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Gig in the garden curtesy of @klarafromsweden

Hair oil O’clock 🥥🌴

London, United Kingdom

Lunch time swing

Did my first run in over 6 months today. I’ll see how my joints fair after it to see if it’s something I can slowly get back into. I don’t want to risk injury but I also hate being sedentary. 🏃‍♂️ Either way, it was nice to be out for a yog to clear the oul noggin’!

🐐 Day made.

London, United Kingdom

Just give me coffee and everything will be A-okay 👌🏻☕️

Link in my bio to watch today’s video! 👀

@gracedaviesofficial and I Filmed the gargling songs challenge! 💦😂Link in my bio to watch!

Catching 5 mins of sunshine while I wait for tomorrow’s YouTube video to export🌞 #binslookingbeaut

Studio Daze! Four hours sleep and running on empty but it’ll be worth it 💪🏻 🎶

The countdown begins! 48 hours yo get your hands on one of these! If you want your name on it then don’t forget to get a ticket to www.stageit.com/janetdevlin

“Acne, Secrets and Demonetisation - GRWM” is today’s YouTube video! Link in my bio to watch!

It’s that time again...

Tuesday jam with the Tele ❤️

London, United Kingdom

I feel like an alien without my fluffy hair 👽

Rehearsals for Wednesday’s show!

D&D Crew!

Baby Janet 😂❤️


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