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Crossed off my bucket list.

Sis & me, three years ago at her wedding. Love this pic. #hodsiblings @galihod

How cool is that? @wendiemalick #AlwaysHotAndNotJustInCleveland #RNC


#nephew #Roy #uncleitay #israel #mandatoryselfie


meeting my nephew Liad for the very first time. #uncleitay

Taping a segment with John Phillips for @larrykingnow's ##PoliticKing.

my mom took pictures of my dad and niece at #TelAvivPride

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

As Steve Kornacki recently proved, even the most seasoned political spin doctors have learned not to underestimate MSNBC’s affable geeky map guy. Right before Hillary Clinton was announced the winner of the New York primaries in April, Kornacki had Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, doing somersaults trying to prove that the Vermont senator still had a path to victory. Unfazed, Kornacki gingerly poked crater-size holes in his arguments, leaving Weaver somewhat stumped. A Washington Post headline the following day proclaimed, “Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager tried to argue delegate math on MSNBC. It didn’t go well. http://www.thewrap.com/steve-kornacki-msnbc-number-wiz-primary/

With one of my all time favorites, the amazing @judithlight #transparentseason3

My interview on @larrykingnow's #politicking. http://www.ora.tv/politicking/2016/4/15/2016-race-whos-winning-the-celebrity-endorsement-battle-0_3d3kcpt5lbb7

my niece, sister, nephew and doll.

Shannon doing her magic right before a taping of @larrykingnow's #PoliticKing. #fivetimersclub

Meeting your brother for the very first time.

photo by @chadjkawalec

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