁️🌥🌤

Perris, California

#tbt 18 year old Jarah jumping out of planes cuz I've always done what I want🤘🏾

Venice Beach

All the colors of nature as one make up this special planet in this special galaxy in this vast mysterious universe. Humans in all their colors and conditions included. Treat each other and your surroundings as an extension of yourself, because that's what it is, what we are, one! Happy #mlk Jr. Day happy Monday happy 2018 happy to be alive and happy :) 💖+💡✨

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