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Emirates Stadium

At Arsenal tonight for the #EuropaLeague. These @staderennaisfc fans were here in 90 minutes before KO. Loud, proud...and how it should be. We’re quick to knock the atmosphere in this country, and quickly blame the clubs or the leagues...but it’s the fans that create a clubs atmosphere, not the other way round. If they can, and do. So can we, and should. Plenty of clubs are working with fans better than ever before...but more can be done...

Glenn walked back into the BT Sport Winnebago at Chelsea yesterday, just over 4 months since his heart attack. He was welcomed back with applause, hugs and handshakes. “I’m alive!” he joked. 2 minutes later he was sitting on the sofa, with a cup of tea and a biscuit, watching football with a smile on his face. It was like he’d never been away. Welcome back Glenn. We’re a better place with you around 💙💙💙

My PT @bambilad1989 nailing a clap-superman press-up. Let’s see. Your efforts...GO!!!! 👏🦸‍♂️

Wow Flo!! Amazing amount of stickers from your teacher!!!! Oh, hang on...

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Join us on #PLtonight between 8-9 on @btsport. We open the lid on sexism about female pundits in football. Why do we accept it? Why is is so prevalent? How do we stop it? Shouldn’t my daughter feel as empowered and as inspired by the game as my son? I’m so p*ssed off about this & it’s time a football show was brave enough to confront it. Let’s do it. Tonight. See you there??

The Gunton Arms

Cooking. Norfolk-style. @guntonarms #HappyPlace


Strange and sad day. As we gather in Cardiff, at exactly the same time, search teams are meeting in the Channel to hunt for a man who should have been making his home debut in the Welsh sunshine today. As Emiliano and David’s family walk through the unimaginable...football stands beside them.

Friends for over 17 years and still love @fearnecotton. No kids, no marriage, no mortgages and lots of nights out when we first met. How things change...❤️😂

Making big plans for the UK’s fastest growing production company @whisperfilms_uk . Like all the best meetings it started with Guinness, moved onto red wine & finished with whisky.


#10yearchallenge I guess my hair has grown since leaving Arsenal...

Stamford Bridge

Really enjoyed yesterday with @therealjoecole joining the team again. Magic footballer, decent pundit, top bloke. 👍🏻


Morning. 📺😂

Loved #whenthescreamingstops. Find it on the iPlayer. Fascinating look at the complexity of a brothers relationship against the backdrop of massive pressure to deliver creatively. I am fascinated with people, human emotions, and what drives them - if you’re the same give this a go. @thelukegoss @mattgoss 👍🏻👍🏻

2019 arrives and it’s pure rock n roll...

He takes after his Dad...

Liverpool Football Club

4-1...not everyone is happy...

And we’re LIVE...

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