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Американская певица, композитор, музыкант и продюсер, продавшая около 10 миллионов пластинок по всему миру. Обладательница четырёх наград «Грэмми», включая категорию «Лучший R&B альбом».
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Imma just leave this right here. Have you seen my #supersoulsessions talk? (not super soul sunday) #supersoulsessions ~ link in my Bio. #worthy #sensitive #introvert #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

This made me cry. I’ve done a lot since August- A LOT! And came home today so tired. And this made me cry. I think we should make this a cover of SOMEthing. Thank you @flora.forager ~ thank you so so much. Have you seen my #supersoulsessions talk? Link in my bio. #worthy #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

My girl, my niece ~ turned 3! They really DO grow up TOO fast. Happy Birthday Harper Marie Simpson #worth #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #scorpio 11/10/14

#SongVersation 🎶 ✨I love piano as If I were a string. ✨I love #seattle as I were the rain ... nothing that I love more than you ... *in my India Arie voice* #nothingthatilovemore #iamlight #worthy ~ LOVEing this floral art by the brilliant @flora.forager

Wait for the right one: Being in the entertainment industry for 20 years, I've met athletes and models and the worlds most "beautiful people" ~ I've met actual kings and queens. I've had beautiful men get on a knee and kiss my hand ... say they want to marry me, and offer me one night stands lol old dudes. Young dudes. Icons. Behind the scenes dudes ... all KINDS of stuff. I tried a few things LOL ... life is to be lived, But no one really matched ME. TODAY ~ I celebrate the one who does. He is EVERYTHING #iwaitedalongtimeforhim and he was worth every lonely day, night, month and year. And I am #worthy #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

I just have to get this off my chest: Women ( and female celebrities of all sort) are socialized to be pleasing ~ and we give up our voices. My health had to go side ways for me to learn, Boundaries are my right ~ and even I do TOO much thats my right too. What I NOW know, is that each person and situation calls for different boundaries and THAT is healthy. We ARE the world and we change it by changing ourselves. Holding your #Boundaries, is good for us all. You are #worthy #iamlight love to all #imjustsaying #soulbirdsworldwide #songversation #songversationmedicine #boundaries

One of my life's biggest lessons ~ you can't love in theory, Love is an act, so ... take a chance. #worthy #iamlight #songversation

🎼And if I am a reflection of him, than I must be fly, because his light, it shines so bright, I wouldn't lie. #imjustsaying #iwaitedongtime for HIM and I am #worthy #iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

Hanging in the studio: #Worthy #Iamlight love to all #soulbirdsworldwide bless to have this be my life's work.

Let me just get his off my chest: Wait for the right man. If he requires you to play small? He aint it. I had a man try to squash me into his little box before. Its been a long time since then, and the lessons STILL lives with me. THIS world needs authentic people. The man for you!, wants you to be great and thinks its sexy. #imjustsaying #iwaitedalongtimeforhim and i'm #worthy and he is EVERYTHING! #iamlight ... love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

#randomthought : There is a NAME for my pedilection?! Everyone who REALLY knows me knows ~ rainy days and Sundays are my sacred space. #iamlight #worthy love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

This! Is Glorious! #breathe #worthy #iamlight #songversationmedicine #songversation love to all #soulbirdsworldwide

This right here, is the lesson the grew me up. To Take a chance on MY truth. Life used to be so difficult. I found out, it's not an easier life but the hardship is worth it when it for honest reasons. 🎼"What did not demolish me, simply polished me" - #soulbirdrise ~ from the album #songversation love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #worthy #iamlight

(As you would say) Merry Birthday!!!!! @stephengranthill #tbt to your birthday 2009? ~ I have a goooooood feeling about what this next year has in store for you. You can tell me i'm right later lol 🤣‼️ ... 🌺

MERRY BIRTHDAY TO THIS GUY! @stephengranthill Stephen Hill! Thank you for being a good freind to me, I mean, you get on my nerves too – as all good friends do. LOL! I chose this picture of you because this is how I see you in my mind LOL! Humorous, odd, unique, genius and enthusiastic about the world. Where ever your passion and intelligence are blowing you these days, The world will be better for it. I love you always – India

I LOVE. THIS. SOULBIRD. GODDESS. CAPE! ~ I went ahead and named it that cause it floats like a butterfly . #soulbirdrise lol! My mom is BRILLIANT! For cooking this one up. Who wants one? Haven street studios on ETSY ~ this wont be up there but send her a message. She'll respond. #worthy #iamligt #soulbirdsworldwide #soulbirdcape this is sound check @gracefarmsct @gracefarms

MUSIC LOVERS: Do yourself a favor. GET. THIS. @drh3 Album. I just have to get this off of my chest: Just because the music is popular, doesn't mean its good. CERTAINLY doesn't mean its the best. Davis Ryan Harris is not well known (tho he should be) but he is one if my heroes. I saw him play in 1995 and I said "I want to do THAT" He plays and writes and sings MASTERFULLY (no exaggeration) ! ~ Together he and I wrote From my #songversation album; "life I know" & "ONE", and co produced "SoulBirdRise"& "Just Do You" But dont expect to hear THAT sound on this album. Just be open minded and you will hear a master at work. THIS! Is music. Tho he doesn't get radio play ~ that entertainment they try to call music? can't TOUCH THIS. SUPPORT SOMEONE WHO IS GREAT! #songsforotherpeople ~ I love and respect you so much David. #imjustsaying #worthy #iamlight STILL #birthdaying ~ last day LOL! #libra

This is the last official day of my birthday season. Ya'll know I #birthday from October 3rd - the 22nd. Its been a GREAT!! one! I might keep going LOL ~ but i might go ahead and let scorpio have its moment. Im up early making the most of the day before studio this evening. I cant WAIT! For you to hear my new album #WORTHY - look closely at this AWESOME image ~ @flora.forager is So brilliant. love to all #soulbirdsworldwide #iamlight

TURN ON YOUR SOUND FOR THIS ONE! (Swipe left) "Get It Together" from the album Voyage to India. LISTEN CLOSELY TO THE WORDS‼️ I grew up thinking something was wring with ME! IT's NOT ME! its my abusers that were wrong. sometimes life hurts ~ that makes me NO LESS #worthy. Period. Took a long time to get that truth into my bones. My mission is to help anyone struggling to remember ~ that there is NOTHING. WRONG. WITH. YOU! #worthy #iamlight #songversation #songversationmedicine THIS is my life's mission. #metoo love to all #soulbirdsworldwide STILL #birthdaying #libra #birthday #birthdaymonth #getittogether #voyagetoindia

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