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Американская певица, композитор, музыкант и продюсер, продавшая около 10 миллионов пластинок по всему миру. Обладательница четырёх наград «Грэмми», включая категорию «Лучший R&B альбом».
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HERE WE GO!!! IT’S HERE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #thatmagic : the VIDEO! ~ WHEWWWWWWWWWW! I. LOOOVVE. IT! I hope you do TOOOOOOOO! LOVE TO ALL FULL LINK IN MY BIO! Love to ALL! #soulbirdsworldwide!🔹THANK you @lyriqbent you’re a JOY to work with. THANK @grampsmorgan for bringing the king vibes to my life always! Thank you to the creative team! @maorikarmael @dapperafrika @daryonhaylock @zarahair1 @_shannonsanders AND my #Soulbird CCO ~ @anasatroutman #FFL Anasa♥️ ... and as always MOM @havenstreet ~ LOVE TO ALL #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #thatmagic I’m CRUNK RIGHT NOW!! THE ALBUM LOL WORTHY COMING SOOOOOONNNN .... Link to full video in Bio

SOUND UP! This is my #followfriday EARLY because I couldn’t hold it. I HAVE A DUET OUT WITH THIS GUY!! CHRIS MANN ~ Some of you may know him from #thevoice or #phantomoftheopera BUT WE! met many years ago at the legendary songwriter Dianne Warren’s studio and he told me he’d written a paper on my song #backtothemiddle 🤯 we’ve been friends ever since, shared the stage many times since, and FINALLY RECORDED A SONG TOGETHER!! and IT’S. SO. GOOD!!! Pre-order the NOISE album by @chrismannmusic to hear our new duet “Honestly” before it releases anywhere else. Visit ChrisMannNoise.com for your exclusive download. and you want to hear a GREAT voice, and see my cute Spirit God Son ( i gave myself that title Chris and his wife did not lol) give him some follows AT @chrismannmusic @iamchrismann on Twitter. love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #honestly #worthy #chrismann #thatmagic !!! SING CHRIS!

#thatmagic 🖤 coming reeeeeeelly soon ....

Check my insta story for the rest of this message 😉💋#worthy #thatmagic

🖤 #thatmagic my leading man @lyriqbent Video coming SOON!

SWIPE LEFT: Look how COOL! This is by @lalarvazquez ~ a painter who started as therapy to channel the stress of leaving her career to care take a newly diagnosed autistic son. Give her some follows ya’ll /// we all we got. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #sedona

Swipe left! #thatmagic video coming soooooooonnn!!! Yeeeeeeeee! 🌹‼️💋💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🧣👠🎒🌹🍎🍒🍓🌶🍷 🌹‼️💋💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🧣👠🎒🌹🍎🍒🍓🌶🍷

SOUND UP! 🎼Silent Night Ft. Brandy from my Christmas Album: India Arie and Joe Sample: Christmas With Friends. (go download it now!) It’s December already ya’ll. It’s been a FULL year. Look at the view I hsve today ~ 😭 ~ I’ve cried tears of Joy and pain everyday since August ~ and now coming thru the other side, with new music! New video (coming soon) new album coming in FEBRUARY! ... its been a DYNAMIC ride. Thankful for this moment of rest before I JUMP! Back into IT! I’m so grateful for you all being here to hear my melodic truth (@l.i.s.a.f.i.s.c.h.e.r called my songs that LOL) ~ enjoy this, the effortless beauty of #seattle #timelapse

Last night was SO JOYFUL, and high consciousness, and soulful and Incandescent, and inspiring and POWERFUL and special and nourishing and ... just .... 🔥 its just was. Thank you @glidesf I will come back ANYTIME and next time we gonna sell ALL those seats out. Thank you Suze and @joelcross.music and @jilenecoggins and thank you especially Janet and Cecil and @mchammer (I saw you! Missed not getting a chance to give you a hug) AND ~ for all those who joined my LIVE vocal warmups lol ~ they worked. I woke up this morning not sure I’d be able to sing. But @fruitionorganizedmusic reminded me I GOT THIS. Steam is your friend lol ... love to #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #glidesf

Bay area, I knoooooow this is last minute ! BUT COME! Im performing 3 songs for the @glidesf yearly benefit! And just the rehearsal was INSPIRING! Wait till you hear the Choir’s arrangement if #BREATHE wow. Check my insta story for a link! #breathe #glidechurch #glidechurchsf #iamlight #worthy #one

I just love her SO MUCH. It’s a revelation! When your siblings lives change, so does YOURS. I am honored to be an AUNTIE, and I hope she feels as loved by ME, as I do by MY aunts. I have failed in the past to take up the mantle of my changing position in my family, but I will get THIS one right. She DID GREAT! At her swim lesson lol ... Bless all of you, and if you didnt know, I will be singing at the @glidesf fund raiser ~ I look forward to it for a lot of reasons. I love yall. #worthy #iamlight #harper #songversation

I AM STILL on cloud 9 (Billion‼️) We did a video! For #thatmagic ~ #worthy #iamlight #iamnotmyhair #songversationthepodcast #thewomaninred 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Woke up to the MOST BEAUTIFUL FOG this morning. Dynamic Weather is one of my Greatest! sources of inspiration. How about the allegory tho: Sometimes we have to just wait for the winds to change for clarity to be revealed. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight #worthy

Soooooooooo, THIS is how I spent MY 11/11 ~ 😍 Thank you @lyriqbent You were EVERYTHING AND MORE. Thank you for holding my hand thru this process ~ and for your wisdom. Most of all, thank you for having #thatmagic 🤤🤣 ~ IF I had a celebrity crush, it would definitely! be you. love to all #soulbirdsworldwide ~ I. can. Not. WAIT. for. ya’ll. to. see THIS! ... and side note: I need to do an honorable mention of some of the submissions we got, because, there were SO MANY LOVELY LOVELY BROTHERS, out there who got something special lol #worthy #brownskin I wasn’t ready lol ... soon.

Just tossing it out there lol! 💫⭐️🌟✨⚡️🌙💫⭐️🌟✨

Ok!!! It’s UP!! If ya’ll are having problems with it playing let me know. If not! Let me know when you heeeeeaaaarrrrr iiiiiittt ... 💙

The more I mature, the clearer is becomes: LIFE, is about taking chances. 5 years ago, I took a LEAP! Into the fools journey, for NYC, For BIG DREAMS, and ultimately... for LOVE. And, now it’s time to say Good Bye. This experience has matured me even deeper ~ and brought Clarity: That so long as those chances I take are from an authentic place, there is no “failure” ~ but rather “experience” and THAT is what life is ALL ABOUT. Experience. So, as I stand on the edge on my NEXT leap into the unknown, I welcome and honor the next phase of life ... and love ... with TRUST! ~ because its CRYSTAL CLEAR! It’s only life happening from here. Break down, Break Through, Break the Shell, Elevate, and Fly ~ and do it ALL OVER AGAIN. Today I honor the cycles of life. And I AM #worthy AND #iamlight AND I #soulbirdrise into #thelifeiknow with #strengthcourageandwisdom ~ its been inside of me aaaaaaallll Along 🎶🖤

There was a time when were SUUUUPER close to a Broadway revival of “For Colored Girls” ~ and get this! It was to start ME, @jurneebell @naturi4real @tarajiphenson ~ THAT WAS ABOUT TO BE 🔥!! Whew. And then ~ funding fell through, but the journey TO the show was life changing. I was blessed to fellowship with #Ntozakishange several times. and Whoopi (who was an deep supporter) and Shirley joe finney the director (far right) and I had the frame work to explore my shadow side ~ one of the deepest gifts of my 30’s. I have to trust that the show wasnt meant to be ~ but I have and will carry with me the seed of empowerment planted in this “colored girl” #rip #ntozakishange “we are” because you were.

Birthday Season is officially complete. And it was a JOY! JOY ! JOY! , i have more to say about it, my friends love me and gifted me in so many wonderful ways. More on that later. RIGHT NOW! , It’s a beautiful full moon crisp, fall night, and I’m sitting here talking to mom after the BEST PHOTOSHOOT EVER (can’t WAIT for you to see!) And after ALL that partying and photoshooting, I’m ready to unveil THIS... episode 8! Of #songversationpodcast SongVersation: Ready For Love. This was in the top 3 requested songs ... LOTS i could say about it, but I say it all in the episode! 🤷🏾‍♀️ So, check your girl out! On itunes. (Link in bio) ALSO! Come follow my other page @songversationpodcast Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight #thatmagic

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