Джейми Чанг


Американская актриса, хорошо известная зрителям реалити-шоу проекта MTV «Реальный мир» как участница четырнадцатого сезона «Реальный мир: Сан-Диего» и его спин-оффа «Алчные экстремалы: Инферно 2».
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When bae matches your outfit 😍🐶 @albrightfashionlibraryla 📸 @smashleybell

2 hour Season Finale is on TONIGHT! TUNE IN!!!!!!! @thegiftedonfox #mutantsunite

In honor of a true leader and remembering his lessons. #DrMartinLutherKingJr #MLK

Life is now complete 🤣 @official501st #hvffportland #ffportland 📸 @ohsnapitsmilly


Inspiring with his work and his words. I appreciate you! @myles.berrio #regram

That time I got to wear a beautiful custom dress by @kristinafidelskaya to all the #goldenglobes afterparties @jeffkkim @instylemagazine #FBF

Come to mama! This has been my dream car since I was 15. I’ve worked my ass off. I’ve been on the look out for years to purchase the perfect ‘74 @ford Bronco. Thanks to @maxlidermotors I was able to find and confidently purchase my fist vintage ride. I’m damn proud bc I worked hard for it. Be your own sugar mama/sugar daddy. #workhardplayhard #WishSheWasManual #hotginger #seeyounextmonth

It was certainly a night to remember. Thank you to @moetusa @jeffkkim @kiranasrat @castillo_13 @lordgmv 🖤 #goldenglobes #moetmoment

🎥 @thefacinator @instagram 🖤 After the party is the after party @instylemagazine wearing custom @kristinafidelskaya 💃🏻 @chopard @sophiawebster #goldenglobes @jeffkkim @kiranasrat @castillo_13 @lordglenkairne #instyleglobes @moetusa

75th Golden Globe Awards


75th Golden Globe Awards

A sea of black 🖤 @ermannoscervino @chopard @sophiawebster @jeffkkim @kiranasrat @castillo_13

I choose to wear black to support a movement that is fighting for harassment free work environments in all occupations, holding abusers accountable for their actions and for gender parity in leadership positions. #timesup #whywewearblack @timesupnow If you can put your money where your 🖤 is please donate to the legal defense fund. Link in bio. Thank you to all the courageous people who stepped up, shared their stories and ignited this fire. Thank you to my peers who helped organize this movement by using their platforms and voices to help make change for the better.

Cozy vibes for tonight 🖤 @mackage @brochuwalker 📸 @janawilliamsphotos_

About last night 🖤 #foxtca @thegiftedonfox

Season 2 spoiler alert. I kid, I kid. #regram @emmadumont

Mirror mirror on ze wall @natalynlind @thegiftedonfox @foxtv FOXTCA

“Do something crazy,” she said. This is the best we could do? #fail lol @natalynlind @theamyacker Head over to the shows handle and watch the evening unfold on instastories! @thegiftedonfox #FoxTCA MIA WTH where did you go?? @emmadumont @skylersamuels

✌🏽 things to announce 😆 : 1. We got picked up for SEASON 2!!!!! Woohoo!!! 2. To celebrate, I’ll be documenting everyone’s reaction (including my awesome cast) tonight at the #FOXTCA party! I’m taking over @thegiftedonfox instagram!!! Starting NOW!!! 😆 (gold chains and diamond hoops by 😍 @georgethejeweler top by @relatedapparel)

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