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Новозеландская актриса театра и кино.
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London, United Kingdom

English summer has resumed! And Meat Loaf got MY autograph. Honestly life is men’l. 🤪

We finally found a version of Rahul we can work with. #inthenickoftime #londonfilmandcomiccon. Pants are #Wilfred from @aritzia and thanks guys I love them too ❤️

Just a couple of ladies enjoying ice cream of a Sundee evening.

Hunting for that album cover. #BucketHatWarriors

Ugh I can’t stand the people I work with. 22 sleeps til we start shooting season five. Not that I’m counting. #iZombie

I’ve been the official voice of their podcast for three years and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Todah boys 👚

Still throws a pool party like no one I know. #wife #birthdaygal

Happy Birthday @george_byrne. You make me so happy. I love you ❤️

With my number one new friend, Mabel.

July 4 vibes💥 @auhasardspr

Nana and Stana

Got to share the screen with this babe and a bunch of awesome young ladies. I’ll fill you in soon.

Oh my goodness thanks so much @showroom22 for the best welcome home! So many goodies. Featuring paintings I love by my mum and dad.

@dean_ogorman @sarahomakeup ❤️

The Teragram Ballroom

Peyton is an absolute pop star and me and Clive are so proud. 😍

Got to wear a couple of my favorite kiwi designers today for press. Lucky girl. 🇳🇿 👗 💕

What I fleur today #WIFT

I’m so brave #iZombie #iBrave #iLovemyjob #iGrateful #iCalculated #iTwillwearoffmypalmoneday

Working with the Savage in 90 degree heat in the valley got me like 🤪 🔥

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