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Американская певица, композитор, музыкант и продюсер, продавшая около 10 миллионов пластинок по всему миру. Обладательница четырёх наград «Грэмми», включая категорию «Лучший R&B альбом».
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YOU ALL MADE WORTHY IS #1 on the ITUNES R&B chartS‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😭 THANK YOU! Talk to me! What ya’ll feelin’?! What ya’ll thinkin? Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #whatif #thatmagic

WORTHY! // I’m over the TOP EXCITED! Lol //Have you heard it?! Wachu thinkin’?! Wachu feelin’?! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight

No Caption Needed ‼️‼️‼️#tourdates #worthy #whatif #thatmagic #worthytour

No Caption Needed ‼️❗️‼️#tourdates #worthy #whatif #thatmagic #worthytour clothes made by: @havenstreetstudio Photo: @duan.davis additional styling: @jilenecoggins Makeup: @daryonhaylock Image illustration: @jiggysmama

Here is the FULL ‘WHAT IF’ VIDEO! Blessed Black History Month yall! I’d be honored if you would Take a moment to really look and listen and even repost or record or re- sing! Using #whatif🙏🏾 ALSO just a reminder pre orders for #worthy ARE OPEN!!! Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #blackhistorymonth @ava @lenawaithe @opalayo @chasinggarza @osopepatrisse @oprah @supersoul @violadavis @kamalaharris @taranajaneen 💋

~ No caption needed ~ #worthy

This is officially my favorite creation of my moms @havenstreetstudio // Fabric: Raw Silk, gold with a pink Sheen // 3 pieces: Man Shirt (I ADORE a custom man shirt) // Cape (that’s where the neck ties are attached. BIG Skirt (and Petticoat) // I wish I could wear it again RIGHT NOW LOL ~ love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

#trumpetawards 2019 was a TRUE JOY! I was blessed to open he show with my new song #whatif >> As always All of this was designed and sewn by Mom @havenstreet // co designed by my stylist @jilenecoggins // and make up @daryonhaylock // hair by @zarahair1 >> #worthy #Weare #thatmagic

SOUND UP: Swipe Left: The Full “What If” Video is up!! (Link in my Bio) We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ June Jordan See my Insta Stories to pre order #worthy! And get the song #what if // love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

NEW SONG! ‘WHAT IF’ // Pre Orders! // i’m EXCITED!!! See my insta stories for Link! #worthy #whatif ~ Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

BIG NEWS!!! I AM RELEASING A NEW SONG THIS FRIDAY January 18th & its Called “WHAT IF” here is a little sneak peak‼️ Also PRE ORDERS for #WORTHY ALBUM BEGIN FRIDAY, JAN 18th! ❤️ AND!! With pre order, you will be able to download “WHAT IF” Whew I’m excited LOL! love to all #soulbirdsworldwide!!! ~ Check back here Friday for the FULL VIDEO !! 😍ALSO, See my instastory NOW for WORTHY ALBUM COVEEEEEEER!! I’m literally smiling, dancing around my kitchen! 💃🏾 Can’t WAIT until you hear this one! #whatif #worthy

💫THAT MAGIC 💫~ have you seen it? Have you heard it? Wachu thinkin? Wachu feelin’? Dope images by @jamiejimme of me being afraid to hit my friend with a pillow ~ I’m sucha softie lol 🙄 //and my dope director ~ @maorikarmael #curves #brownskin // Link in my bio! #thatmagic #worthy ~ waaaaaaaiiiiiiit till you hear the REST Of THIS ALBUM! whew!

The year of BREAK THE SHELL! Did you know there was a video for this song? DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A PODCAST?!! I discuss THIS song ( and #cicelytyson and New Year’s Day 2007 and a loooooot more) on the EPISODE 11 Of SongVersation The Podcast. you can also enjoy the sound of my washing machine in the back lol ~ this is just ME at my table talking .... If you’re a deep thinker and feeler, this is for you. Come follow us here @songversationpodcast #songversationpodcast #breaktheshell #worthy #songversation #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

⭐️SOULBIRD AWARDS 🏆 My FAVORITE moment of 2018 ... #1. Holding Maya Angelou’s walking sticks. At Dr. Maya Angelous funeral, I met her best Freind, Dr. Maxine Mimms ~ and she is TRULY a wise oracle, and shes funny and brilliant, she founded Evergreen State collage at 45 yrs old, shes basically the shit! Lol ... she is 90 years old now ~ born the one month to the day BEFORE Maya ... I spent 2 separate afternoons in 2018 talking with her ~ THIS is the afternoon of August 10, 2018 ~ I went to her house in Rural - ish Washington state, and we talked and talked and talked. At some point she told me to go and look at Maya’s walking sticks ... Maya left them all to Dr. Mimms in her will ( it was an inside joke between them) and i touched and held them ALL! ~ ONE which was previously owned my Nelson Mandela‼️... (I know this is a lot right? lol ) ... but THIS stick, was my favorite so I went to look in the mirror ... and I saw FUTURE ME! And I JUMPED! And I accepted her call too. 💫TOO much to say here, but this moment changed my life. The VERY next day was my #🏆1 LEAST favorite moment of the year: the passing of my beloved 💙#bluemiller, I’ll never FULLY get over EITHER of these moments ~ this is life ....SO that leads me to My ⭐️ #2 FAVORITE MOMENT! singing #iamlight at Grammy pre show and getting a Standing ovation! ~ i didn’t win the Grammy for best new age album ! But I WON! aaaaaand ⭐️#2 LEAST favorite moment of the year, ~ 💔 was loosing love ~ It hurt and confused me deeply for a minute there ~ but I have CLARITY NOW! ~ and I’m better for it. this is the life right? All of it. Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide and Happy New Year YA’ll ... welcome to 2019 #worthy #iamlight #soulbirdrise #bluemiller #mayaangelou

TAKE A MOMENT TO READ MY THOUGHTS: I boycotted R. Kelleys music in 2002 when I saw the video ~ I KNOW IT WAS HIM. CLEARLY. I wasn’t comfortable talking about it because the world I lived in .... everyone thought it was a joke, and they made me feel Ike I was too EARNEST. I saw the BBC documentary, I read the buzz Feed and New Yorker articles ... As a #survivor and a black woman in the music industry, I just broke down sobbing when I saw the video. I sobbed, because it was a graphic illustration, that I lived in a world that didnt value people like me. And I had to learn to take care of Myself in the face of a society and industry that doesn’t love me. I learned that I had to wear the crown of my ancestors and hold my OWN HEAD UP. And its been HARD. But I do it because I BELIEVE in my mission ~ I don’t need to sing ABOUT the fight , my mission is to administer to the people IN the fight. Humanity makes me sad all the time ~ the things were going thru ... but also today, I’m hopeful, that we as a GROUP are now #Muterkelly ~ BUT, I wont be satisfied until EVERY #survivor know, that “everyone of us is worthy” and when ever someone treats us as LESS, that is THIER mistake, ... And while the wound is not our doing, it is our responsibility ~ we have to heal ourSELVES. That healing can take on so much more MOMENTUM, when the world around us is healing too.... so I feel GOOD today knowing that we as a collective are waking up EVEN MORE, to the ways that the world / the music industry / the society / the culture ~ harm our women and girls. AND! I feel good today knowing that these growing pains ARE ABOUT GROWTH. We are ALL! WORTHY AND SIGNIFICANT AND WE MATTER! BECAUSE WE EXIST! MAY WE KEEP WAKING UP TO THAT FACT. IT IS A FACT! EVERYONE of us is #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #worthy #survivingrkelly #iamlight #muterkelly #survivingrkelly #rkelly #blackgirlsmatter #metoo

Have you been listening?!!!!! ~ this episode is: about how I spent New Year’s Day 2007. AND Celebrating #cicelytyson ‘s Birthday ~ and somehow these stories intersect! LOL~ ALSO, follow us over here @songversationpodcast love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #songversationpodcast 💫

SOUND UP! SWIPE LEFT: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 was SO Tumultuous, and still some how really beautiful. I’ve learned to accept life as it is, while holding a vision for more!On this First day of 2019 ~ I feel Clear, and clean, and rested, and READY. Song: Auld Lang Syne Ft. Kirk Whalum on Sax! //Album: India Arie and #JoeSample #christmaswithfriends ~ Love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy for #2019 !! LESSGO!

Happy New Year from my Windosill // #2019 // Song: Auld Lang Syne ✨ Album: #Indiaarie and #Joesample #christmaswithfriends love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

Best 9 of 2018 // 1,652,627 Like // 148 Posts. I found and lost: Love ~ Hair ~ ideas about myself ~ a grammy lol ~ #worthy in 2019!!! lets goooooooo!!!

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