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In life you will either find a way to make your dreams come true, or you will make excuses. Either way, your results will show which choice you made. - Got these glasses from @materialmemorie and they are pretty sweet, don’t ya think? - Also, tomorrow or Tuesday I will be doing a free giveaway here on my IG account so stay tuned! - #jakepitts #aelonia #blackveilbrides #bvbarmy #aeloniagang #aegang #aelonians #aleoniafamily #inspiration #motivation #grind #workhard #goals #dreams #manifest #believeinyourself #itshonestylthemostimportantthingyoycando

Salvation Mountain

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.” - Mahatma Gandhi - In your own words, what do you feel the meaning of life is? What gives you joy and purpose?

On set which was a real place in CA that’s a post apocalyptic looking wasteland with some strange people who actually still lived there surrounded with abandoned, wrecked buildings everywhere. Such perfect locations where we shot the upcoming @aeloniaofficial music video. In my opinion, location makes everything either average or epic. We went above and beyond to bring you something super awesome. 8+ hours of driving, less than 3 hours of sleep, and the entire day shooting! Thankfully we had @henrylipatov handling the camera duties and he can really see the right angles and shots! I can’t wait to release this video to the world! Here is a photo of your king and queen in a real world post apocalyptic sunset setting. Song teaser coming soon! 📷: @stanalien

#ad I think that it should be ok to talk about sex nowadays, as it’s such an important part of everyone’s lives and relationships. Talking about sex shouldn’t be awkward, it’s important to educate yourself and understand how you can make the most of it. Trojan H2O Closer Lube can help enhance your bedroom experience.. or kitchen table, laundry room, airplane bathroom, tour bus bunk.. whatever floats your boat! It’s natural in scent and feel and has easy clean up! Seriously, we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about these types of products or topics. The most important thing when you start living your adult life is to find a partner you can trust. Don’t let anyone pressure you or manipulate you into something if you aren’t ready. A loving and caring partner will always show his or her understanding, and will take care of you. After all we are talking about Love here. Always be smart, and be safe.#TreatYourselfToTrojan

What’s your favorite post apocalyptic or zombie film? Mine is The Book of Eli. - 📷: @stanalien - #postapocalyptic #spikedbat #innaandimadeit #zombieapocalypse #musicvideoshoot


The next @aeloniaofficial video has been filmed and ready to go into the editing process. I am extremely excited about this one, and can not wait to show you all! In the meantime head over to the @aeloniaofficial instagram account and story for more behind the scenes video from the shoot! Be sure to give us a follow as we have much more content coming soon! Thank you @henrylipatov and @stanalien for believing in us and helping us make this happen! It was an exhausting day, but so worth it. Also last but not least, thank you to my amazing wife @realinnapitts for constantly inspiring me, amazing me with your talents, and creativity. You are truly one of a kind, and I love you! - 📷: @stanalien

Rodeo Drive

What do you love to do more than anything else in the world? Some quick photos here on location one of the next music video! Tomorrow we head to the main attraction, it’s gonna be epic!! We’ll keep ya posted on @aeloniaofficial insta stories!!

Have you ever been to a BVB show? If so, where and when? My guitars I played on stage this year touring with BVB are up for grabs if you want one. I only have a couple left from my touring guitars, if you want a nice collectors item or a killer guitar if you play, I guarantee my guitar plays better than any you’ve ever played before, and I stand by that with 100% confidence. Head over to www.JakePitts.net (link in bio) . . #blackveilbrides #bvb #bvbarmy #jakepitts #aelonia #arlonians #aegang #guitar #stageplayedguitar #schecter #e1 #signature #series #shredder #guitarist #memorabilia

The Roxy Theatre

Still buzzing from last weeks @blackveilbrides shows we did at the Roxy, we all had a blast and thanks to all of you who support the band we received our first RIAA certified gold record for In The End! So stoked, can’t wait to keep putting out music for the years to come with all the projects in the works. It’s a very exciting time and I can’t wait to share it all with you, our lovely supporters. You mean the world to me, thank you for allowing me to live my dreams! - - - #theroxy #blackveilbrides #jakepitts #innapitts #makeupisback #bvbarmy #aelonia #aleonians #aegang #drcoolandbabe

If I win 1.6B tonight, I’m spending it all on this!

Best caption wins!

We had a blast at Aftershock fest the other day! Always a pleasure hanging with the legend @bam__margera Black Veil Brides are playing 3 shows in a row at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA this Thursday, Friday and Saturday! VIP tickets still available. WWW.BlackVeilBrides.VIP - - Photo: @therockinryan

Pokémon shred... never before been done. Link in bio!!! Www.JakePitts.net

Los Angeles, California

Do you know what’s coming? Are you aware of your surroundings, do you know who you really are? Spill it all in the comments below. Tell me anything you want me to know. . - - - - #jakepitts #aelonia #bvbarmy #black #blackveilbrides #blackveilbridesarmy #aelonians #aegang #aeloniafamily #mood #lighting #portrait #notaselfie #drcoolandbabe #tattoos #ink #style #punkrock #hair #rice #snack #getthemboogsoutmynoseplease #whatarethesehashtags #goodmorningandgoodnight #hotdogsaregross #behappy #stopcomplaining #smilemore

Baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle. . . . #aelonia #zedd #duo #sexy #boobgrab #haha #hotdogs #style #fashion #art #tattoos #rice #ink #hot

Los Angeles, California

These @sengled RGB color changing lights are pretty awesome! I’ve always been big on getting a good vibe in the studio when being creative and these lights are so much more vibrant than I was able to capture in a photo. So easy to use with the included hub and app to control with my iPhone. You can change the color to anything you want on the color wheel, pretty sweet, and way cheaper than the other name brands! If you love creating awesome atmosphere and vibes definitely check them out! #coloryourelement #sponsored #ironaudio #aelonia #marshmello #abelton #producer

My Grandma Pitts turned 95 years old today! So wish we could have been in Idaho with all our family to celebrate but happy for the FaceTime technology that exists so we can still sort of be there briefly! Happy Birthday Nana!!

Don’t spend all of your time trying to FIND yourself. Spend your time CREATING yourself into the person you can be proud of.

Los Angeles, California

Here’s a little taste of a new @aeloniaofficial song we are planning to release very soon! Be sure to give us a follow to stay up to date on all the news about releases! We are about to blow this thing wide open! I think I’m going to start cranking some new videos out on my YouTube channel as well. I know it’s been a while. What do you guys want to see for video content? I have a few ideas in the works but I’m open to your suggestions! Leave them in the comments. . . . #aelonia #aegang #aelonians #aeloniafamily #blackveilbrides #jakepitts #guitar #schecter #solo #newmusic #losangeles #hollywood #studio #producer #nerd

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