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Американская певица, автор песен, номинант премии Грэмми, продюсер. Исполняет песни в стиле поп, соул, фанк, инди-поп, хип хоп.
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Welcome to “THE AUTOFAC” . Meet ALICE . Stream now . #amazonprime episode 2 . #phillipkdick #electricdreams

Seeking Freedom is not always free . And sometimes it comes with consequences . It is because of your sacrifice , AND many of the strong women & men on the front lines , that I get to exercise mine . Still giving Thanks . #DRmartinLutherTHEKINGjr 🙏🏿

Go see my sis’ new movie ! It’s out everywhere ! Let’s make all this Black Girl Magic #1 ! @tarajiphenson I’m so proud of you . You are an incredible talent and can do ANYTHING . You continue to inspire me . Congrats on your opening weekend !! ❤️xx

Thinking of you my ziggy Star dust moonage day dream . Even in your ascension to another frequency you still manage to guide me , and all of us who you inspire . You continue to teach me what freedom looks like through the gifts you left behind . You continue to help me and so many feel comfortable during some of our most vulnerable and fearful moments . I often find myself asking , “What would Bowie say , what would he do?” and I just go with that . Lol Thank you for living your life as a free ass muhfugga . Freedom ain’t always free and it comes with consequences sometimes , but you still chose it tho and for that I’m thankful for you . Sending love to your beautiful wife Iman and your family on this day . ⚡️✨💫🌟🌘

To me Real Change happens with solidarity . I’m Proud to wear all black today and stand with my sisters and everyone fighting the good fight to end the abuse of power across every field . I wear my black today for those who spoke publicly and suffered silently from sexual harassment , sexual assault , rape , and so much more . I wear black today because I don’t want another person to go through that . Period . I wear my black to speak for those unable to fight for themselves . I wear this black for every marginalized person across the globe . Please donate to the #timesuplegaldefensefund (see link in bio for more info on its’ importance) . Let’s build and seize the moment and make something long overdue happen ! #TIMESUP #WHYWEWEARBLACK

When you pre-order @StBeautyBand's debut EP #RunningToTheSun on @iTunes and pre-save on @Spotify, you'll get their NEW single #NotDiscussIt instantly! 😉 #WondalandRecords #Empire #LinkInBio

I'm so EXCITED, PROUD and HONORED to present to the Universe @StBeautyBand's debut EP, #RunningToTheSun ! @alexlebelle & @isisv have worked sooooooo hard ! There aren't enough words & emojis to express how happy I am for them ! Pre-order will be available at midnight ! Let's GLOW Beauties !! #WondalandRecords #Empire

STUNNING . @stbeautyband for @interviewmag LET’S GLOW ! ⭐️💫🌟✨ READ Full article in bio . New music coming from our beauties ... #WondalandRecords2018

Always fun catching up wit my bday sista . I loved our talk . She’s a smart one . It’s very inspiring to watch her effortlessly tap into whatever she wants to . Congrats Zo Zo on everything and this Gorgeous cover . 🙌🏾 Go get it you guys . Interview by meh .


🔴🔶🔲🔹◼️🔺🔶⚪️🔻🔷 WhAT’s YoUr fReQUeNCY? @29rooms @refinery29 Shout out to @ddlovato @lizzobeeating & @iisuperwomanii on having amazing installations 🔥


wHaT’S YOuR fREQUeNCy? When @refinery29 asked me to collab on an installation , i was inspired by the ongoing conversations i had been having with my friends & fam around mass surveillance, cultural uniformity, and the weaponization of technology . The question that always comes up is is modern society waging an invisible war against the individual ? I wanted to speak on that . I wanted to create a space that allowed us to talk to ourselves and perhaps one another as we examine our own complex humanity . Thank you @Refinery29 for inviting me into the #29rooms space and giving me an opportunity to think out loud & collab w/ u on an installation inspired by questions we as a culture and i as an individual Are still trying to find answers to . Thanks everyone for coming and supporting . Check it out if you couldn’t make opening night . It’s up for the next 2 weekends @ The Row DTLA . It’s interactive , enjoy . 🙏🏿

Our bad azz beauties ain’t slowing down anytime soon . Fresh off the “Trip” tour with Jhene Aiko @stbeautyband release their stunning visual for #Caught on @Vevo, directed by the talented @laceyduke ! So proud of all this BGM . SHININ’ . Let’s GLOW y’all !! #LinkInBio #WondalandRecords #StBeautyBand #BlackGirlMagic #melaninpoppin 🙌🏾👏🏾👌🏾✨🔥💜💕💥

Where would eye be without my school’s arts program !? Feeling super inspired and proud to be black and a student of THe aRtS . Thank you #alvinailey for having me last night as a co-chair at such a spectacular opening . Introducing “Revelations” was a dream . Congrats to the artists who performed their asses off and Big congrats @iamdebralee on a well deserved award .

Me + @thombrowneny now . Thanks Thom Thom . #alvinaileygala #johnnyjanewondaland

Me + @thombrowneny then .

I think I left my underpants .

I gotta get back to Wondaland .

Take me back to Wondaland . 🌈💋😘🤪🖤

Black Girl Magic . I was happy to present to the cast of one of my fav films of this year . It was even sweeter that one of my fav directors THE incomparable #DeeRees made it along with my big brother @iamcharlesdking ! I have been a fan of Dee for a while and #Mudbound blew me away . RUN to see it In Theaters Nov . 17 & on Netflix . Beautifully shot . Gripping . Stellar performances . The entire cast slayed this film . Y’all deserve every accolade . Love you Dee . #hollywoodfilmawards #ensembleaward

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