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Американская актриса и знаменитость.
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SWIPE ➡️ and see the many reasons why we need YOUR vote. Though thoughts and prayers are always cherished and important, we need your voices and actions. We need to take responsibility. You have no excuse and if you do, then find other ways to stand up for what’s right and use your voice. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if you’re a democrat or a republican. I don’t care who you are and what you may have believed in the past, but the time has come to do right by OUR planet and by OUR people. We are all ONE whether you like it or not. We need to do better and be better in times of crisis. No excuses. Make the time. California, you have to vote by 10/22 🌴 As a birthday present to me, please get out there and get it done! @lyft is an incredible company and they are offering free rides to the polls! Let’s do this people. Love you all ♥️

I need more berets 💫

sometimes I just don’t believe this dog is real #chicken

today f i n a l l y felt like 🍂 🖤

draw me like one of your French rolls 🥖 @kat_in_nyc

I love you ♥️ @kat_in_nyc

New York exhausts Chicken


New York, New York

New York Chicken is a weird Chicken 🍗

Butch a la “portrait mode”


BREAKING: “Ireland Baldwin is just an ordinary girl as she fills up her truck with gas while wearing her hair in a top knot and munching Dippin Dots” #relatable

I don’t know these people

In-N-Out Burger


be back later... going to live here 🌲

smiling because biscuits and cheesy grits exist 💕

Urban Cowboy Nashville

it’s gunna be real hard to get me to leave this place

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