Джэми Каллам


Британский поп- и джаз-певец и автор песен. Хотя он, прежде всего, вокалист и пианист, он также аккомпанирует на других инструментах, включая гитару и барабаны.
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Was this real!?

These two burger recipes from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin respectively are working for me on this particular Monday.

@LoveSupremeFest! Very much looking to this one… Ms. Lauryn Hill is also on the bill, so don’t be surprised if you see me in the crowd for that one... tickets on sale now! lovesupreme.ticketline.co.uk

"We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but is somewhat beauty and poetry.” - Maria Mitchell - America’s first recognised female astronomer who quietly and powerfully blazed a trail for science and humanity. One of the many extraordinary people I’m learning about in the mind blowing book “Figuring” by @brainpicker Happy International Women’s Day AND World Book Day!

Yes, it would appear I really did love a camcorder didn’t I? This video was, indeed filmed with about 20 of them... #throwbackthursday #asimplertime #sideburns

Looking forward to this one! @umusicfestival🤘Tickets are on sale 11th March. #umfestival19

British Grove Studios

Calm before the storm..... #LP8

Hello March, one month closer to new music .....🎧 🚀

Never added this @taylorswift song to the song society playlist. But it was thrown together in record time for this radio broadcast. Look at that concentration on my face!

Wishing you all a great week from within this giant pink clam shell.

Oh the haircut! The jeans! The FREAKIN’ CAMCORDER?!! And Social media who!? Truly a simpler time. Great song though @bencullummusic

Rehearsals cooking nicely. Dusted off the Clav and got lost. #clavinet

This is the moment we met, many years ago, my face, captured here full of wonder. Happy Valentines Day @msophiedahl, I love you. From your husband, still full of wonder. Xx * * * Thanks for capturing this @davebenett

Dog enters studio. Hears music and swiftly leaves. #rehearsals

If you didn't see my post on Monday, I found a couple of gems in my studio recently... #ThrowbackThursday

Dear Mr Cullum. I hope you are well. It came to my attention today that you are turning 40 this year and we are seriously starting to worry about the validity of this jazz/pop, stage-craft trick. Might you consider a less structurally impactful gimmick? Perhaps biting the head off of something? A sparkly jacket? Yours faithfully, Your Knees.

I realised that my first “album” made with the dregs of my student loan and some gig money is 20 years old this year. I found a few still sealed copies in my studio. Shall we do a giveaway?

I always preferred this version of the cover of the Momentum album without my big face behind it! @stylorouge_official

Well loved picture of Tom Waits sitting astride a well loved and used Juno 60 synth. And, bizarrely, a clothes peg. Inside my studio! Am I the only one who finds random clothes pegs around their house? 🤔

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