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Американская актриса, наиболее известна благодаря роли Блэр в фильме Убрать из друзей, Дианы Мид в телесериале «Тайный круг» и Малии Хейл-Тейт в телесериале «Волчонок»
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A chance to go behind the scenes of our final season of Teen Wolf AND get your own walk-on role? Uhm, YES. Maybe even be transformed into a werecoyote? Malia would appreciate that. It’s all to support After-School All-Stars to help keep kids safe and in school. Enter through the link in my bio or at omaze.com/teenwolf.

Ostrich Land USA Inc


Ostrich Land USA Inc

Today my finger got bit by an ostrich while taking a selfie. I found this gem after I dropped the food pan and my phone.

Important and brilliant filmmaking by @ditomontiel #mandown in theaters today. I want to be #shialabeouf when I grow up. @mandownmovie

I'm rich.

It's ok I'll just never do laundry again.

Karmas a bitch. I told @teenwolf I would not take over their @instagram story so my washer and dryer decided to rip me a new one.

Carmel, California

We could use Rodrigue more than ever #bluedog

American girls gone wild

My dry cleaners are kinky af.

Slithery little 🐍 @tylerposey58

Bros and hoes, some in @armani 💃🏻@sophiawebster 👠 & @peterpilotto 💍styled by @hayley_atkin_ & asst @courtneymadison_ w @brianfisherhair & @kirinstagram 💄#teenwolf final season premiere tonight

Last night I birthed a @popandsuki camera purse wearing @nanajudy_ #veganmom #naturalbirth

I just fact checked my ballot by making sure it was verified by the registrar. ✅#mailedit #humblebrag #vote

Shelley's lip kit. Link in bio ^

My newest horror film "Pleasantville" #happyhalloween

For #halloween I went as a food poisoning survivor in @armani w the help of the village people: 💄@kirinstagram 💇🏻 by @brianfisherhair styled by @hayley_atkin_ and asst @courtneymadison_ 👠by @jeromecrousseau @sarahmagidjewelry #ewpopfest #teenwolf

Don't let food poisoning get you down, mail it in! #vote #lavote

Early voting tomorrow, Cali!

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