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Американская певица, автор песен, номинант премии Грэмми, продюсер. Исполняет песни в стиле поп, соул, фанк, инди-поп, хип хоп.
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THIS AUDIENCE WAS LIT . thank you for showing up and making it a MoMent dirty computers . 🙏🏽❤️🌹Our @acltv episode airs TONIGHT, 11/17 on most @PBS stations. For air times & stations check link in bio .

@ObamaFoundation, I’m coming for you! This Sunday, I’m headed to Chicago for the #ObamaSummit to talk with other young leaders about how they’re building the future they want to see. Don’t miss it. Tune in live at obama.org. See you soon @barackobama :))))

Kim meant so much to so many , but to me and @Wondaland she was the woman who single handedly changed our lives . When I moved to ATL , I was passionate about being an artist but had not gained much exposure . If it had not been for you and the Three Brown Girls (Your company w/ Nicole Johnson & Eboni Elektra) belief in me & inviting me out to do your open mic night “Lip Service” at Justin’s restaurant, my career would have been on another path . You lovingly connected me with two key players that helped move my career forward , @bigboi & @diddy . I am forever indebted to you . When the headlines talk about you I pray they talk about the platform your company gave new and up and coming artists in Atlanta . YOU WERE A CONNECTOR . You were a champion of women in the industry . YOU WERE A BOSS moving through this life with so much style and grace . I am happy we got to hug and talk at Puff’s party but man do I wish I could have told you one more time how much I love you . I am heartbroken . You were light . You were supportive . You were stunning . You were kind ALWAYS . You were creative . You were as real as they came . You were an incredible mother . You were rare . I’ll forever miss you my Sagittarius sister . I am praying so hard for you @diddy , all of the kids , @ebonielektra , @coreygamble , @officialalbsure , and the entire family . I love y’all so much . Your spirit lives forever @ladykp . Forever our lady . Your bday party 2007 . #kimporter

I tried my best to be creative and flowery with my words , but nothing felt better than THANK YOU . THANK YOU THANK YOU @taylaparx , @organizednoize , @NateWonderful , @romangianarthur @wondaland , @atlanticrecords , Mr. Ammons , “the boy that rated me a 6”, the bullies , the doubters , my loving tribe , EVERY Program Director, EVERY DJ, & ALL OF THE DIRTY COMPUTERS around the country that requested this song !!!! This song is for US , you know who you are . 😭😭😭

Go @staceyabrams & @andrewgillum !! @ me if you voted ! I’ll repost on my stories . :) i wanna see u . Also tag #whenweallvote & #votewithus (shout out to my sis’ @aliciakeys & @americaferrera) Thank you so much @phenomenal.ly for this sweatshirt ! 🔲🔳◾️◼️⚪️

In the past, I was a victim of gerrymandering (a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries). It hurt to be turned away and told i could not vote for the person I wanted to see in office and who reflected my values. If you are turned away please ask for a provisional ballot and a receipt. At the time, sadly, I didn’t know I had that option so I didn’t ask. So many of us have gone through this. I VOTED EARLY JUST IN CASE THEY TRIIIIIIED IT and i was prepared to ask this time!! “We know voter suppression diminishes our voice . They’ve made it harder to vote - with voters being kicked off rolls for stupid things like a misspelling. So ask yourself, If our vote didn’t matter why are they trying so hard to suppress it? They know your vote is powerful. The fact that they go through such great lengths to keep you from voting only confirms that. I am here to reaffirm the power you have to make a difference today. This is not about shaming anyone to the polls today. I know life is busy, complex and full of ups and downs. I also understand how intimidating the entire process can be and that sometimes we doubt our ability to make these critical decisions. We’ve all been there.” Link in bio! Let’s talk! @whenweallvote

“The truth is, we as a civilization depend on each other to survive. The fundamental question I challenge us all to ask is: do we feel a responsibility to help one another, especially those who may not be as privileged as us? If that answer is “Yes!” then I highly recommend casting your vote as way to help elect someone who believes in this too.” If you’re undecided and aren’t voting this is not about shaming . I’d love to hear your thoughts . Let’s talk ! Read my Op-ed . Link in bio . Thank you @refinery29 for publishing . @whenweallvote

DIRECTOR’s CUT EXTENDED VIRGIN Monáe X Depp X Wilder WILLIE WONKA (directed, & edited by me)⚫️⚪️🔲 Hair bye: @keevahair Wardrobe bye: @mandelkorn & @cara_gordon

Monáe X Depp X Wilder WILLIE WONKA (directed, & edited by me) ⚫️⚪️🔲 P.S. Gene Wilder I miss you so much . 😢 Thank you for inspiring me and so many to embrace our pure imaginations . Never lose it , kids .

HELLO . Want SoMe ChOcoLate ?

Sitting on a flight reading about all of these exceptional humans w/ tears in my eyes & pride in my heavy heart . This past week has been dark to say the least . I am thankful for the ⭐️LIGHT ✨that is YOU , each of you . THANK YOU @glamourmag for including me in this phenomenal tribe . #WOMENOFTHEYEAR2018 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🔶🔺🔷🔵🔶❤️ Photog: @daniellelevitt Writer: @KaitlynGreenidge Fashion: @seanknight Makeup: @jessicasmalls Hair: @vernonfrancois

Naps are underrated , right ?

About last night . Thank you #92Y . I hope something stuck w/ u dirty computers . Thank you for sticking w/ me . @brittanyspanos You da best .

As a writer and producer , I very seldom share my writing and producing process . On the new episode of @SongExploder, I took my song “So Afraid” apart and told the story of its creation . Even gave em’ access to my original rough demos & voice memo . 🤳🏾 Hope u find something in it . :) link in bio . Cc: @natewonderful

Class is back in session . See you soon @aclfestival ! 2nd weekend .❤️

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