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‪Yasss Kween-to-be #achristmasprince2 #royalwedding‬

Bau-Xi Gallery

Who is coming to the opening tomorrow evening 6-8pm @bauxigallery ? Can’t wait for you all to see my darling @george_byrne brilliant work in the flesh.

Busted in my natural habitat. 👵🏻


My truest essence in this behind the scenes shot from @bramptonmovie on demand and in select cinemas from this Thursday October 19th!

We are the three best friends.... 🎶 #iZombie

Bau-Xi Gallery

Open to the public starting today in Vancouver! Check out @george_byrne extraordinary new show BLOCK COLOUR at @bauxigallery 💛 looking forward to the reception on Thursday night too for all who can come 🧡

What a night. 🤸🏼‍♀️🍾💃🏼 shout out to my sister-in-law Philippa for packing sneaky dancing shoes. 👟👟#crucial

Safe to say last night was the greatest ever. Thank you to all these dear pals who bent over backwards to keep this a COMPLETE surprise and spend my 30th with me. Thanks to my whanau for coming all the way from NZ. And @george_byrne ❤️and @fleursaville 💛 I don’t know where to begin. Thank you so so much, couldn’t love you more.

Thanks to the costumes dept of iZombie for my new “favorite” shirt.

Name this crossover show.

Digging through the @thetylershields archives. Thanks pal 📸

More season five bullshit. #BehindtheBrains #iZombie #Pokemon

Season five bullshit. #BehindtheBrains #iZombie

😎 Kia ora for my sweet new shades @karenwalker @showroom22 ❤️

And an organization I am so proud to work with AIME has some very exciting news today - Australia charters plane for 200 US college students to change the world. Defiant mentoring movement releases revolutionary wave across US. 20,000 marginalised kids set to receive mentoring overnight 👇🏽💖✈️🧙🏽‍♂️” @aimementoring #thehoodedscholar #ifnotyouthenwho

Introducing the final featured teacher, the wonderful Kelly @kellybutters. Kelly is a single mom with five kids who is teaching in Paraparaumu back in my home country of New Zealand. At least 3/4 of her students meet the special needs threshold and without a teacher aide she carries a huge workload. She has personal life experiences that have shown her how society can be set up to fail those who “inconvenience” the system and this drives her to be the best teacher she can and instill the desire to overcome the odds in her students. Let’s give her support by swiping up in my story and fulfilling her wishlist. I want to take this moment to acknowledge every teacher who has reached out to me. You are truly heroes in my eyes. And to everyone who has helped out - thank you. I am so grateful to the amazing teachers I’ve had and I am honored to have partaken in #10featuredteachers. Thanks @edroste for starting a brilliant initiative.

Introducing today’s featured teacher @ericamhale. Erica teaches fourth grade in Portland, Oregon at a Title One school. Many of her students are unable to get their needs met due to limited resources at home and she is keen to give them the best, happiest time that she can in the classroom and provide all that she can. Let’s join her, swipe up in my story to help fulfill her amazon wishlist 😊. Thank you Erica! #10featuredteachers

Today’s featured teacher is Michal Lobo-Pires @_mommameeks_ who teaches kindergarten in canada. Her students come from varied backgrounds with diverse needs and she is very eager to give them all that she can, in particular literacy and math based tools! Let’s show her we care. Swipe up in my story to celebrate this wonderful woman and help fulfill her amazon wishlist. #10featuredteachers

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