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Американская подиумная модель и актриса.
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Full blood moon eclipse quarantine🥀🐺🌕🖤⛓ #heresjohnny #heresjarah

Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles

✌🏾💗😄 #lovestreetfestival #lawoman #thedoors #robbykrieger #johndensmore #laurelcanyon (foto: @alexshibutani)

I am free and that is why I am lost ¨Kafka

I birth unicorn angels after midnight if you get tequila on me #fyi #hujicam (📸by @maiashibutani always capturing my good side)

Ventura, California


Flashback Friday

anon • by me • ebony pencil • 2001

Hump Day


This is what happens when you fall asleep drunk on the beach Joel #Merdog

Emma Wood State Beach

*Casual lunch hour

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Peachy keen jelly bean🌼 (📸by @maiashibutani)

West Hollywood, California

What a difference a year makes! So proud of these two for all that you are and will be. Fun night under the full moon, cheers to family & friendship🥂💕 @shibsibs 🏆 @alexshibutani @maiashibutani

Want to share?🍓💦 #happysummer

Happy #InternationalSurfingDay !! Throwback to one of my favorite places and moments of all time in magical Tahiti✨

[ inspirational quote ]


Griffith Observatory

LA, you smell like the American dream, kale, deer poop, half truths, a hint of CBD oil, with a base of parking violations

San Clemente Art Association

Isn’t all food comfort food, or is that just me?🌈😛 #hawaiianshaveice #mango #guava #pineapple #lihingmuipowder #hawaiiansurfclub

Eats rainbows and poops cherries ♡(Ξ◕◡◕Ξ)♡

Chinatown Los Angeles

Double sided double standards

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