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Looking back & reflecting upon the last year of my life - it has been quite the journey (to say the least). Through the highs and lows, music has been my single best form of expression. It has evolved through the years as I’ve grown and changed personally. One thing that's become all to clear to me is that you cannot turn back time - crazy shit happens and you can't control what life throws at ya, that's why music is so powerful. It can take you back to a singular moment in time, making you feel those same feelings no matter how many years have passed. My new music is inspired by the most personal aspects of my journey. Leaving home to move to California, self discovery, loneliness, anxiety, change, personal growth and learning how to cope with it all. The best advice I received along the way was to write it ALL down… and that’s what I did. From my journal to the studio, this is my life, and it means everything to be able to share it with you. It’s been such an emotional/therapeutic process and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for you to hear & see what’s about to come. My journey with you begins July 14.

Something's coming😶 . . . . #shadesofblue #amitheonlyone #jerseyhoops 📷 (+ @robertlopezcut )

Adventure time 🍃🌿🌾#youcomin ??

Happy Father's Day dad🖤 29 and still glowing 🌈 lol... love you

They see me rollin' 👀

You know where to find me 💭

#tbt sippin juice w gold chains in my prime

Anyone care to join me for some earl grey days????

Wishing us three could be doing something dumb today. Crazy how time passes, and how memories fade. I've written down every one I could think of so I won't ever forget... But the feeling will always stay the same. And so will your spirit. Me and @iamjakebarker will continue to order from the kids menu at every fancy occasion... and by the way- I am so insanely proud of you for your album release. You poured out honest words. your heart and your soul will remain strong through your music. Love you- jac

Point Dume

Happy birthday to my fav. Banana 🌻 I love you more than the cake at erewhon (that should say it all) Love you M @mredbridge


Day three is a wrap🎥 - so excited to share this w you guys. Put my whole heart and soul into this new music. Love you🖤

BTS 📷's from filming this weekend 👀 #amitheonlyone #foryou

💧🎥#amitheonlyone @shannonpezzetta @ariellev @danielle.whitney @feingoldstyle

schemin since day one #tbt #ponder

"Sometimes- I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

A suitcase always packed... feeling like home depends on the company and I have met some pretty special people so far. Feelin blessed 🖤

This beat up blue couch is where I finished the last song for my new EP - this couch has witnessed bad decisions, great art, & helped me form my own little blue island where Im able to openly reflect/ feel & process # 👀

There are many shitty, senseless actions in the world that happen every day that we won’t ever be able to reason with. It’s in times that are so dark & bleak, that searching for a brighter side is salient. Finding a way back to a place of hope, and and love. Feeling lost is okay. Feeling sad is okay. Feeling scared is okay. Feeling angry is ok. it’s all a part of a personal journey and process you need to go through in your own way. I understand sudden loss. I understand senseless shit happens in the worst ways to the best people.. and honestly the pain doesn’t just go away. I’ll be coping every day with what happened almost a year ago to my friend- But I like to believe there is a bigger picture we all can’t see yet that we will someday.. Just don’t stop searching for inner strength and peace. My heart is with you guys every day. X

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