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Winnipeg, Manitoba

When you watch someone eat the last slice of pizza. #standmoviemusical

Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival

Hangin’ with the @supergridmovie homies at Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

There’s no such thing as too many carbs

Kingston, Jamaica

Sometimes I wear clothes

Runaway Bay, Saint Ann, Jamaica

You wanna Runaway Bae?

Runaway Bay, Saint Ann, Jamaica


Miami Beach, Florida

Nobody likes my hat here

The Doghouse

The moment you realize you can’t bbq and have ruined everyone’s night.

Tallest Poppy

I wish someone looked at me the way I look at burgers. #leburgerweek @lotwgear 🍔🦖🦕

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Safety never sleeps. #nodaysoff

Kenora, Ontario

I wish I could post what I caught but I was told seaweed doesn’t count.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

When you decide to shower @winnipegfolkfestival and realize you don’t have a towel, tent or friends.

Sargent Sundae

One for you, two for me 🙃🍦🥨

Winnipeg, Manitoba

@ash.gilmour is having a baby!

Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba


Vancouver, British Columbia

I don’t often eat chicken fingers with a spoon, but when I do it’s a tiny one in a bowl of noodles. I also eat with spoons when there are no forks.

Dauphin, Manitoba

Sunday Funday Tip: Kayaks work better in water. And also, they tip.

Lake of the Woods

Lake date with @lennylewtheboxer... almost figured out the camo thing 🙋🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️

Cavalia Odysseo

Quartz and I really hit it off at @cavalia last night. The show was fantastic and I had a great time despite my lack of horse whispering skills. #odysseo 🐴

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