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Mistletoe & wine 🌹

Well, no makeup headshots were definitely a first - thank you to the wonderful @michaelshelford 📸


Bday Bonanza Part 2 🎪

The 99 Club

JD's Bday Bonanza Part 1 🖤

The 99 Club

Birthday snog x

Lifehouse Spa

This cosmopolitan cost me £11 so I had to at least take a picture holding it

London Marriott Hotel Marble Arch

Celebrating Marlee's 21st 🌟 happy birthday pretty lady @marleezimmermann love u 💗 xxxxxxx

Self tape out takes !!!!! Ft. @callumchevers #iamanactor 🎬📽🎭



Not a bad tan after 2 days



Oktoberfest 2017

Shoutout to our mates in the back of the first pic who then handcuffed Josh & lent me their hat 🍺

Friends Fest Chelmford

It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy and it is a big deal !!!!!!

Notting Hill Carnival

My guy

Holi Land The Colours Festival

Shoutout to the ppl outside the loos that supplied us with glitter ✨

Revolution Southend

Taken when we were all sober enough to pretend we wouldn't end up in talk 🌚

Henry Burgers

I wore sunglasses for this picture purely bcos they were pink not bcos I am one of those people that wears sunglasses even tho it's dark ok

Blonde got boring 🌸

Lake District

City girl discovering where bottled water comes from

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