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Американская актриса, наиболее известна благодаря роли Блэр в фильме Убрать из друзей, Дианы Мид в телесериале «Тайный круг» и Малии Хейл-Тейт в телесериале «Волчонок»
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Playa Blanca, Colon, Panama

I got a relaxation pedicure in the ocean 🐟

El Otro Lado - Private Retreat

I can’t relax bc a water bottle ruined a picture

El Otro Lado - Private Retreat

If you stop rowing you can relax

El Otro Lado - Private Retreat

I think I’m relaxing

El Otro Lado - Private Retreat

Trying to relax again 🦗

El Otro Lado - Private Retreat

Me trying to relax

It was only recently that I stopped sleeping w a stuffed duck & had him turned into a painting by @chrispetersen

@kingbach is an animal in #whenwefirstmet @netflix

#whenwefirstmet is trending worldwide on #Netflix so we celebrated then I went home & ate tums. Congratulations @andybovine @alexandradaddario @kingbach @robbieamell @arisandel @itsmaryviola McG @masonnovick @miche727 @sandfiddle you have my Cajun heart

#happyvalentinesday from Alexa & I

This did NOT make the cut in #whenwefirstmet on @netflix NOW! Directed by @arisandel #bts #stalker

#bts of #whenwefirstmet on @netflix (out now) in this take my old #teenwolf habit accidentally came out when I growled at the stalker then looked around to make sure no one saw it🙈@alexandradaddario @robbieamell

Omg @realdonaldtrump watches #libertycrossingtv on @go90 & he wants to deport it 😭

Need more rom coms. Catch us February 9th on #netflix @andybovine @alexandradaddario @kingbach @robbieamell & I are excited for you to see #whenwefirstmet !

One time I hiked that mountain & cried bc I couldn’t get down @peach_residence

My friend @carolinelunny is on #thebachelor and she’s very verbal about her experience

Get Carly in the senate ASAP. Go watch #libertycrossingtv for free on @go90 link in bio #governmentshutdown #trumpshutdown

I’m so glad my friend is on #thebachelor

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