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“Clothes Aren’t Consent” is today’s YouTube video! Link in my bio 🙌🏻

I’ve got some surplus space gong tees for sale in my website! Link in my bio to grab one! 👀

bodhran o’clock 🎶

Horsens, Denmark

I miss the days when the sunshine would wake me up 🌞 Goodbye summer 👋🏻

Bring your brolly! ☔️

London, United Kingdom

Recording a secret 👀

Link in my bio to watch today’s video! Throwback to my first ever live studio session 👀

Thanks to @spotify for adding me to this awesome playlist 🙏🏻❤️

“My mental illness” is today’s video! Link in my bio to watch❤️ #mentalhealthawareness #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthaearenessweek #mentalhealthawarenessday

London, United Kingdom

Working from home means you don’t have to get out of your pyjamas 🙌🏻

Since I’ve quit coffee, I’m not a human after 10pm. 👀 I’ll always be happy to see my bed though 🌞

Spoopy times ahead 🎃

Happy 2 year birthday to my track “Outernet Song” 🎂 Why not give it a cheeky wee listen? For nostalgias sake 😜 also it’s still relevant!

Link in my bio to watch it all! It’d mean more than you know if you did! 💕💕 #kodaline #cover #tfios

My cover of “All I want” by Kodaline is live now! Link in my bio to watch! 🙏🏻❤️

C’mon McGregor 🇮🇪💪🏻

Filming for the YouTube 🙌🏻

When it was #nationalboyfriendday yesterday but #nationalpoetryday the day after 😂 “Why Bother Fall In Love” by me #poetry

London, United Kingdom

FINTONNNNNNNN!! Link in my bio to watch today’s video! 🌞

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