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Американский актёр, известный благодаря роли Коннора Уолша в сериале производства Шонды Раймс «Как избежать наказания за убийство».
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  • Фото 1949
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#fbf me, running towards the sweet embrace of the weekend

While watching his brothers play ball, my friend Francis experienced heat stroke and fell, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. He fought like hell in the ICU for weeks and is now starting rehab. However, Francis has been denied basic health care, making his road to recovery even more complicated and expensive. Francis has been one of the most kind and generous guys I’ve met out in LA. When I last saw him, he told me to stop by the restaurant he was working at and he’d cook me up a free meal. I’m calling on my community to help spread the word, or if possible, make a donation that will help pay his medical bills. Francis is a great dude and deserves all the love and support we can give him. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Link in bio to donate.

Super stoked to talk about the song “Sway Lake” by @ethangold -from his brother @AriGold’s movie “The Song of @SwayLake” (which I’m in)-it was created to sound like the 1940’s, and sung by @JohnGrantMusic & by @TheStaves. http://SwayLake.com. #oscars @theacademy

Pretending I’m in a very nice car when really I’m in the golf cart on set

It’s raining in LA but I’m thinking of sunny days hiking.

I look like Banjo when he rolls in the grass

I woke up yesterday to rain in Los Angeles. I was happy to see it, but after I caught up on the news this morning I learned that the rain is causing problems (potential mudslides) for the brave first responders who are still working tirelessly to find the more than 150 people still unaccounted for from the California wildfires. These fires have been absolutely devastating and those affected still desperately need our help. These folks could be displaced for a long time. Luckily, organizations like United Way of Greater Los Angeles @launitedway have disaster relief funds aimed towards helping low-income folks rebuild their lives. A little about the fund: "The Southern California Disaster Relief Fund will support our low-income neighbors whose lives and livelihoods are affected by the current wildfires in Southern California. Created by United Way of Greater Los Angeles, in partnership with United Way of Ventura County, the fund primarily provides longer-term support to help low-income individuals and families rebuild their lives." I made a donation today and I’m asking that you do the same if that’s possible. Spread the word. Link in my bio. Thank you ❤️ photo credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty images

Got to stop by NYU and speak to the classical studio before their evening performance of Twelfth Night. Great conversation that left me inspired.

@ pizza sponsor me

The Williamsburg Hotel

Escape (to) New York. @wburghotel @harveyinwilliamsburg

Happy to be back in Brooklyn.

My son

Thank you to the fire departments around California who are working tirelessly to keep us safe. Check out my story to see how you can help.

Happy birthday to my brother @iamtheelephante - lucky to have you in my corner, my dude. Much love. 🙏🏼

Banjo standing proudly in front of a project that took me way too long and he didn’t even help

Spotlight on my friend Alfie today: Alfred’s play, RED, was filmed and plays in theaters for one night only- TONIGHT November 7- in select theaters across the US, UK and Canada. Head to redincinemas.com to see where you can get a ticket. • • • The third photo is a still of a charity Alfred works with called @goodchancetheatre. Good Chance is a charity that makes theatre with refugees- in Alfred’s words, Good Chance “allows creative expression, empowers, brings people together and builds community.” If you’re able to donate, head to their page to check out how. Thanks everybody. Alfred, we miss you!

Here’s my #thirsttrapforacause: if you can, vote today. The following states allow for same day registration: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Utah, Vermont, Washington DC, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Head to vote.org if you have other questions. I voted early so I peeled my sticker off my computer to take this picture, you’re welcome. Happy Voting!

My buddy Jake released his music video for Eternal— check it out here and on YouTube. @thechakeweary @verabulder

Me listening to you talk about how you can’t wait to vote on November 6th.

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