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Американский актёр и модель, наиболее известный по роли доктора Джексона Эйвери в телесериале «Анатомия страсти».
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won’t she do it... 🎤

Protect ya Head #NationalSiblingsDay

#NationalSiblingsDay Couch blanket ✔️ Cowboy boots ✔️ British Knights track jacket ✔️ My squad forever ✔️

#NationalSiblingsDay #BrothersWilliams


Lion Order #NationalSiblingsDay #Growth

#NationalSiblingsDay #ColdWorld


“The New Normal” that @Mekanism #SpikeJonze and I made w @ShopMedMen was just nominated for TWO @TheWebbyAwards‼️: Ad with Best Copywriting and (wbby.co/vote-adv20) and Ad with Best Art Direction (wbby.co/vote-adv18). Please follow these links, share them and VOTE for us [MANY TIMES] by 4/18! #Webbys #FreedomForAll not freedom for some Link in bio


another day at the office...

‼️thank you‼️ i am truly honored and appreciative of both the acknowledgement and the opportunity. Thank you to @naacpImageAwards @ShondaRhimes @KristaVernoff, our absolutely top flight crew, writing staff and every incredible cast member past, guest and present that I had the honor of sort of listening to as i waited for you to finish your lines! Jokes- This whole thing is listening. Such a collaborative medium that any win, is a collective one. This 🏆 is ours. #Gratitude Start in the center. Support our own damn award shows before beggin’ others for acknowledgement. It emanates from there.

If you’re tearing down good, evolving, productive, Black people who are lifting their communities, you’re a fuckin’ fed. Paid or unpaid, you’re continuing the work of an oppressive government and for that, you should never feel safe among us. #RIP @NipseyHussle Love and respect to a growing leader who clearly embodied it. I could feel that whenever we spoke. He carried a patience, a wisdom. Look out. Look in yeah but,,, damn, look out.


between scene policy discussions w/ the homie @lindsayscripts #directionHome #directedBy

new vintage

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