Йен Джозеф Паджет


Американский танцор и актер.
  • Все 1975
  • Фото 1814
  • Видео 161

Lord Mittens Farrow. Portrait of a Prince.

It’s so easy for me to press the share button on a photo of who I think I need to be. But here’s a statement that is actually what I’m thinking and working on. Sharing more of me. ❤️, i

Equinox Bryant Park

Lit, fun, exciting, inspiring, emotional...just a few words to describe this awesome day. Thank you @annaeilinsfeld for asking me to join the battle and congrats to our team #BroadwayStrong and all involved! #CycleForSurvival

Just me and some golden hour. #tbt

Tonight I saw @camilleabrown ‘s #INK at the @thejoycetheater. The art @camilleabrown creates makes me so excited for more art and makes me think deeper. The language she creates, with an incredible ensemble of humans, is athletic, beautiful, soulful, and powerful. It makes me want to communicate. It makes me want to dance. The conversation Camille Brown Dance Company is having with us is not only extremely entertaining but educational and important. Thank you for creating space to have this dialogue with us Camille. Congrats to the cast and musicians!! Y’all DID THAT!

Pre Coffee Vibes / Post Coffee Vibes

Sacha and me. ❤️

Happy Birthday @frankiejgrande !!! You are a light in my life! We ❤️ you! #Rank

Happy Birthday @sharrodsharrod7 ❤️

Three Little Maids.

Of course the only photo taken is of me holding pizza. 📸: @dougmiddlebrook

Merry Christmas to all 🥰🥳🤩 . . 🌲: @arianagrande 📸: @jonerikgoldberg

NY fam was reunited last night and we had no fun at all. So grateful for my chosen family!

Boys ll Men . . . . #NWSA #16goingon17

Babes in Arms. Miami edition. 🏝

Baby Rex has a mean right hook. Look at this goober!!!!! So happy I got to spend time with @iamsloanesteel and meet her beautiful boy. #NewWorldGulliverPrepAlliance

Seattle’s @magazineproudtimes did an entire cover-to-cover special edition on @tqpseries that I’m a part of! Love these boys and show! Check out the spread! Link : http://proudtimes.com/the-queens-project-proud-times-special-edition/

Me looking at my future self.

Saw some fam do their thing tonight! Sad I missed @alexmichaelstoll but @orfeh @egroove @hennihennisanchez you guys were fierce! 📸: @rodpiau

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