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Американская киноактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Эстер в фильме «Дитя тьмы» и Мирты в фильме «Голодные игры».
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Los Angeles, California


Waiting on you.

Morongo Casino & Spa / Cabazon Shops

Won 35 bucks at #morongocasino. Feeling blessed 🙏thanks Palm Springs. It has been real

Cabazon, California

The new Americana

Joshua Tree, California

Mr. Blue Sky

Joshua Tree, California

Lookout for sharks

Joshua Tree, California

Groovy baby.

Joshua Tree, California

This weekend I'm from the 1970s. That is all.

Soho House Malibu

To my amazing momma @elinakfuhrman: she's beautiful, she's smart, she's badass and she looks like my sister but she's my mom! Love you mumsey!

Los Angeles, California

It's official! I've signed up for my first Half Marathon! The @cphhalf!!! September 17th! Who is going to come run it with me??? I was so inspired last weekend at the #breaking2 camp, not only by @kipchogeeliud, Zersenay, and Desisa but by the entire camp of runners and coaches from around the world. I'm going to be breaking my own barrier. I can't wait! #nike #nikerunning #niketrailrunning #justdoit #swoosh

Abbot Kinney Blvd

I love you.

Running and then dancing. What a way to spend a weekend. Missing everyone from #breaking2 already.

Monza, Italy

7k run yesterday with the 30 incredible pacers from the #breaking2 race. These men had to run at a 04:34 pace per mile to keep Kipchoge on pace to finish the marathon. They may not have broken the 2 hour barrier but the teamwork and support these men had for the three athletes competing was so beautiful to watch. They all were so selfless in this race and their teamwork was inspiring beyond words. Running is viewed my most as a solo sport, something to be done alone, but this weekend (and every day since I have started running) has shown me that running is a TEAM sport. A team of runners support you and want you to break your own barriers. A team of runners can challenge you and push you to run faster, or farther, or harder. A team of runners doesn't have to dress like a team or even look like a team. If you run, you are on the team. I felt so lucky to be at the Breaking2 camp this weekend with runners from all over the globe! They have all inspired me so much with their energy, their talent and their love for the sport of running. Thank you all so so much! To the coaches: THANK YOU for making this weekend about team work and breaking your own barriers. I get emotional just thinking about the amazing moments, runs and soreness we have shared this weekend. This weekend I ran around 20 miles. Talk about #justdoit. @becsgentry @bitbeefy @coachbennett @nikerunning @nike @yourfriendseth @joshuadun @redsnakesmilano @rawmln @kraftrunners @trackmafia_ @bowermantc Photo by @fredgoris

Parco di Monza

MONZA running. Second run of the day. My legs are dead. BUT the energy of all the amazing people in the #breaking2 camp are inspiring me every single stride. ESPECIALLY the coaches. Thank you.

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

When sleepy runners finally get to sleep @fredgoris snaps a photo. #breaking2 #finallysleeping

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

I may have only slept for three hours last night, I may have not had enough coffee and I may have not run my fastest BUT I ran a 5k on the same track where history was made THIS morning. I feel so lucky to be here! Now I finally get to take a nap!

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

WORLD RECORD TIME 02:00:25. History was still made and Eluid Kipchoge walks away with the world record and personal best. He's 25 seconds away from #breaking2. I think can do it! Incredible what we, as people, are capable of when we put our minds and bodies to it! We will BREAK 2! So grateful to have been here to witness this moment. Thank you @nike @nikerunning

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Slo-mo was needed because they are SO DAMN FAST!!! lap 2 down #breaking2

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

It's 5am and three men are getting ready to attempt to make history today. I may be tired, but that's no where near as tired these men must have been training for this race. If They succeed they will make history and if they somehow don't they still will be succeeding because they are attempting to do something no one has ever attempted before. They have trained to break their own barriers. I can't even imagine how nervous they must be. Here's to Eluid Kipchoge, Zersenay Tadese and Lelisa Desisa - the men who are attempting to go where no man has gone before. I'll be here rooting you on! #justdoit @nikerunning

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