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Throwback! Me and my amazing BFF @tranterjustin co-wrote my song 'Boots' off Rainbow.  Can’t wait to add this one to the tour setlist! 💖👢💖👢💖


Chicago you were EPIC last night!! Can’t wait to play at @theraveusa in Milwaukee tonight 🌈💖🌈💖

I love my animals covered in GLITTER!! ✨✨🐻🐼🐶🦊🌈🌈


Tickets for the #iHeartJingleBall are on sale for everyone right now! Who will we see there animals? iHeartRadio.com/JingleBall 🐻🐯🐰🐶🌈💖

Love my Dancin' Boys and their Boogie Feet! Thanks @converse for the kicks! 👞👞🌈🌈💖

#Repost @kendallongg ・・・ When bae takes your phone for a selfie 🌈🌈🌈🌈💜💜💜💜💜love love love you and thank you so much @iiswhoiis 😍😍😍

s. O. L. D o. U T!!!!!!! THANKYOUUUUUUU ANIMALS🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🦁🐯🐼🐨Imbackstageputting 🌈 s on my eyelids. See u soon💖❤️🎉🍾🌈👽🌈🍾🎉❤️💗READY TO BOOOOOOOGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

LOVE my Philidelphia Animals 🐼♥️🦁♥️🐶♥️🦊

Ready to rock in #Detroit tonight 🌈💃🐶🐼

Its an honour to have the legendary Dap Kings Horns come out and play on my #rainbowtour!!

🌈🦁🐯🐨🐼 Another epic night with my Animals and band!!!

🐰🐻🐯 I can’t wait to sing Praying with my animals again tonight!!! 🙏🌈🙏🌈

⭐⭐ ❄️Cant wait to play at @iHeartRadio #JingleBall ball this year ❄️⭐⭐

💃💃🌈🌈🌈 #RainbowTour

Wow animals. This is so wonderful. I'm speechless. Thank you thank you 🐶🐯💙🐻🐰💖💛🌈🙏🌈🙏

New dramatic nail video for your consideration. 🌈🌈🌈💜💖

❤️ destroying my animals with glitter on the #rainbowtour 🐯🐰🐶🐣🐻

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