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I appreciate you guys feeling like you can open up about shit you feel alone about --- i want to continue to do the same with you. #amitheonlyone who has insecurities about my body? Now im asking you again- what else do you feel alone with? #amitheonlyone who .... ________

I’d like to fill in the blank of one of the many things I feel insecure and alone about sometimes. #amitheonlyone who feels a massive amount of anxiety thinking about change ? now I’m asking you guys to open up- what are you afraid of? #amitheonlyone  who…. _________

Feeling thankful for everyone who is supporting & listening to #amitheonlyone ... I love you guys💙Thank you for the love back- what do u think the music vid will look like???

Favorite thing about this vid is watching @lbondrums 's facial expressions lmao- @neaventhegreat #amitheonlyone Whose excited for the music video👀👀!?!?

Last night at @thehotelcafe was such an incredible show. Thank you for all of the love & support. Love you guys 🖤#amitheonlyone Also @sirelijahblake & @keyshiacole fucking KILLED it 🔥🔥🔥🔥 📷: @ozzy4k


More teases - what do you guys think?!? #amitheonlyone 😶😶😶😶😶 Available everywhere this Friday 7/14!

📷 in the making of #amithonlyone ... filming that day was very emotional because the headspace I was in when I wrote it was scary to tap into. Being vulnerable in a room full of people on camera was an experience that I wouldn't want to ever forget because i got to show people the darker / more honest side of myself & bring the vision I had for this video to life. I'm excited to drop the song Friday 7/14 and (if you are coming to the show at hotel cafe) I'm excited to see you there & perform it live for the first time. Love you guys and happy to be on this journey with you.

This was taken on set of filming the #amitheonlyone music video 📷 @j3collection @clegfx 🔥🖤

It's almost that time..... 4 more days until #amithonlyone - come out & see me play it w a live band for the first time at hotel cafe 8pm Friday (tix link in bio) I promise u won't be disappointed ;)

Happy 4th!!!!❤️💙❤️Only. 10. more. days. till #amithonlyone 😭😭😭come out to hotel cafe nd chill w me / listen to more unreleased music (tix in bio) LOVE U GUYS

Whose ready for #amitheonlyone ?!?! Here is another preview... JULY 14th 😭🖤 I'm so excited u guys DONT EVEN KNOW🔥✨✨ #jacquieathotelcafe

Here is a little preview of #amithonlyone 😶😶😶😶😶🔥 whatchu guys think?! Come see me sing it live @ hotel cafe 7/14🖤 #jacquieathotelcafe #anticipation

Am I the only one? 7/14 - It all started here :’) … the first song I wrote for this project right before I moved out to California COMES OUT 2 WKS FROM TODAY - at the time I was taking trips out to LA crashing w/ generous ppl that believed in me enough to help a sista out. I was totally lost & wingin it/ suuuuuper anxious. It was a transition period for me that (little did I know at the time) would be the beginning of this insane chapter of my life and also helped inspire the first song I will be releasing. #amitheonlyone

First time EVER I’m playing all of my new music including the entire EP... come hang w/ me & vibe 🌙 -- link below & in bio https://www.hotelcafe.com/tickets/?s=events_view&id=6668

Meet my alter ego 🕴🐻🎭

Looking back & reflecting upon the last year of my life - it has been quite the journey (to say the least). Through the highs and lows, music has been my single best form of expression. It has evolved through the years as I’ve grown and changed personally. One thing that's become all to clear to me is that you cannot turn back time - crazy shit happens and you can't control what life throws at ya, that's why music is so powerful. It can take you back to a singular moment in time, making you feel those same feelings no matter how many years have passed. My new music is inspired by the most personal aspects of my journey. Leaving home to move to California, self discovery, loneliness, anxiety, change, personal growth and learning how to cope with it all. The best advice I received along the way was to write it ALL down… and that’s what I did. From my journal to the studio, this is my life, and it means everything to be able to share it with you. It’s been such an emotional/therapeutic process and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT for you to hear & see what’s about to come. My journey with you begins July 14.

Something's coming😶 . . . . #shadesofblue #amitheonlyone #jerseyhoops 📷 (+ @robertlopezcut )

Adventure time 🍃🌿🌾#youcomin ??

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