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Американская киноактриса. Наиболее известна по роли Эстер в фильме «Дитя тьмы» и Мирты в фильме «Голодные игры».
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Los Angeles, California

#throwbackthursday to that time in my life when I had a crown made of ANTLERS. Because why not?

Lucille Lortel Theatre

M A C 🔪 B E T H Come see us! Previews start May 7! Link in bio for tickets! #macbeth #mac🔪beth

Double, double toil and trouble #macbeth #mac🔪beth

The World Famous Las Vegas Sign!

and fight our aching bodies all the way to Vegas with. I am so deeply in love with @hannahminardi @mariahdyson @sarahpeddicord @runwithvictoria @lindsaylmiller @sugashaw_herself @sierrakenner. FLYGIRLS FOREVER. Ya’ll we ran to Vegas! To our fabulous crew mommas @sup_melly_mel, @aisha_jade and @megrappp. THANK YOU for taking care of us, loving us, hugging us and keeping us going. To our running crew @sunnysoofiani, @martinltorres and @itsnezz2u THANK YOU for running with us, feeding us, and reminding us that we were unstoppable every step of the way. To @rodgerrobley and @imericbrownjr thank you guys for making us laugh, for making us peanut butter sandwiches, for buying us pringles and for constantly pumping us up. Our crew’s energy, support and help was imperative to us surviving this race. So much love for you all. Thank you @becwilcock for coaching us - not just physically BUT mentally. I thought of you every hill, ever mile, every step of the way. Congratulations on breaking the all female team of 6 record too! Smashed it. @nikelosangeles thank you for bringing us together for #nwmp. Found a forever family with these women. So beyond grateful for your love and support. To anyone else who ran this race. Congratulations. You are all incredibly strong. This experience has changed my life forever. Also- thank you to our amazing sponsors! @harmlessharvest, @lone.body, @olyxir, @mush, @eatenlightened, @myodetox, @hyperice and @maurten_official (pt 2)

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

To quote Bill Bowerman, "The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, it’s to test the limits of the human heart.” Last year I hosted a race. I ran little bits of it and fell in love with the idea of having an all female team run that race the next year. That race was @thespeedproject. On Friday, March 29, 2019 at 4am, 8 women started running from the Santa Monica Pier to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign alongside 42 other teams. The finish line was 344 miles away. When I think back on this past weekend running The Speed Project with the @flygirlsxtsp team, it brings tears to my eyes. As I told @nils_hh at the pool party after we arrived, “You are one sick *🤬* but thank you for the best weekend of my life.” On paper TSP is a 344 mile relay race from LA to LV. But really it is a huge test of your mental endurance, your spirit for life, how hard you are willing to push yourself for your goals, and the idea of TEAM. I think I lost myself in Death Valley for a bit. My shins were on fire, I was hungry, I was tired, and all I could think about what how intimidated I was about the 140 miles LEFT we had to run. I stopped, I iced my leg, I cried and then I found myself thanks to my team. We started this together and we knew we were going finish it together. TSP is a race that turns your legs to jelly, your brain to mush and pushes your heart through your chest and onto your sleeve. When we got to the sign (aka the finish line) we all cried into each others arms because we knew that what got us through the whole race was the love we have for each other and the love we have for the sport of running. Running has changed my life. For such a competitive and solo sport, I feel so embraced by the running community. I love how even in a race like this we can look at the team in first place and the team in last place and know that everyone had their own journey out there. Everyone struggled, everyone hurt, and everyone had to dig deep inside themselves to find the spark to keep them going. This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team of women I was lucky enough to run with, share tears with, eat pasta out of a bag with, laugh with (pt 1)

Death Valley Sand Dunes

T-minus 1 day to @thespeedproject.... also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to smiley, funny and lovely @becsgentry! ❤️ CAN’T WAIT TO GET LOST IN THE DESERT WITH YOU THIS WEEKEND

Los Angeles, California

In 2 days I’ll be running from LA to LAS VEGAS with @flygirlsxtsp as a part of @thespeedproject. 344 miles through the desert. Last year I had the honor of hosting the race and run certain parts of it. While on the road, I kept thinking and saying on social media, that I was going to put together a team for the next year. An all-female team, and that we would run it together. And here we are. The word TEAM is defined as a group of two or more working together. THIS team means so much more to me. ThIs team, my FLYGIRLS, have seen me at my most vulnerable: they have seen me fail at training runs, they’ve seen me crush some others, they’ve helped me when I got injured and they’ve supported me every single day of this training cycle and the #nwmp training cycle. I love these women deeply. And I feel so beyond lucky to know them, to run with them, to know how strong they are, to know how kind they are, and to know that they have my back. They all know that I definitely have theirs. As I think about our huge race this weekend, I realize that I’m scared, but I also know that I’m not alone. Mile after mile, leg after leg, step after step, we will get there TOGETHER. If you want to run fast- go alone If you want to go far- go together I love my #flygirls @mariahdyson @sugashaw_herself @hannahminardi @sierrakener @runwithvictoria @lindsaylmiller @sarahpeddicord


Los Angeles, California

20 days away from @thespeedproject with my @flygirlsxtsp team! The runs are getting harder, my lungs are getting stronger and my excitement and fear is building. 344 miles - LA to VEGAS. Still seems slightly impossible, but with my team, I know we can do it. 8 women with one crazy dream. 💪🏻

Los Angeles, California

I challenge you to do something today that makes you feel absolutely unstoppable!

22 I’m ready for ya.

MCC Theatre

I can’t wait to start rehearsals ❤️😆

Los Angeles, California

SO BEYOND EXCITED to announce that will be taking on the part of Macbeth in an all female reimagining of Mac Beth this summer along with some badass ladies! Come see us in May! ❤️ check our the link in my bio to read more :)

Los Angeles, California

Looking ahead at the 344 miles I’m going to be running with @flygirlsxtsp. Only 7 weeks until @thespeedproject. This year, instead of just hosting- I’m running it. It’s only crazy until you do it... so in the meantime I’m running around LA with @nikelosangeles @becwilcock and @blue_benadum. Adding up miles and preparing mentally and physically for this challeng. I have to keep telling myself to keep moving. Keep moving everyone. It’s when you keep moving consistently that real change happens. Small things can add up to one big thing. Just keep your eye on the small goal in front of you, for now- but know where that accomplishment will take you later. 🏃🏻‍♀️

Los Angeles, California

When people ask me what it’s like to be an actor... #selftape WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT

Los Angeles, California

Do you know we live in the LEAST ACTIVE GENERATION!? How scary is that? @nikelosangeles wants to change that! So, @becwilcock @blue_benadum and I took to the streets in the #GoTourLA bus to get people out to new trails, routes and places in LA to run. Come join the party and sign up for the next one :) JOIN #TEAMNIKE and let’s #gomoregetmore together!

Los Angeles, California

ARE YOU READY TO GO!??!? Seriously! Tomorrow and Sunday are YOU ready to come run with me and #teamnike in the #gomoregetmore challenge!? If so follow the link in my bio and use the code GOISABELLE to join me @nikelosangeles @nikerunning and superstar coaches @blue_benadum @becwilcock as we all GO somewhere real special to run together ❤️

Los Angeles, California

Thank you @darling. Thank you @nikelosangeles. Thank you to all the women of #NWMP. Thank you @becwilcock. Thank you @blue_benadum. Thank you @erinmdesimone @jarick__ @sup_melly_mel @mpaterno. I am beyond grateful.

Chateau Marmont

Once upon a time in Hollywood...

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