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Латвийская модель и актриса, проживающая в США.
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I have never felt such a form of love before... So pure, so endless, so full of hope, so protective, so natural, so whole and flawless... Going through this colorful rollercoaster of emotions. So excited of finally meeting him and yet - sad of letting us part. Wishing I can stop the time for once... Again! And there I am trying to grasp every single moment we are given together. I have never laughed and cried in my Life, the way I did, while expecting him. Daydreaming has never been so beautiful...The very magic of feeling One! Feeling a little Life within me... I could not be more grateful for this beautiful soul, that we have been gifted. 23 hours of long and natural labor, we finally met on a very special date - the day of my mother's and sister's birthday - 24.01.2017. The day we entered another chapter, once again! And this time the 3 of US ❤ And who would have thought, I have space in my belly for a 4,750kg and 59cm size baby... still can't believe we made it through! Mother Nature is truly such a powerful, incredible and phenomenal force/energy. I have never felt it so strongly before and it is very sad to witness the very Human abusing and disrespecting It. #soinlovewithyouboth

Leaving something so precious behind me - the most magical memories... And I get so attached to a new home, it is always a heartbreak to leave...especially this wonderland - full of Life, purity and simplicity. So raw, so undamaged.. So fertile! I just can't say enough to express my feelings at this very moment. Time for a new chapter I guess.. It went too fast, like everything else so far. #averymelancholicgoodbye #preciousNewZealand

Marlborough Sounds

Will be missed...

Never-ending horizons... #NewZealand

Rakia Gorge


If I just knew..that this day, just a few days before Christmas, will change my Life forever...That day, hugging my cousin Laura, partner in crime and promesing each other "WE ARE DOING THIS! " and a month later we did... I couldn't be more thankful to be able to share this adventure, this whole chapter in my Life, with such wonderful people, that inspired and thought me so much ❤️❤️❤️ full "box" memories for Life! And that's what Life is about to me. #mostincrediblekeepsakebox

Banks Peninsula

Will miss waking up by an early neighbour visit 😂 eating all my lettuce.. #newzealandsunrise

A few last letters to be written. I made a promise to 3 very special little girls. Latvia - India - New York.. Would take me months to reach them just 100 years ago. Now it is almost a shame not to write any... Just remembering my happiness looking into a mailbox every morning, when I was a child myself, makes me so excited and inspired to create a bit of magic! 🌌❤️ #NewZealand #bestmemories Time for a New Chapter.. New Memories!

Sharing is more than caring.. Sharing is love! ❤️💫 #NewZealand #ifonlyiwasananimalwhisperer was too hungry not to have the most part. But he was still happy to have it 😄

Marlborough Sounds

And some good looking birthday dinner! One lucky barracuda escaped me though 🙊😁 #NewZealand best place to go fishing - easier than buying one in the market in NYC 😂

Bay of Many Coves Resort

Probably one of the most beautiful hikes I have done so far.. Overlooking all these blue calm bays and islands. All the mesmerizing wildlife. Truly a paradise to immerse oneself! And yet - can not wait to be back in Latvia 💫❤️ #ifonlyiwasabirdfortheday

Bay of Many Coves, Queen Charlotte Sounds

So grateful every day.. most of all to my parents, for giving my sister, what she asked for so incessantly 26+ years ago - a little sister! 💫 To give me this chance to live Life, embrace it and take the best out of it. All those years nurturing me into who I am now. So incredible! And to have the opportunity to have met some of the most amazing people in my Life.. I am such a lucky woman to have met you all, have you all part of my Life and learn every day! Thank you all for making my day so, so special and even more meaningful and sooo many smiles ❤️💫 #NewZealand #timeflieswhenyourehappy New Year, New Chapter...

I couldn't understand for a second - was I on this planet. All just laying like that... #NewZealand

I wish that was the wall of my bathroom! #NewZealand

Shower time... Now I wish I had that hot outdoor shower! #NewZealand

And the perfect recipe for a vitamin filled veggie soup. Message me direct, to get the recipe - happy to share 💫 #favouritesoup #chefLaguna

There is something so mysterious and relaxing about misty, crisp fresh, calm and lazy rainy autumn days... #NewZealand definitely gives another character to the neighborhood! 🍂🍄🍵

Just a thought I wanted to mark down in my visual notebook.. And sometimes I really try to undetstand, how people choose rather to loose a good person, someone that got acknowledge the very insight of the soul and personality, someone that does show a true interest and curiosity, someone that once trusted totally with its own bare skin and soul... Someone that had the passion and hope for a better future for the both of them - once a team.... And that amazes me every time I have ended my relationship so far. With so much pain and suffering sometimes. But yet - very much needed and essential. And that is part of the very primary and basic..yet not so - evolution. Growth! And thats also part of growing up. Becoming an adult. A new phase. And if such relationship become stagnant or worse - detrimental, they shall rather be ended. For plenty of reasons. And there is nothing wrong - in my totally subjective opinion. There is a new, healthy, exciting chapter ahead of each of these two people once they have learned their lessons and each other, Life.. Grown! And transform. And that is freedom to me. And I wish we were able to respect one another more on this planet (including total strangers), appreciate one another for what has been shared and more to come in future and let each other move on with their own life. With deep gratitude and positive attitude towards one another and Life in all. And yet - so many people choose to part ways, not to care. To take such radical decisions. And for what? A hurt ego...? Fear? Misunderstanding? Anger?! It was beautiful once. And it still can... But have to let go and transform into a pure friendship. And that to me is priceless. Always will. And yet - I want to give up on the ideological idea of this ever happening. But there must be exceptions...! #poetsrock I do miss upstate NY. Too many thoughts rushing through my consciousness. 🎞🖋 #NewZealand #intothewild #Queenstown #onanothertimezone

And my favorite neighbor! Apples bought his love... 🐾🍎

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