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Athens, Greece

Wee gym sesh before soundcheck in Athens ✌🏻

My audio commentary is live on my channel now! Click the link in my bio to watch/listen 😊 How I wrote it, why why I wrote it and all things in between! 🌞

The Famous Cock

Today I witnessed the worlds slowest robbery

Writing my Xmas cards to you guys 😘

Now that’s one big head 👀

Out now 😱

Christmas has officially arrived over on my web store! Get your festive fun packs from Janta Claus over on www.janetdevlin.com/store 🎅🏻

I’m getting war flashbacks from my teenage years

Thanks Danet Jevlin 👍🏻

Them: “I got your song!” Me:

Out now! 👀 Link in my bio to have a listen! ❤️

“Cutting Ties” is sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves

Squiggle time! 🖊Thanks to everyone who has bought one! ❤️🙏🏻

I actually have the best housemates! Thanks @s19118181952 for making me dinner earlier because cooking was my Everest and I was never going to do it 😂

The Three Crowns

@imjcstewart tonight in London! 👌🏻legend!

Winter Wonderland

When your flat mate takes you to winter wonderland because she caught you staring at a wall for 2 hours straight. #haribocuredmydepression

Wanna hear my new song "I Lied To You" before anyone else? Then join me for the premier over on youtube! 😱 I'm so exited for you hear hear it! Don't forget to hit the reminder so you don't miss out!! ❤️😱 link in my bio! 😘

“Smile” “Why?” “Just smile, you’ll see”

Have you had a listen to my festive music yet? It’s both depressing and seasonal, yet totally uplifting. I 10/10 recommended, though I maybe somewhat bias 🌲

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