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Hold down the homestead while I’m gone fam! 🍎🍓🍅🥒🥦🍆🌽❤️ Off to Chile with @ridesnowboards 🏂🇨🇱 🤘🏼

Headed south to the land of Pisco with @dostiempos. 🤑 📸- @vicunaclaudio

Layin’ roots and watching it all grow. 🌱👶🏼🌞☺️ #NellBell #VT

Got to hang with this legend @gerglong and learn about the effects plastic has on our oceans and all it’s inhabitants. @adidas has partnered with @parley.tv and aims to remove the plastic which is plaguing our oceans and make it into innovative products such as this @adidasoriginals shoe. Plastic is disgusting... it will never break down and if we don’t come up with a better solution and rethink our consumption and packaging habits, we’ll all be choking on it just like the wildlife out in the ocean right now. 😵🦆🐢🦑🦀🐡🐳🐬🐟🐠🐋 AIR- AVOID plastic wherever possible. INTERCEPT plastic waste. REDESIGN your life! ✊🏼🌎💧#adidasparley

Not a bad spot for a hang with the boys. 🔥😎 #FullCircleProject #MtBaker

The girls love the mighty PNW 🌲❤️ #NellBell

Lines... 👨🏼‍🎨🎨🏄🏼‍♂️ #FullCircleProject

#frothgoblin aka @austensweetin sending er’ down the “perch chute”. #FullCircleProject @adidassnowboarding

Always full of stoke. Always ripping... @austensweetin 🔥🔥⚡️⚡️🤘🏼🤘🏼#FullCircleProject

A very memorable day with @nicolasmuellair for #fruition. Wait for it... 🎥- @nathanavila

The #RogueDoctor strikes again! @austinbsmith #Bernie 😅🙌🏼 @smithoptics @thenorthface @thenorthface_snow

Nell’s first boil with Papa was a success! 😊❤️🙏🏻 🍁 #VT

#FullCircleProject by @gabelanglois Produced by @friday_02 Dropping November ‘18 @adidassnowboarding @thenorthface_snow @ridesnowboards @smithoptics @purlwax @salt_and_stone

She tail guided in AK, started a business and non-profit, is the best wife a husband could ask for, battled and won the fight against Lyme disease, became stronger and healthier than ever and had a beautiful baby girl and is now thriving as a loving mother which may be the greatest feat of them all. In these last 10 weeks Nella has been with us, I’ve gained an incredible amount of respect for women and how much they go through and how little they’re recognized. Women are so freaking strong and I couldn’t be happier to help raise another strong woman by this #SuperWomans side. @kristinblauvelt 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💁‍♀️😍😘❤️🙌🏼✊🏼💃👼🏼#SheMovesMountains @thenorthface

#methodmonday for #FullCircleProject @gabelanglois @the_schwartz @friday_02 @adidassnowboarding @thenorthface_snow @ridesnowboards @smithoptics

#FullCircleProject Directed by @gabelanglois Produced by @friday_02 @adidassnowboarding @thenorthface_snow @ridesnowboards @smithoptics @purlwax @salt_and_stone 🚁🎥- @fent_pics

#FullCircleProject w/ @gabelanglois ✨ @adidassnowboarding @thenorthface_snow @ridesnowboards @smithoptics @salt_and_stone @purlwax @friday_02

“The new Smith Lowdown just got a facelift and is now available in great new #ChromaPop tints as well. Check out the Lowdown 2 in the link in my bio. #SmithLowdown2 #PursueYourThrill” @smithoptics

@gabelanglois and I are very stoked to introduce our latest video project #FullCircleProject produced by @friday_02 which will blend all natural terrain shredding around the world with living off the land and the newest adventure, learning how to be a family man. Life is a trip and I feel so lucky to have rock solid sponsors and a happy, healthy family. 😊❤️🙏🏻🔥 #grateful @adidassnowboarding @thenorthface_snow @ridesnowboards @smithoptics @salt_and_stone @purlwax 📷- @wildlifedave

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