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Американская актриса, наиболее известна благодаря роли Блэр в фильме Убрать из друзей, Дианы Мид в телесериале «Тайный круг» и Малии Хейл-Тейт в телесериале «Волчонок»
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Fremont Street Experience

I feel this may be similar to when i actually took my first steps 👶🏻🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼#freemontstreet #vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Is there a witch emoji

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s Britney bitch

The Queen Mary

I’m a very humble voter. #millennial #vote it’s cool #midtermelections

West Hollywood, California

Check out my live reporting from #wehohalloween ! You won’t believe what happened next #fakenews

West Hollywood, California

Where everything we don’t like must be #fakenews stay tuned for some live reporting & tag your fake news friends! #halloween #weho makeup by @tami_farrell

A tote w a mission by my fav @esquivelshoes Buy this baby and you will feed a family in need every weekend for an entire YEAR. George grew up very poor without enough food (once he left school for the day he couldn’t guarantee eating again until he went back the next day) & here he is successful af giving back. George, thank you for making the world brighter. Link in bio. @givingchildrenhope

Universal Studios Hollywood

@universalhorrornights made #unfriended movie a haunted house & it turns out I’m as vulnerable as my character Blaire. Thank you #universalhhn & @blumhouse for continuing Unfriended’s legacy.

Next thing i know they’ll make me wear a bra. Go vote November 6. Remember @uber AND @lyft are offering FREE rides. No excuses. It’s the easiest midterm you’ll ever take. #midtermelections ALSO vote by mail sign up deadline for California is October 30. It’s so easy to sign up just go to www.lavote.net

The Gentle Barn

I’ve been hacked

When i was 14 i almost got arrested for public urination in a parking garage during Mardi Gras but i didn’t get arrested bc i jumped in the car & made Lauren Daily drive us from the scene of the crime & i think she got a ticket & got in trouble w her grandma i hope she’s ok but I’m so glad i fled the scene bc then i wouldn’t have been able to win miss teen usa bc i would have had a record so then i wouldn’t have gotten an acting scholarship & i wouldn’t be an actor & people wouldn’t care if i posted a pic of myself in my new cute sweater i shouldn’t have fled @stormandmarie

Haven’t posted in a while been busy doing perfume campaigns leave me alone 🚺

Palm Springs, California

Skinny dipping 🧜🏽‍♀️

#theafterparty on @Netflix NOW spoiler alert me & @frenchmontana wind up spooning while doing pottery together & its iconic 👻#frenchmontana #worldstar

Kitchen #versace

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

SMUG in #Versace #theafterparty @netflix August 24th

Los Angeles, California

A very vulnerable post: I met this older cooler (more endowed) girl at summer camp (shoutout to Kathleen!) who accidentally invited me to her swim bday party so i excitedly put on my turquoise tankini, showed up, saw that she had invited boys as well, WHATTT NO, panicked, immediately jumped in the pool to hide bc i didn’t even have mosquito bites as boobs yet so i was afraid to get out of the pool & at one point i had to hide from a boy who was getting too close who was probably going for Kathleen & as i took a deep ass breath to make sure i could stay underwater for as long as i could i sucked in & swallowed a massive horse fly & the boy witnessed it & made a huge deal of it & they made me sit out like the boob-less baby i already was. I SWALLOW BEES NOW BECHES 😮🐝 *go see #eigthgrade


AUGUST 24th @netflix #theafterparty “Come thru, everyone in the game will be there (full link in bio) 🍾⚡️🔥.” - @harryholzer27 also i see you @superduperkyle ⭐️

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