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Los Angeles, California

Sup Friday ... you dayum fine. I like you. 🖤

🙏🏽💜 happy little vegemites

Goodbye for now sweet niece! Love you long time! ❤️💙💜💚💛 #auntiebel + #madamsquishy

JW Marriott Austin

Austin is treating me far too well! ✨💛😎 | #jwmarriot #austinkittylimits😻 Eyebrows by my all time fav @eyesbyria ❤️ #happymondayfolks #bandanabandit

What a week! Now it's time to take a good ol' power stance and shimmy on into the weekend ✨💃🏼📸 @hawshietashie #widestancedance #denaamykimono

Dat good lyf | 💕| 🔮 @keiynanlonsdale 📸 @liamhall_ 👙 @alongtimeevolving


To my friend keiynan. What a journey he's been on the last year. Countless stories, momentous memories and life changing lessons. He is many things but one thing he is not is afraid. Another thing he is not is selfish and so today he shares his magic with the world His music video for "Good Life" is out now and shares some of the wonder he's found this year. We had so much fun shooting it and I can't wait for you to be part of the good life revolution! ✨💚💜❤️💙💛 #goodlife #vibecatchers

Los Angeles, California

I'm gonna play some make believe today ✨ #yabbadabbado

Los Angeles, California

CRSSD festival blog post up now! Link in bio 💛 #crssdfestival #lifethroughthelensisabeldurant

Come at me Monday | 👊🏼💃🏼#supercasual #kenzoxhm (that time @denaamy & I decided to become the mannequin at H&M nyc. #nailedit

This year has been a huge year of growth (not vertically ... still a mere 5'4") & self-discovery for me. Meditation has been an integral part of that! @mndflmeditation in NYC was my first guided meditation experience & it was incredible! 💛check out link in bio for my blog post about it! 🙏🏽❤️ #lifethroughthelensisabeldurant #mndflnyc #headspaceday #headspace #mentalhealth

Los Angeles, California

Happy birthday to the man in the middle. I lived 25yrs without him and now I can't imagine my life without him! Love you Matt. ❤️🎉🙏🏽💫 #thattimewenttovenice #birthdayboy #nikonfe

CRSSD festival

Found my happy place. Watching bestie do what she loves really really bloody well! (Thanks to @itsjordanjr for the boost!) ✨🕺🏼💜💙💛💫

CRSSD festival

Bit of fun with friends 🕺🏼❤️🎉🏳️‍🌈

Hands up 🙋🏼 whos excited to see these beauties work their magic at @crssdfest this weekend? Meeeeeeee Ps I snapped dis at Gov Ball, NYC. Clearly there was much love! 🖤 #onemoresleep #nikonfe

Los Angeles, California

Mirror selfie ... how original 📸| New blog posts live now munchkins 🙏🏽❤️

💅 | #vanityprojects #nikonfe #50mm

Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the new week ladies and gentlemen. May it be filled with frivolity and peppered cheekiness 😏| Big Love ❤️

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