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Kenora, Ontario

I wish I could post what I caught but I was told seaweed doesn’t count.

Winnipeg Folk Festival

When you decide to shower @winnipegfolkfestival and realize you don’t have a towel, tent or friends.

Sargent Sundae

One for you, two for me 🙃🍦🥨

Winnipeg, Manitoba

@ash.gilmour is having a baby!

Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba


Vancouver, British Columbia

I don’t often eat chicken fingers with a spoon, but when I do it’s a tiny one in a bowl of noodles. I also eat with spoons when there are no forks.

Dauphin, Manitoba

Sunday Funday Tip: Kayaks work better in water. And also, they tip.

Lake of the Woods

Lake date with @lennylewtheboxer... almost figured out the camo thing 🙋🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️

Cavalia Odysseo

Quartz and I really hit it off at @cavalia last night. The show was fantastic and I had a great time despite my lack of horse whispering skills. #odysseo 🐴

Toronto, Ontario

Sometimes I iron shirts. Next up, learn to shave.


What I learned today: sunglasses should be worn, not held. 🤓

Lynn Canyon Park

Monday Hiking Tip: short shorts repel other hikers. And sometimes friends.

English Bay

Fun Fact Friday: T-shirts have to be ironed too. #adulting101 🦕

Deep Cove

Update: Still lost

English Bay

I don’t think my camo works on the beach... 🦕

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Since I’m going to be lost in the forest for some time, feel free to ask your questions in the comments while I await search and rescue. 🦕

Deep Cove

Beauty day out in Deep Cove. 🦕

Winnipeg, Manitoba

⚓️ #CanadaWILL @underarmourca

Chicago, Illinois

Stumbling in a Chicago bike lane on St. Patty’s Day. 🦖🦕

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