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8/25 CA💭


Cali suppression

Erebody got an asshole, erebody got an opinion


Death by shoe


Where cartoon homegirl was inspired- this is the painting I made partially stoned that I brought into my first meet w/ @atylerr in gym clothes... clearly I am great at business meetings

Make some gifs of your fav parts of the #amitheonlyone vid & tag me 🕰🔥🕰 (link in bio)

Shout out to @milenawitch for creating dis doope #amitheonlyone art

The #amithonlyone video is up on @papermagazine !!!! Go check it out & lemme know what you think🕰📽🕰 (link in story)


#amitheonlyone 🕰📽 tomorrow.

#amitheonlyone @clegfx @mariocontini MONDAY. 🕰📽

Monday part 1 #amitheonlyone @papermagazine ✨wonderland✨🕰

Hii luvs❤️ who's excited for Monday?!🥂🕰#amitheonlyone

#amitheonlyone 📽Monday.

GUYS I'm sorry I know I said I'd be posting the video today BUT I wanted to hold off and let @papermagazine premier it instead 💃🔥🔥 MONDAY. PAPER. I PROMISE. Here is a preview --- #amitheonlyone #monday

Whose excited for #amitheonlyone ???? Download @tumblr 's cabana ap to watch with meeeeeeee

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