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Old unearthed photo. My sister-in-law @ohhod1 and me. Central Park. Days before cell phones. She still looks the same.

ראיון שלי עם “הצנרת” על שירי מימון. שירי שמככבת החודש כשחקנית הראשית במיוזיקל הקלאסי “שיקגו”. My interview with Israeli TV about Israeli pop star Shiri Maimon who is making her Broadway debut as Roxy Hart in “Chicago.”


My hit on HLN about Geoffrey Owens and the response he got from his son after being job shamed. My interview with Owens here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thewrap.com/geoffrey-owens-chokes-sons-beautiful-reaction-trader-joes-job-shaming/amp/


Cat in a box.

Talking latest Hollywood news with @josephkapsch and @alinavission on the latest #meetthehollywoodpress

Sister, niece and nephew holding up sign that reads: “Equality” at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv where scores of demonstrators are protesting Bibi’s recent surrogacy law discriminating against same-sex couples. Photos: My mom, Rina Hod, who wanted everyone to know she’s there too. #uncleitay #proud #Israel #bestfamilyever #מתעורריםעלהחייםשלנו

My balcony.

“This is something different. This is like out of ‘Handmaid’s Tale.’” Cher speaking at #FamiliesBelongTogetherLA

About to shoot #MeettheHollywoodPress With @JaymesV @josephkapsch and Gil Robertson.

Monday morning.

A year ago, my sister, @gali.hod, an Israeli clothing designer (she has her own collection called @wedressalike), decided to surprise me, her gay brother living in Los Angeles. Without telling a soul, she lovingly made my three-year-old niece her own rainbow-colored dress. The tiny frock, made of tule, came with an explanation: "It's a special dress,״ my sister said. “It’s a Pride dress. Do you know what Pride is?״ My niece shook her head. "It’s the freedom to love whoever you want.” My niece, in her gown and matching rainbow ribbons, was the belle of the parade. She got so many compliments from total strangers, she didn’t want to leave. After the parade was over, my sister sent me the sweetest gift anyone has ever given me: a video of my adorable niece, surrounded by fans, walking sassily down the streets of Tel Aviv in her new favorite LGBT dress. This year, my sister created a whole new line of dresses and tutus for the parade (including some that light up at night). I know I’m biased, but in my mind they are the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. (Here are some examples for women, girls and even men below. Please contact her if you’re interested). And if you happen to be at Tel Aviv Pride next weened and see an uber cool straight mom with a 4-year-old sassy girl strutting down the street in matching rainbow dresses, give them a big hug from me — the proudest uncle in the world. Happy Pride!

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