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Американская певица, композитор, музыкант и продюсер, продавшая около 10 миллионов пластинок по всему миру. Обладательница четырёх наград «Грэмми», включая категорию «Лучший R&B альбом».
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#stillbirthdaying! I just wanted to post this today. Celebrating the Woman I’ve Become. for many years, I was taken aback and at times knocked off my feet, by all of the forces that mkae being a BLACK, WOMAN, in the MUSIC INDUSTRY - a seriously challanging and painful journey. NOW, I look and realize, THIS, is just life happening. And I HONOR MY HUMANNESS! Blessed to be living this LIFE! The ups AND downs. And, for the love of my music, a #worthy Journey. I’M STILL HERE! and making music. and being FABULOUS, and being ME! and this BIRTHDAY I AM IN SO MUCH GRATITUDE for EXACTLY who I am, and who I am becoming! styling by my Mom @havenstreet & my soul sister @theenvylife make up @daryonhaylock #Iamlight #worthy #soulbirdrise #libra #libraseason♎️

Happy Birthday @donnitacamille ~ #soulbirdsworldwide ~ giver her some follows for her birthday. 💜 ♎️

Sound up! #stillbirthdaying ! After much thought, back in 2006, I came to conclusion that Maya Angelou is my (s)hero ~ it took me 2 weeks to figure out that it wasn’t a musician. I had the PLEASURE and HONOR of being with her several times, and TODAY! My good freind told me to be on the look out for an important package ... I’m thinking floweeeeerrrs or a special crystal, or vinyl of a BOOK.... no she sent me the ULTIMATE BOOK! This is a first edition, SIGNED Maya Angelou book AND ... look was she put ... JOY ... as I mature, I learn that my mother is right, for ME, joy is a choice. And leave it up to Shero to say that to me today. BEST birthday EVEEEEEERRRR. And I’m blessed to be able to say that EVERY year lol. Love too #soulbirdsworldwide #mayaangelou #worthy #bookstagram #booklover #booklovers #rarebooks ~ SO BLESSED!

SOUND UP AND SWIPE LEFT ! #stillbirthday ing ~ the last Saturday in September I had brunch with 7 friends. On my ACTUAL birthday, 10/3 This is what I did: I started my personal New Year (Birthday!) on October 3rd Moving into a NEW HOUSE! To know me, is to know my house, (which I bought in 2002 and sold in 2016) was SACRED To me. You can see it in promo photos for #SongVersation (2013) and in my @bethertv documentary BEING INDIA ARIE #beingindiaarie In fact theres a moment in that episode where I cry talking about my childhood. (I can easily talk about my life without crying) The TRUTH is, In THAT moment I was overwhelmed with the transition I was in, my house was SACRED! No shoes, no funny vibes, lots of energy clearing, imbued with So much MUSIC and emotion ~ and there was a CAMERA CREW ALL OVER THE HOUSE! IN SHOES! Lol We all kept laughing in astonishment ~ but the house was no longer mine. 🙏🏾 There was even a cAmera crew in my PRAYER ROOM. LOL! ~ AND THEN talking about my childhood family, AND then I tried to sing I am Light ... and THEN 😭. For last 2 years I’ve been renting, and moving around a LOT lot, (sometimes it was REALLY stressful) and Ive learned something about myself. It wasn’t THAT first house that was sacred, Its HOME that is SACRED to me. And so Moving into a NEW HOME, on my birthday, is the beginning of a relationship I look forward to being in the unfolding of for years to come. 8 am on October 3rd ~ I had a moving crew, and cleaning crew ~ and around 7 pm ~ I was settled in and had a chef friend come over and make me: a HUGE salad, #Vegan Broccoli soup and Vegan Polenta with shiitake mushrooms ~ I bought myself roses and Listened to #steviewonders album Fufillingness’s First Finale on repeat (my top three Stevie albums ) And I slept amazingly! in the peace and grounding of HOME. I woke up at 5am and took a bath. AND I GOT 150 texts lol and YAY! my yearly #stevie birthday call. Lit up my whole life. AND @erykahbadu FT me! (Thank you sister, sorry i missed you ) It was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I say that every YEAR BTW lol #privateparty Love to ALL #soulbirdsworldwide #libraseason #libraseason♎️ #songversationpodcast #worthy #iamlight

#stillbirthdaying #stillbirthday Good Morning for Tuscaloosa Alabama. Today i’m singing with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra ~ usually I’d indulge myself the ENTIRE month ~ which this year would be an overindulgence, heres why. For many years I struggled with the demands of being a performer/ celebrity ~ while having the constitution of an Artist / Thinker. NOW, I’ve found a balance through self discovery leading to wisdom, Therapy leading to clarity, and Breakdown leading to a break through. Today, I understand MYSELF enough to do it MY WAY. And so for THIS birthday, I’m HAPPY to be working! While STILL celebrating. HERE’S WHAT I WANT FOR MY BIRTHDAY: Listen to my podcast (Link in my Bio) ~ its a free offering of my Wisdom, Clarity and breakthroughs ~ all framed with a SONG OFCOURSE. AND! share it with some you know would love it. And come follow my podcast page @songversationpodcast > Love to ALL #soulbirdsworldwide #libraseason #libraseason♎️ #songversationpodcast #worthy #iamlight

My friends love me ... thank you for these #birthday wishes #libraseason #thatmagic #worthy #iamlight @anasatroutman @donnitacamille @denisu81 @stephengranthill @miss_nikki_z @ledisi

Happy birthday to MEEEEEEEE .... this made me CRY ... so beautiful. My birthday yesterday was a TRUE new beginning. I got So Much love ! From so all direction ~ and had SO many feelings and revelations about where I’ve been and where I’m going. To know me, is to know I celebrate ALL month, and I’ve decided to do that FOR REAL this month. Like I say in my #privateparty - This is not ego or vanity, I’m just celebrating meeeeeeee .... so, get ready for this IG birthday celebration. Celebrating all the way through LIBRA .... @brooklyndolly THANK YOU for this. Thank you SO much. 😭

Look what my mom @havenstreet posted 😭 .... it’s a WONDERFUL birthday. I have MUCH more to say later, but for now ... going back to eating cereal and packing, and thinking about life, and meditating on the next year, and the past year .... IT’S MY BIRTHDAY YA’LL .... it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! because for SEVRAL TOMORROWS I’m gonna be #stillbirthdaying #libra #libraseason #Iamlight #worthy #songversation @songversationpodcast (heard the podcat yet? follow my other page 😉) love to all #soulbirdsworldwide


Let’s Go! October is HERE! TOMORROW October 3rd IS MY BIRTHDAY!!

My GIRL! ... She’s got #thatmagic lol

ONE ~ from the album #songversation. This is for me, is the highest truth. Easier said than done, but necessary for our survival. Come follow us @songversationpodcast ~ #love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

Let’s GO! #libra #libraseason

Robin Roberts Texted me this Morning! 😁😄😃‼️ My BFF lol thank you @robinrobertsgma for ALWAYS holding a vision of my highest good. I love you. Cant wait to Celebrate. Have YOU heard my new single #thatmagic? LINK IN MY BIO! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #thatmagic l‼️

I LIKE making videos on IG lol who knew 😂 Follow my podcast account! @songversationpodcast Send me some DM’s! Let’s SongVersate ... I like that 🤓 LOVE to all! #soulbirdsworldwide #songversationpodcast #songversationnation #worthy #iamlight

SWIPE LEFT! NEW PODCAST IS UP! Back by popular demand! ~ On: anchor.fm AND apple podcasts ( a few other places too) this is the first time I tell the story of a NEW song. Excited for you to hear! AAAAANNND ~ come follow my podcast page @songversationpodcast ~ ‼️‼️‼️ ~ accepting ALL DM’s and flowing everybody back from there 🔥🔥🔥 forgive me for taking so long ... soon it’ll all make sense LOL! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #songversation #songversationpodcast #songversationnation #worthy #thatmagic #Iamlight

ELATED! Freaking. ELATED! Thank you all for all this LOVE! SO much more to come! #thatmagic #worthy #iamlight whohooooooooo!!!! I’m 🔥 right now. 😂🤣😅

BARS! 🎼Every other man next to him is so mundane 😴 lol! In a world of cocaine he’s like fine champagne 🥂 Harvest DAY! #thatmagic link in my bio! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’M HAPPY TODAY! Lol ! #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #thatmagic #hegotthatmagic #whogotthatmagic

Harvest Day! So! NEW SINGLE ... TOMRROW! ‼️‼️‼️‼️ It’s called THAT MAGIC! Some of you heard it at Essence ~ here’s the finished product! My next album #worthy is a collection of my recent life’s stories in song ~ and THIS first story picks up with A simple song of finding the RIGHT love. #thatmagic kind of love, the undeniable #magic that opens doors kind of love... WHEW! HERE WE GO! And a mini head wrap tutorial too 😂 NEXT story from #worthy coming reeeeeaaal soon. Meanwhile > #whogotthatmagic ?#indiaarie #worthy #blackgirlmagic #hesgotthatmagic #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #wrapstar

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