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Love my pretty sick necklaces by @aweinspired_ ✨💕⭐️💕✨

Whales are one of the most magical creatures on the planet and we need to protect them!! 🐋✨ We need to #StopBloodyWhaling and let these beautiful animals live their lives in peace. To learn more and for more info on ways you can help, check out @whaleanddolphinorg 🌊🌈💕🐳

‪Animals!!! I can’t wait to boogie with you and @TheStruts tonight at @TheOceanAC in Atlantic City ⚡️⚡️‬ ‪Get your tickets at link in bio ⭐️🌈💕‬

Me n my boys @thestruts at @fallontonight last night! THEYRE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! We had the best time ever !!! Round 2, Atlantic City - Friday Night- Boogie.  Times. See ya there animals 🎉👻👽

@thestruts and I are ready to boogie and perform #BodyTalks tonight on @fallontonight. Tune in to @NBC at 11:35/10:35c, animals ⚡️💕🌈 📸 @annaleemedia

My gorgeous and super talented bff Shelby Scudder has put out some amazing, one of a kind bags 😵😍😍 SO PROUD OF U BB! Check em out👀👀 @palmargoods palmargoods.com ⭐️⭐️ Outfit: @annasui Rings & necklace: @child_of_wild & @levian_jewelry Hat: @meshikahats Bag: @palmargoods Makeup: @vittoriomasecchia

@OnTheBasisOfSex. December 25, 2018 ⭐️⭐️

the fires in California have been scary and devastating to so many. all my love goes out to the brave firefighters who continue fighting the fire and risking their lives to protect families, animals, and all the people, places and creatures affected by this tragedy.  my heart and love goes out to those rebuilding their lives and homes. ❤️❤️ Please check out the organizations below for ways we can all help: @LAFDFoundation: http://supportlafd.org/ @hsvc_ojai: https://www.hsvc.org @CAFireFound: http://www.cafirefoundation.org

Dreaming about boogieing with my animals and my friends on the @keshacruise 🌊🌈🐳 Join us and book your spot at link in bio ⚡️💕🐋🐬💕⚡️

Who’s coming to boogie with me and my friends on @keshacruise?! ⭐️🌈🌊🐳🌈⭐️

Feeling hopeful that a CHANGE is coming to Washington! We elected the most women ever in history to Congress!!! And so many firsts! #HereComesTheChange ⭐️⭐️

Makes me all warm and fuzzy to see college students from all over the country wrote down the changes they want to see in the world. Your voice matters, #HereComesTheChange 💙❤️ Watch the full video at link in bio 🌟🌟 📹 @sonymusicu

I voted, animals!! Comment #HereComesTheChange if you voted today ⭐️⭐️

Animals, election is tomorrow. We have to participate, we have to make our voices heard or things will only get worse. In order to create the lasting change we want, we have to stay involved and above all, we have to vote. Here Comes The Change 💙❤️ Watch the full live acoustic video at link in bio.

It’s disappointing that discrimination, racism and gun violence have become a normal conversation and a unsurprising part of the news cycle, but this weekend in Pittsburgh, this resilient and strong city came together to celebrate love and peace. Doesn’t matter what God you believe in, or don’t, what your skin color is, your sexual preference, gender identity, where you are from- we all are the same. Made of the same atoms and molecules and I find it so unbelievably inspiring to see this city rally for love and hope in the midst of trying to heal from this recent tragedy. Thank you for coming this weekend and celebrating ourselves exactly as we are. Sending all of my love and admiration to the strength of Pittsburgh , and know that millions stand with you and send love, support and condolences. Let’s vote to change gun laws, to protect each other and our friends and families 💝all and only love to everyone out there.

Why I vote 💙❤️ Equality for everyone 🌈 Go to headcount.org for more info on where to vote. Let our voices be heard!

I voted early, animals!! Join me by voting and let’s have our voices be heard ❤️💙❤️💙 For more info on polling places, ID requirements and more, go to HeadCount.org

My heart is filled with sadness following the horrible events this past weekend in Pittsburgh.  I’m so sorry for the pain and suffering that so many are going through. I will still be coming to Pittsburgh this Saturday to play my show and deliver as much peace and positivity as I can. And I want you---anyone who feels up to it—to come and celebrate Pride with me.  Let’s show the world that there is only love and always hope in Pittsburgh.

For this video I was honored to be able to work with my video spirit animal…..director extraordinaire @jonasakerlund. It's always such a beautiful process working with Jonas because with him it’s always about the art first and everything else is secondary ⭐️⭐️ (Link in bio)

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