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A picture from a June 2017 photoshoot with the always beautiful @chrissymetz.


Liza... with a Z.

Discussing Weinstein Scandal with @michaelahln

With @idiotsivan talking #HarveyWeinstein scandal on @carolcostello Across America. @HLN

Selfie with Amit #uncleitay

An Emmy quickie with the everly handsome @dlanceblack. #WhenWeRise

With the spectacularly funny @kathygriffin who asked me if Steve Bannon is an all-week meth or just a weekend meth kind of guy?

Arnold "confirms" my article. @thewrap

#biscaynebay #miami #brothersbalcony

My brother just found this cheesy old picture of me. In my defense, it was the 90s.

#fullmoon #miami #bonfire

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