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My mom and I performed Godzilla on my Rainbow Tour. Animals, watch it on @vevo (link in bio) 💛💙🦖🦖💙💛

Watch me perform We R Who We R live from my Rainbow Tour on @Vevo at link in bio 🌟💙💜💚🌟

Animals! Watch Praying (Live from my Rainbow Tour) on @vevo at link in bio! ✨💖💜💖✨

Next time you see this knee its going to have some gnarly battle scars! 💜🌟💜🌟

I’m heartbroken to be writing this right now. I am being forced to postpone some of my upcoming international dates due to a recent injury I sustained while performing. It’s my biggest joy in life to share my music with my fans all over the world, but I have to follow my doctors orders and undergo surgery to repair my torn ACL so I can get ready to give it all on my Summer tour and beyond. Moving these dates is making me sick with sadness, but I tried to will this injury away and unfortunately it didn't work. I love you all and I’ll work every single day as hard as i can to recover and get back on stage as soon as possible. I’m so sorry and sending love always ❤️

I’m a motherfucking woman 🌟💜💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💜🌟

Long hair don’t care 💙💖💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💖💙

so fuxking honored 💖💜💖 @MarenMorris & Emmylou Harris

My animals are soooo talented 💖💜💚💙


women, let's show em what we're made of💪🏽💪🏽

I LOVE THESE TATTOOS.  the energy of this album will live on and i'm so happy for that❤️❤️

I had a magical time performing Praying at the @recordingacademy Grammys with @andradaymusic, @imjmichaels, @cyndilauper, @camila_cabello and @beberexha. Animals, you can watch it now on @vevo (link in bio) ✨💖💜💖✨

who's with me💅💅

I am proud to stand with @plannedparenthood . They have been a silent angel for many women, myself included. 🌟💕🌟💕 #prayingforachange Donate at link in bio.

women empowering women is so much more beautiful than tearing each other apart.  that is part of the patriarchy that's gotta go. there is room and space for all women to succeed, and even help and support each other at the same time.  this experience has changed my outlook and my life, i feel so lucky and blessed to have been so selflessly held up by these insanely talented women that deserved solo performances in their own right. (and @camila_cabello was giving a beautiful speech about equality and dreamers rights as this was happening, which i very vocally support-but we missed you girl❤️❤️)

KOO KOO BANANAS UNITE #pepsi #superbowl #woot

I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to wear Nudie Cohn's personal suit to the @recordingacademy Grammys! He made this suit and walked his granddaughter down the aisle wearing it. No one has ever worn the suit before besides him. Thank you, this means so much to me! #timesup 💕💜💖💜💕 Makeup by @vittoriomasecchia , hair by @prestonwada and styled by @samanthaburkhartstylist

🙏🏽 @andradaymusic @camila_cabello @beberexha @cyndilauper @imjmichaels @resistancerevivalchorus

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