Джесси Уильямс


Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный по роли доктора Джексона Эйвери в телесериале «Анатомия страсти».
  • Все 1860
  • Фото 1619
  • Видео 241

#CaptionThis •That one friend who stays doin’ too much.🤦🏽‍♂️😂 •Sometimes living your best life is about you, not them. • #Marlon #MichaelJackson

New level. Salute @kingjames 👩🏾‍🎓

What if you were walking home and some erratic dude started following you in his car, then got on the phone, then jumped out and began harassing you as he approached you with a gun- all the way from his car he has now gotten so close to you that he can actually start fighting you, and you’re suddenly wrestling this random heavier, older man, with a gun, for your life, on your walk home. You stand your ground and defend yourself as best you can against this aggressive asshole— you’re harder to over power than he’d hoped. Soooo he shoots you, in the heart. He kills you, on your walk home. A subset of the majority of your own country literally celebrates your murder in the streets, and online and from behind their desks on the 24hr news, cycle, for ratings. You’re somehow now on trial for your own murder. You lose, to you’re own country. And your fellow Americans don’t just ignore these events, they actually line up to meet, defend and celebrate your murderer. In fact they’re doing just that right now. Then those same people tell your friends and family to shut up and be grateful. And pledge allegiance while you’re down there. This is and has been our reality, for as long as America has had one. A movement for decency was reborn in Florida, and Ferguson, the Bay, etc. It is growing, and not going, anywhere. We can and will admit our failings. We can and will change them. And if you’re in the way, 🤷🏽‍♂️, that’s your legacy. Forever. These are the choices before us. Now is the time. #ThisIsAmerica (I am not a producer or affiliated w tonight’s program. I haven’t even seen the joint yet. But i value and support our stories being told, far more than i value those who don’t.) We’ll be watching. We’ll be making. We’ll be growing. With or without you. Preferably with. #TrayvonMartin

#KingTut Exhibit Teach ‘em early. Teach ‘em often. @CaliforniaScienceCenter Back when i kept that thang (#BookOfTheDead) on me. #Maat #Kemet #DrCheikAnteDiop #AfricanOriginOfCivilization

Finally! Realistic genitals!! (via @truewagner)

Money, Mississippi

the truth in the light ...Soon Come... #MamieTill #EmmettTill

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Classic P.O.S. behaviors often include but are not limited to: • Going out of your way to be trash. • Celebrating being trash as if it were triumph. • Accepting ill gotten winnings from your ingroup while feigning ignorance of the trash mechanics that you consistently benefit from and witness on the regular. • Looking you in your face and applauding him/herself as confirmation that “There is definitely self awareness that yes, i am in fact, a piece of shit who fears no consequence as a result of living virtually without them. You know my work. This is who we are. Update: There are stories that this guy may have given the kid a ball prior to this incident. Or found out he looked like a dick on camera so handed the ball over after this incident. And in fact the Cubs gave the kid a signed ball as a result of this incident. Whatever happened before or after seems to be immaterial for the following reasons: This was not a fly/foul ball. This was a professional Cubs player/coach, giving a specific child, a specific baseball, and an adult, eagerly snatching that baseball and giving it to another adult, and then they’re both celebrating, without even acknowledging the child or his guardian inches in front of them. There is zero indication of any dynamic or understanding between the parties. The mother and child had clearly just tried really hard to receive the ball gifted to them. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Classic #DickMoves no matter how you slice it. #ColonialCurriculum #VisualAid #ApplyAccordingly #Overstand


Young Banton.

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Varadero, Cuba

When in Cuba... • (I’ve only smoked cigars a few times, so this ain’t a faux lifestyle shot😂. I don’t even know anything about cigars really. That’s not the point- I’m tryin’ new things and the lady took a pic, whatever- don’t change the subject.) • This is just a moment between real people i admire, wrestling with real ideas that challenge, terrify and excite the hell outta me now more than ever. • Meaningful health and happiness is an active thing, unbent by chatter... • It’s 🚀 time.

Varadero, Cuba

Me encanta mi gente del caribe!! En #Cuba con Issac y Gilberto!!! Musical gods!! Donde esta mis Cubiches y Boricuas? #Cuba #Cultura #Culture 🇨🇺 🇵🇷 #LearnOrDie #SWIPE @issacdelgadoofficial @santarosalive

Varadero, Cuba

••• (via “Education through Recreation” by Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, 1932)

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